April 15, 2024


Despite being the first Dendro vision wielder we met in the Genshin Impact story , Baizhu has been a long time coming to be included as a playable character within the game and many other Dendro vision characters have come out before him; But finally the time has come for him and we are going to analyze his kit.

Baizhu is the owner of the Bubu Pharmacy and how could it be otherwise, his role in the team will be to heal our group. Both his Elemental Ability and his Ultimate Ability provide heals and although his Ultimate Ability allows him to create shields, these are very weak and really only serve to apply the healing of the ult and so that the enemy’s blows do not interrupt us.

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The bad thing about this character is that he has a very poor elemental application, an ult with a high Elemental Energy cost and extremely low ability damage; so apart from healing, the only thing worthwhile about this character are the bonuses to certain Elemental Reactions that one of his passive talents brings.


Baizhu’s stats are terrible in all aspects except the amount of Health he has, but for example Sangonomiya Kokomi outperforms him in all aspects; These would be his parameters when promoting him to level 90:

  • Base Life: 13,348.
  • Base Attack: 193.
  • Base Defense: 499.
  • Life Bonus %: 28.8%.

His Base Attack is quite low to be a five star and regarding his Base Defense more of the same, the only point in which he stands out is in the amount of Base Life and on top of that there are characters better than him in this aspect.

By ascending him we will get  Life% , which is honestly the best they can give us in his case because his healing scales based on it.


Let’s see their talents or abilities.


The normal thing that we usually see in other users of catalysts, will also not be something that we use in general.

  • Normal Attack : Perform a quick combo of up to four hits, slightly longer than other catalyst users.
  • Charged Attack : Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to land a hit that deals Dendro Damage in an area.
  • Descending Attack : We will hit the ground causing a blow that causes Dendro Damage in an area.


  • TdE: 10 s.
  • Skill Damage: 142.56% (level 10).
  • Healing: 14.4% of Max Health + 1694.95 (level 10).

By using this Elemental Skill we will create a serum spirit on the field that will attack enemies randomly dealing Dendro Damage, once it has made three attacks or if there are no enemies on the field, the serum spirit will return to heal the team.

The damage from this skill is very low, but it will at least apply a decent heal for the whole team and apply some Dendro to enemies (and if you have all 4 pieces of Memories of the Forest equipped, we will lower the enemies resistance to Element Dendro).


  • Energy Cost: 80.
  • TdE: 20 s.
  • Unscathed Shield Heal: 9.36% of Max Health + 1,101 (level 10).
  • Unscathed Shield Duration: 2.5 sec.
  • Unscathed Shield Damage Absorption: 1.44% of Max Health + 170 (level 10).
  • Spirit Artery Damage: 174.2%.
  • Throbbing Perspicuity Duration: 14 sec.

This ult causes Baizhu to enter a state called Throbbing Perpicuity where he will create an Unscathed Shield every 2.5 seconds with a Dendro Damage Absorption effectiveness of 250% during said state. This shield will heal the active character on the field and attack enemies with a Spirit Artery when a new shield is created, when a shield is broken by a hit, or when a shield’s duration runs out.

These shields are not really something that will protect us from enemy damage, since as you can see they have a lousy damage absorption , but at least they will help us so that we are not interrupted while we are hitting the enemies.


This first passive will affect Baizhu’s stats based on the amount of health remaining on the active character on the field: if the character has less than 50% of their Max Health, Baizhu will gain 20% Bonus Heal, but if the Max Health reaches or exceeds this scale Baizhu will gain 25% Bonus Dendro Damage.

This passive will come in handy to increase the effectiveness of Baizhu’s cures a bit, but really the Dendro Damage Bonus, although it seems like a very good option, will not be very useful, since the damage of this character is quite low.


If a character is healed by Baizhu’s ult shield, the damage they deal when activating Bloom, Overbloom, and Crackle Elemental Reactions will be increased by 2% and Spread and Intensify Elemental Reactions will be increased by 0.8%. This damage increase lasts 6 seconds and is based on Baizhu’s Maximum Life, for every 1000 points of Maximum Life it has we will obtain said damage increases (the cap of this damage increase is at 50,000 points of Maximum Life).

If, for example, our Baizhu manages to have 50,000 points of Maximum Life, the additional damage bonus for the Elemental Reactions of Bloom, Overbloom and Crackling would be 100% and that of Propagation and Intensification would be 40% (if, for example, we only reached 30,000 Max Health with Baizhu would be 60% and 24% respectively).

This passive is one of the most interesting things about Baizhu’s kit, but the problem with it is that it will only apply if the character actively generates the Elemental Reaction on the field, something that some of them will not be able to take advantage of. the best characters in this type of Elemental Reactions like Kuki Shinobu or Thoma .


When interacting with some pickups while having Baizhu on the team, the active character on the field will recover 2.5% of their Health.

This is a new passive talent in the game, but it’s also pretty useless to be honest.


These are the benefits that Baizhu is obtaining through its Constellations:

  • C1 – Intensive Care : Increases the number of charges of the Elemental Skill by 1.
  • C2 – Master Discernment : If Baizhu is on the team, when any character on the team hits an enemy, a Serum Severing Spirit will be created that will deal damage proportional to 250% of Baizhu’s Attack and heal the team for 20% of what it heals. Baizhu’s Elemental Skill (this effect can only be activated once every 5 seconds).
  • C3 – Omnimodous Homeostasis : Increases the Ultimate Ability by 3 levels, it can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C4 – Atavistic Contemplation : When using Baizhu’s ult, the Elemental Mastery of all nearby party members will be increased by 80 points for 15 seconds.
  • C5 – Variable Symptoms : Increases Elemental Skill by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C6 – Evil Chi Dispel : Baizhu’s ult spirit arterial damage is now increased based on 8% of his max health and when a serum spirit created by the elemental or Baizhu’s C2 hits an enemy, it will be created a shield like that of the ult (each serum spirit can only activate this effect once).

The truth is that his Constellations are not worth much. C2 makes it heal even more and passively, but Baizhu already heals quite a bit on his C0; C6 isn’t that great either, she’ll be able to create more shields and increase her ult’s damage a bit, but since her damage is so low, I don’t think it’s worth it.


Baizhu’s damage is pretty irrelevant due to the low damage numbers of his abilities and his low Base Attack stat, so we’re focusing this build on increasing his health as much as possible and having a good amount of Energy recharge to have the last one always ready.

Boosting Baizhu’s Life will not only help us to increase the effectiveness of his healings, since as we have seen before (in his passive talents) depending on the amount of Max Life he has, the Elemental Reactions with the Dendro Element will be boosted based on to that parameter.


Here are some of the recommended catalysts for Baizhu:

  • Jadefallen Twinkle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Provides a very high Health % rate, helps recharge ult passively, and provides an Elemental Bonus for Baizhu based on his Max Health.
  • Amber Prototype ⭐⭐⭐⭐: Provides a high amount of Life %; casting an Ultimate will trigger the catalyst’s passive effect which will help recharge Baizhu’s ult and also restore a small portion of party members.
  • Hakushin’s Ring ⭐⭐⭐⭐: It has a moderate amount of Energy Recharge that will come in handy to recharge Baizhu’s expensive ulti and the passive effect of this weapon can generate Dendro or Electro Elemental Bonuses if we carry this character in an acceleration team.
  • Tales of Dragon Slayers ⭐⭐⭐: A weapon available to all players that provides a fairly decent amount of Health % and a very interesting Attack buff % for the character that replaces Baizhu on the field when switching characters.

I don’t recommend equipping Steady Moon to him, because even if it provides a good amount of Health %, the passive of this catalyst is quite useless for Baizhu and the recommended 4 and even 3 star weapons have passive effects that will be much more beneficial to him or to team members.


Geoarmada Tenacity in Genshin Impact

As for stats on artifacts:

  • Helmet or Crown : Healing or Life Bonus %.
  • Clock : Recharge of Energy or Life %.
  • Chalice : Life %.

Substats you are looking for:

  • Priority: Life%, Life, Energy Recharge and Attack%.
  • No Priority: Elemental Mastery, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage.

And as for the Artifact Set, we primarily recommend this combination for Baizhu:

  • Geoweapon Tenacity :
    • 2 Pieces : +20% Life.
  • Fate Emblem :
    • 2 Pieces : +20% Energy Recharge.

With the two pieces of the Tenacity set of the Geoarmada we will be able to increase Baizhu’s Maximum Life to increase the effectiveness of his cures and try to get to 50,000 Life points to reach the cap of his passive, while the two pieces of the set of Crest of Destiny will increase his Energy Recharge by 20%, as we’ll need to have a decent amount of this attribute for his expensive ult.

If we’re doing well on Energy Recharge, we can also replace the two Crest of Fate pieces with two pieces from the Vurukasha’s Flare set for another +20% additional Health just like the two pieces of the Tenacity set of Fate. Geoarmada that we will already have equipped for Baizhu.

Memories of the Forest in Genshin Impact

If Baizhu is the only Dendro Element character that we have as support for another Dendro Element Main DPS , it is best to equip him with the 4-piece Forest Memories set to lower the resistance of enemies to the Dendro Element by 30% for the duration. 8 seconds when using Baizhu’s elemental or ult.


Cyno in Genshin Impact

Here are some of the characters Baizhu can support:

  • Electro Characters : The buff of one of Baizhu’s passive talents will be very interesting for Main DPS of this type, since it will increase the damage of very interesting Elemental Reactions such as Intensification or Overbloom.
    • Cyno : It will be one of his best companions, since Baizhu’s ult will protect him from the interruptions caused by the enemies’ hits, provide him with heals and also improve the damage produced by the Intensification and Overbloom Elemental Reactions generated by Cyno.
    • Shogun Raiden : It is another of the characters that can benefit from the same way that Cyno takes advantage of it, the problem is that this character as a DPS does not build with as much Elemental Mastery and the Baizhu bonus does not work for Overflowerings activated in a way passive (so the full Elemental Mastery build to perform Overflowers in a similar way to Kuki Shinobu’s is not worth it to go with this character).
    • Keching : He is not a character that keeps his weapon imbued with the Electro Element for a long time, but if we build it with Golden Dreams in a Intensification or Overbloom team it can be benefited by Baizhu’s buffs.
  • Dendro Characters : The Main DPS or enablers of this element can also benefit from the bonuses of Baizhu’s passive talent.
    • Alhacen : Even if he doesn’t support him as well as Nahida, Baizhu can be a good character for him, since he will bonus Alhacen’s damage in the Elemental Reactions of Propagation or Bloom.
    • Kaveh : He is a character whose kit is focused exclusively on the Elemental Reaction of Flowering, therefore Baizhu will be able to help him boost the damage he produces with it.
    • Nahida : If we take Nahida as an enabler on a Bloom team, she will benefit from the damage bonus from Baizhu’s passive talent while under the effects of this character’s ult.
    • Tignari : In case of taking him on a Boost team, Baizhu can be a good substitute for Zhongli on your team so they don’t interrupt Tignari’s attacks and will also increase the damage he does with these Elemental Reactions.
  • Hydro Characters : The Elemental Reactions most enhanced by Baizhu’s talent are all those that start from the Flowering, therefore we will need Hydro Element characters in our team.
    • Nilou : It’s not very good with Nilou because we don’t want her to be the one to trigger the Elemental Reaction, since it’s preferable to build her with as much Health as possible to boost the damage of the Dendro Nuclei explosions and let another character with a lot of Elemental Mastery activate the reaction; but if you decide to take her as Main DPS and activate the reactions, you can accompany her with Baizhu.
    • Ayato / Tartaglia : They are less frequent characters in Bloom teams as Main DPS, but they can be an option to accompany Baizhu.


We will need the following materials to promote him:

  • Emerald Nagadus.
  • ShadowEternal Ring ( Unholy Baptist ).
  • Crystal Bell .
  • Mushroom powder.

And as for Talent Books and so on:

  • Gold Books.
  • Mushroom powder.
  • Lush Paradise Fern ( Guardian of Apep Oasis ).
  • Crown of Wisdom (Talent level 10).

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