April 16, 2024
“A Melody in the Forest” Quest Guide

Genshin Impact: “A Melody in the Forest” Quest Guide

In order to get the 3 Vasoma Fruits for the Utsava Festival, we need to help 3 Aranaras across the Sumeru region. Each Aranara will also give us melodies that will help you in the exploration of the open world.

A melody in the forest

Head to the marked location in Vanarana Village and speak with Arakavi.


You now have 3 new quests.

The melody to the dark path

To begin this quest, let’s head to Gandha Hill. You will find two Aranaras there who will immediately speak to you of melody.

To help Rana, you will need to find the hidden song mentioned by the Aranaras. To this end, observe the Sumerian roses so that the illuminated rose is the first on the left. This should illuminate the following as well.

Now play the melody using the ancient lyre following the green circles that will appear. You should now have learned a new chorus!


You have just unlocked a new melody that you will have to play throughout the quest.

Now head to the new objective which will present you with a small portal. Play the new melody in order to activate it and cross it.


Once on the other side, immediately jump to the left, near another portal. Activate it and go through.


You’re going to have to look for the Dendrogranums you need to clean up the dryness on the other side. For this, use Dendro on the rightmost branch. Take the Dendrogranums and go through the portal again.

Then, get rid of three contaminated flowers by performing a aimed shot in their direction.


Now drop down in the middle and go all the way to find your second portal. Use the learned melody then cross.

Kill the monsters then collect the Dendrogranums to clean the remaining flowers.


Cleaning the flowers should spawn enemies near the core. Beat them then clean the core to get rid of the dryness.

After which, head for the bark tree in front of which is your next objective and the entrance to the small quest dungeon.


You will need to collect three primordial resins in order to collect the fruit you will need to advance the quest “Children of the forest”.

Take the first one that comes to you then go left to find a portal. Activate and borrow it.


Before you will stand a pistil. Use Dendro to make a clover badge appear, then jump to reach the other platform where the second resin is.

Defeat the monsters on your way and take the Dendrogranums that are at the bottom. Then use an archer to aim the mechanisms and activate them. This will allow you to recover the resin.


Retrace your steps with the cloverleaf and continue on the path. Defeat the monsters, collect the chest and head to the bottom to activate a new portal.

This will bring you back to the center, on the level above. You can now touch the plant in front of you and make a floor appear.

Head to the other side where you just have to tap the wall of leaves to make it disappear and to collect the last resin. After which, touch the flower to make clover badges appear. All you have to do is unlock the big door with the primordial resins.


On the other side, prepare for battle. Defeat the fungus then witness the conclusion of this quest.


The melody that makes new shoots grow

To begin this quest, let’s head northeast of Ribat’s Caravan and talk to Arama and Arasudraka.
As before you will have to find the melody by looking at the Sumerian roses. Once the location is discovered, play this new melody.


Now go to the place indicated, you will have to reactivate the plant to then be able to recover Dendrogranums.
Just play the new melody in front.


Collect a dendrogranum and shoot the bow on the green circle to unlock the passage.


Explore the cave to reach the dry area.

At the bottom of the abyss you find a barge teleporter, use one so you don’t have to swim.

At the level of the waterfall, you will have to abandon your boat but you can have another one at the bottom.


Then eliminate the dryness at the bottom of the cave. Once done, examine the tree at the top of the island.


In the dungeon, eliminate the fungus. When there are no more enemies, the flower will no longer be protected. Then touch the flower to release the passage.

You will then have to use the melody to wake up the dendrogranum plants and then use them to aim for the green circles.

Then head to the platform that was blocked by a shield.


The platform will take you to the center of the flower and you will have to eliminate all the enemies present. Then exit the dungeon and chat with Arama to get your 2nd fruit.

The melody revealing the bestial path

Go east of Devantaka Mountain and talk to Arama and Aradasa.

You will need to examine the pattern behind them and stand in the correct spot to play the new score.


Stand next to the indicated flower and play your new melody.


The wall will then disappear and reveal a cave. You will need to remove the dryness that has just been revealed.

You will have a first flower under your feet then continue lower for the next two. The last will require the use of the melody to make the rock disappear.


You will need to climb to the top of the island to destroy the dryness and then examine the tree behind you.

Once in the dungeon, play the melody near the flower to be able to continue.


There is now a huge hole in the middle, jump into it.

At the bottom, eliminate all the fungus to release the green shield and collect the resin in the center.


Continue your way through the door that opened. In the background play the lyre again in front of the flower. The plant in the center will disappear and release a bouncing mushroom.

Once up, head to the 2nd gem.


Then hit the pistil to release the mechanisms to continue climbing.

To unlock the last gem you will have to use the Dendrogranums and aim for the green circles.


Now jump into the hole next to it and use the gems on the door.

At the bottom you will have one last fight before you can exit the dungeon. Examine the tree to get your final vasoma fruit.

That’s all for the moment !

We hope this little guide has been useful to you. If so, let us know in the comments!
You can now use all these new melodies to discover more chests in Sumeru.

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