April 21, 2024
"Aranyaka: Nursery of Lost Dreams" quest series, how to unlock the map of the Vanarana of yesteryear?

“Aranyaka: Nursery of Lost Dreams” quest series, how to unlock the map of the Vanarana of yesteryear? in Genshin Impact

This article will discuss the continuation of the “Aranyaka” questline. If you haven’t started it yet, we are redirecting you to the first part “Aranyaka: Meeting in the Forest” and the following one “Aranyaka: Nursery in a Dream” which mainly includes the quest “Children of the Forest”.

Getting to Ashvattha Temple

After enjoying the Aranaras Festival, it will be time for you to go back to save Rana and get the Bija. For this, go to the temple.

If you have unlocked it, go to the nearest teleporter. Otherwise, you will have to lower the water level. To do this, you can follow our guide to unlock Sumeru exploration dungeons where you are told how to lower the water level to reach the “Fragment of Childhood” dungeon.

Discover the Vanarana of yesteryear

Follow Arama through the desolate landscape of his former home. Stay close to him as he will protect you from dryness and restore your health in fights.

Let him lead you to three engraved memories that will serve as seals to reach the avatar of the Manara.

machines and sand

You will have to go down following Arama until you reach a sandy cave. On the spot, defeat the enemies then use Pyro on the steles to break the seal. 

On one side, use your lyre to play a flower melody which will reveal a passage to you, then, again, play a melody facing the base of the Dendrogranums. 

You will need to use the Dendrogranums and shoot the four mechanisms that will appear in a row to unlock the road for you.

Once the seal is broken, you will find yourself facing a Colossus of Ruins. Try to beat him in vain, several times, until Arama intervenes.

The hidden paradise

After a few dialogues, look for clues around. Examine each fresco, the chair, the house, the basin and then the luggage and books to validate the objective.

You will only have to leave the premises after new discussions.

Defeat the avatar of the Marana

 You are alone and you will have to stay close to Arama in order to weaken your enemy. Clear an area of ​​dryness (3 in total) before you can return to deal damage to the Marana avatar.

In order to clean up, use the Dendrogranums that will be present in the different places and make a charged attack near the contaminated flowers.

A new life

After this 3-phase fight, witness the resolution of the conflict and the adventure with Arama.

At the end of this quest and after having played for the new tree, you will receive the achievement “The end of annihilation” .

Last exploration

Finally, to discover the area if you haven’t already, teleport to a point south of the Statue of the Seven. Unlock it in order to obtain, if it was the only missing teleporter, your success.

That’s it for us!

Your exploration should be complete and Aranyaka’s questline will be over soon.

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