April 16, 2024
How do I get all permits for exploring the Scarlet Desert of Sumeru?

How do I get all permits for exploring the Scarlet Desert of Sumeru? in Genshin Impact

The new area accessible from 3.1 comes in the form of a desert biome. Travel through the arid lands and visit temples and pyramids to discover all the secrets of these lands once belonging to King Deshret and home to the Eremites.

To have access to all the ruins of the desert, you will need authorizations. These will be essential and are divided into two parts: level permissions and special permissions.

Let’s start:

Scarlet Sand Stele

In order to be able to collect the authorizations, you will need the scarlet sands stele. This is obtained during the world quest series: “The Golden Sleep: Lost in the Sands” . This is the first quest in the series that we recommend that you do as soon as you arrive in the desert!

First authorization

As if to remind you of the importance of the “The Golden Sleep” world quest series, unlocking a first clearance will require you to reach the third quest in this series: “The Secret of Al-Ahmar” . It will be automatically added to the stele by following the objectives.

Special Authorization: Khaj-Nisut

Continue in the quest “The Secret of Al-Ahmar” . after having obtained the first authorization to receive this one. It will allow you to unlock the area northeast of the Khaj-Nisut desert that you will find called “Eye of the Sands” before this quest.

Molten Dunes Authorization: Place of Rebirth

This authorization can be obtained at two separate times: during your exploration and also during the quest “Double Evidence” of the world quest series ” Old notes and new friends”.

Knowing our common appeal to chests and other tempting rewards, let’s look together at how to get to the place of obtaining:

Go to Magma Dunes. You have to enter the pyramid and try to open the door in front of you. For that, find an ember.

Open the gate to the left of the entrance, go up the stairs and take the updraft created by the fan. You can find the embers there and bring it back, being careful not to let it get blown by the fan!

The central door open, you will have to go down to find torches and a chest. This is unrelated to our mission for the day, but you can still unlock it before continuing!

Once done, go down again in the hole until you find a little fairy. Follow it to its base to reach a teleporter. If you haven’t unlocked it, now is the time!

After which, head into the hole shown in the image above and the clover badge. You will see a small passage leading you straight to the place of rebirth.

On your way and after falling into a new chasm, you will find an ember. Take her and lead her to her torch, just ahead.

In the room now reached, you will have 3 doors. Take the door opposite and find yourself in a circular room containing torches. You will have to find a cone and place it on a replicator stone indicated in point 1 then use the unlocked mechanism to make the missing torches appear. Once the torches are lit, defeat the monsters and collect the embers. 

From the torch room, go through the only other hallway available and continue until you reach a staircase and another large room containing light beams.

You will need to bring the mechanisms of the beams to the opposite of their position. Be careful, you will have to move them at the same time and twice each, point 1 and 2. At point 2, you will have to beat a primal structure. Once the two mechanisms are positioned, the beams will unlock the last ember that you can bring back to the middle and, thus, obtain a new authorization.

Hall of Sekhem Permission: Breathing Place

This permission can also be obtained at two separate times: during your exploration and during the “Double Evidence” quest of the ” Old Notes and New Friends” world quest series.

Teleport to the left of the Temple of Khemenu that you must have unlocked during the quest: “Introduction to Indoor Archaeology” which is part of the “Golden Sleep” series.

Proceed to the large room and find the corridor on the left (picture1). Go forward to the door and unlock it to pass it (picture2).

Don’t get distracted on the way and find yourself in what seems like a chasm. Follow the path back up until you reach the Hall of Sekhem. Once there, the place that interests us is on the right.

You will arrive in a long corridor containing elevators on each side. At the end of it, there will be an ember. Go to her and follow her.

She will take you to the lower floors, make the ground disappear under your feet and land on a pedestal. Arrived at this place, move forward a little and turn off the fan at point 2 before leaving with the embers.

This will eventually lead you to a room housing two primal structures and a pedestal. Beat the machines to make a second ember appear. However, before moving it and continuing on your way, go to point 4 to open the door.

You will have to find a third ember by taking the elevator to the right of the new accessible room. It will be necessary to be attentive because the elevator will not stop at the floor housing the embers. Jump off the platform and activate the mechanism to bring the embers to the lower level.

You will then only have to lead the three embers to the device which will give you the third authorization.

Special crossing authorization and last level authorization

After completing the “Golden Sleep” questline, you will need to start the “ Old Notes and New Friends” questline, and more specifically the first quest called “Double Evidence” . 

If you haven’t yet picked up any permissions outside of the “Golden Sleep” series, then you’ll get the device detection capability. To use it, open your quest inventory and find the Scarlet Sands Stele. Choose the last tab and select “go” to display a landmark.

Once all 4 level permissions have been unlocked, you will get the achievement: “The People’s March of King Deshret” .

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