April 15, 2024


The Honkai Star Rail Tracks come to be the different roles that a character can have, each character is assigned a specific track and this will completely define what their abilities will be oriented towards. We could say that they are the “classes” or “roles” (more generic names to better understand the point) of the character in the game.

In the game we have 7 different routes and each one is quite different from the others (except for one that is a bit strange, I’ll tell you below). The idea is that we combine them in order to create the best possible team composition. You have the typical RPG stuff: Tanks , Buffers , DPS , Healers … you already know this kind of thing very well if you’ve played RPG games .

In this post I will show you all the Tracks of Honkai Star Rail and I will give you some interesting tips for each of them that you may not be considering.


  • Example Characters : Bailu or Natasha.

The characters of the Abundance role are basically the Healers of the game, their function will be to keep the group alive by performing direct or passive healing. These tend to base their healing on the amount of Health they have, so generally this attribute will be the most relevant for them (and some Res to Effect will also come in handy).

It is always advisable to take one to your battles or otherwise have a Conservation character (we will see it better below), at least if you value the life of your characters, of course.


  • Example Characters : Bronya or Asta.

The characters specialized in harmony are the Buffers , their function is to provide advantages to their group such as increases in statistics or a greater generation of energy among many other possibilities. You are very interested in increasing their health since they do not usually stand out much for their damage and that way at least it will be more difficult for them to finish them off.

It is highly recommended to have a character of this type in your team or alternatively a Debuffer (it will depend a lot on the team composition) so that instead of empowering your characters, you reduce the enemies, which in the end comes to be more or less the same but in reverse.

I would like to clarify anyway that generally in situations where you face many enemies, a Buffer (since the buff will apply to all enemies) is more common than a Debuffer (when we talk about this way below we will clarify it more) .


  • Example Characters : Seele or Dan Heng.

The Hunting characters are the Single Target DPS  and they are essential in most of the occasions because they are the characters that are specialized in single target damage, so except in the situation where you face many weak enemies, these will come great (especially in bosses ).

If we also help them a bit through a Buffer or Debuffer, then they will cause colossal damage, so keep that in mind.


  • Example Characters : Gepard or March Seven.

Conservation would be the Tanks , it is a specialized way in the application of shields to your characters to help them survive in battles, they are generally very resistant characters that tend to seek to increase their Defense attribute to resist more and to create better shields. RES to Effect will also come in handy to make it less likely to be Debuffed or Stunted like Freeze.

In general, I recommend them more than Healers (Abundance) since prevention has always been better than cure throughout life, but I suppose that in a situation in which you face an enemy or several that cause an exorbitant amount of damage You could consider taking characters from both ways simultaneously.


  • Example Characters : Clara or Arlan.

Destruction is perhaps the strangest route of all since they are a more hybrid type of character, I think we could define them as Carry more or less. These are characters that usually have good damage (usually both Single Target and Multi Target ) but also have good survivability, but of course they won’t stand out as much in these aspects as specialized routes for each thing.

You can use them a bit as a wild card DPS for when you don’t have something better or more specialized for a specific situation, which in the end we will have to carry out a zillion battles and surely in some it will be good for us to have them.


  • Example Characters : Himeko or Herta.

The Erudite characters stand out above all for having very good area damage, which is why they would be the Multi Target DPS . For obvious reasons, they don’t spread too much when we face a single enemy (unless they are summoning bugs and such), but as in the vast majority of fights we face multiple enemies, it will be very useful for us to have a character of this type. type of road.

Depending on the situation, you should create a team more specialized in individual damage or area damage, personally (especially at the beginning) I think that it is best to create a more hybrid team, that is, take a Hunt character and also one of Erudite to be able to cover both roles.


  • Example Characters : Kafka or Pela.

Nihility is a way specialized in applying debuffs to the enemies so that your characters can take advantage of the disadvantage of the rivals, the Debuffers of a lifetime come on. As I mentioned earlier in the Harmony section, your thing is to have a Buffer or a Debuffer in your team, depending on what you require more. Boosting the Effect Hit statistic is very useful for these (increases the probability of applying Debuffs ) .

Keep in mind that the Debuffs have a great advantage (just as the Buffs also had their advantage) and that is that when we deplete an enemy, it is all our characters who will take advantage of it simultaneously, that is, if we lower its Defense to an enemy, it would be the same as having a Buff of increased damage on all your characters simultaneously. So Nihility characters come in handy when we face a single enemy.

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