April 16, 2024
“Aranyaka: Children of the Forest” quest guide, take part in the Utsava festival!

“Aranyaka: Children of the Forest” quest guide, take part in the Utsava festival! in Genshin Impact

In this article, we will look at how to complete the “Children of the Forest” quest which is part of the “Aranyaka: Nursery in a Dream” questline.

children of the forest

Once the first set of quests “Aranyaka: Meeting in the Forest” is completed, you will be able to obtain the quest “Children of the Forest.”

In order to achieve this, you will have to go on an adventure with different Aranaras, as Paimon sums it up so well.

In the Mountain Devantaka, find the Aranaras Ararycan who will lead you to discover the sleeping giant of the ruins in the mountain. Complete the “Vimana Agama” questline .

At Apam Wood, meet Arapandu who will guide you in purifying Varunastra through the “Varuna Gatha” questline .

Aranakin will be waiting for you at Gandha’s Hill, where you can complete the “Agnihotra Sutra” questline and obtain a useful melody for your exploration.

Participate in the culinary dreams of the “brothers” through the “An Unshakable Culinary Dream” questline and obtain several recipes.

Finally, collect the 3 vasoma fruits using the Melodies of the Aranaras quests included in the “Aranyaka: Nursery in the Dream” questline.

If you have followed everything correctly and completed everything, the quest “Children of the forest” should now have progressed to lead you, after the reunion, to the Utsava festival.

The Utsava festival

During previous quests, you have already been able to collect some Aranaras flowers. You now need to complete your basket in order to fill it with flowers by completing the 9 small world quests that appear on your map.

Most of them will only ask you to talk to the Aranaras. Only 4 will be a bit longer.

Garden spirits

Play hide and seek with the two Aranaras. You can find the first at the top of a pillar while the second will hide in one of the crates on the road.

The taste of joy

For this quest, simply participate in the cooking of the “brothers” by stoking their fire, encouraging them or fetching water for a recipe. 

Delicious Puzzles and The Roar of the Rishboland Tiger 

For the first quest, you will have to answer 3 riddles. Choose the apple, the viparyas then the champitoile. You will therefore need a copy of each material.

For the second, just manage to pick up 10 Dendro Orbs in 60 seconds. They are all within close proximity.

The Utsava festival

Once all the quests have been completed: attend the festival, enjoy the music and finally, complete the second part of the “Aranyaka” questline.

That’s it for us!

You should now be able to complete the first two parts of Aranyaka and many other Aranara-related quests.

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