April 16, 2024


In this blog it is a tradition to make a post talking about the statistics or attributes of the games in detail, it is an aspect that is always very important to know by heart in all games that have RPG mechanics, such as Honkai Star Rail in this case .

And since traditions are made to be maintained, today we will talk about all the attributes that our characters can have in Honkai Star Rail. This guide will help you to get to know a little better how this title works and I will also tell you more or less what statistics you should look for for your characters depending on what their paths are ( which are the classes or roles of the characters). Little more to add for the intro, so let’s get down to business.


The PV would be the HP, Life, Health… the amount of Maximum Life that our character has, let’s go. I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone who comments that it is a fundamental attribute for increased survivability and that it is interesting for all types of characters.

The routes that get the most out of this attribute are of course the Conservation characters, but the ones that benefit the most from it are the Abundance ones (the Healers ) since in addition to being interesting that these types of characters have more life, heals are also boosted based on HP.


ATK is the Attack and although it is a statistic that in general is good for any type of character since the more Attack we have, the more damage we will cause (as a general rule), the ones that will really get the most out of it are the DPS , whether they are Single Target (Hunting), Multi Target (Erudition) or those of Destruction, which can generally do damage to one or several targets (they are Hybrid DPS we could say).


The DEF or Defense will reduce the damage that our characters receive , which is why it is a vital attribute for Tanks (via Conservation) despite the fact that it is a statistic that does not hurt anyone as such (as is the case with the most attributes, the thing is to know what you need more and what less).

Conservation characters usually apply shields to their companions and Defense will be vital since these tend to be more powerful the more Defense the user who applies them has.


The SPEED or Speed ​​defines how fast the character performs actions, a high Speed ​​will allow him to attack more times. It is a very interesting attribute since it gives us many things simultaneously and in general I highly recommend it for all characters.

Higher Speed ​​means more damage, more heals, more shields, more Debuffs , more Buffs … since in the end, your characters will act more often. It even also implies a greater Energy Recovery since as we will perform the Attack and Basic Ability more times, we will also generate more energy in the process.


The CRIT Chance or Critical Chance indicates the probability of causing a critical hit and is a vital stat for DPS characters . It’s a stat that’s important to balance right, because if you get it right you can get a colossal damage boost (if you’re coming from Genshin Impact , you’ve already got an idea of ​​that). Now in the Critical Damage stat we will talk more about this aspect.


The CRIT Damage or Critical Damage shows the additional Damage that our characters will do when causing a critical hit . Together with the Critical Chance (and Attack, of course), it will allow us to do large amounts of damage.

The key to these two stats is to follow the 1/2 rule, meaning you should have double Critical Damage than Critical Chance if you want to get the most out of them. If you have a 50% Critical Chance, yours would be +100% Critical Damage (keep in mind that characters have 50% base Critical Damage). It doesn’t do you much good to have a very high Critical Chance if your crits don’t do as much damage afterwards and in the same way it doesn’t do you much good to have a very high Critical Damage if you hardly ever crit.

From more or less 75% Critical Chance I recommend that you focus on this statistic (look for more Critical Damage instead) since on many occasions we will obtain Buffs to this statistic from other means and if you exceed 100% then you would be wasting attributes.


Rupture Effect will enhance the effects we apply to enemies when causing them to Rupture . I already made a post talking about the different elements and types of combat explaining the whole issue of Rupture and the different types that there are, if you want more information about it I recommend that you take a look, you have it here .

It will affect both the additional damage we do when doing a Weakness Break and the after effects (the DoTs or Debuffs we apply).


This attribute will enhance the heals the character does, making it a great attribute for Plenty life characters or Healers . There are characters especially from the Path of Destruction that have self-healing abilities, so they can also take advantage of it, but of course you shouldn’t focus on this type of character.


It is the Energy that the character needs to perform his Ultimate or Ulti Ability, without further ado, so in this case what we want is for this attribute to be as small as possible.


Energy Recovery will increase the Energy the character gains  from gaining Energy in any way, so it’s an interesting attribute for all characters as the Ultimate is usually the best ability for each of them.


Stat that modifies the chance to apply effects (mainly  Debuffs , but also applies to the chance that a Buff will succeed). You will see that each of them has a certain probability of being applied, so it will suffice to add the base probability + the added probability of Effect Hit – the RES to the effect that the enemy has. It is especially interesting for Nihility characters since they are specialized in applying Debuffs .


It modifies the probability of resisting effects , so in this case we would be interested in preventing our characters from receiving Debuffs . Quite relevant, especially for more defensive or support characters (Conservation, Abundance, Harmony…) to avoid being annoyed more than necessary.


It will increase the mentioned Damage type by % , see for example +20% Damage (would apply to all damage) or +15% Fire Damage (would apply only to Fire Damage).

If we have +20% Damage and through our Attack, we cause, for example, 1K of Damage, then we would do 1.2K; after this calculation, the Critical Damage bonus would be applied in the event that this was a Critical hit. If we had, for example, 100% Critical Damage, we would end up dealing 2.4K Damage, a fairly noticeable increase, so it is important to have a good balance of all the statistics in order to achieve the maximum possible damage.


It will reduce the type of Damage it mentions by % , for example +15% RES to Fire. If we receive a 1K Fire hit, well, with 15% Resistance to it, we would receive 850. I am still not clear if this statistic works as in Genshin Impact, that in that game the issue was somewhat more complex, as far as it was find out I tell you here.

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