April 21, 2024
Some secrets in Sumeru (Part 2)

Some secrets in Sumeru (Part 2) in Genshin Impact

Back to Sumeru to complete your hit list! Do not hesitate to consult our previous article to not miss any! On the program, we present you 4 successes! Let’s go !

  • ” In the name of Anfortas!” »
  • “ Eureka! »
  • “ A meeting that never ends ”
  • “ Han shoots first… ”

In the name of Anfortas!

To get this achievement, you will need to get 15 lost energy blocks and return them to the 5 damaged ruin guardians.

 To perform this achievement, you will need to have completed the Aranyaka questline up to “ Aranyaka: Children of the Forest ”.

Here is a summary map of the energy block locations.

Let’s zoom in on these locations!

Once the 15 blocks of energy have been collected, you have to go to the guards.

The first guardian:

Go to the southwest of the village of Vimara. On site, activate the dendrogranum and hit the rock. Follow the ruins scout coming out of it, he will lead you to the damaged ruins guardian. Give him back the energy blocks.

The second guardian:

Go north of Port Ormos. Again, you will need to activate the dendrogranum. This one is under a tree on the other side of the path. Then hit the rock to free the Ruins Scout which will lead you to the Damaged Ruins Guardian.

The Third Guardian:

Head this time to the eastern shore, north of Port Ormos. Perform the same process as for the previous guardians.

The Fourth Guardian:

Teleport south of Devantaka Mountain and head north. Perform the same process as for the previous guardians.

The Fifth Guardian:

The last guardian can be found halfway between the Chasm and Devantaka Mountain. You will get the achievement after giving him back the last blocks of energy!


For this second success, head to the city of Sumeru.

In front of Catherine, you will find a notice board. Check it out to unlock the puzzle. You will need to follow the clues and find each location within the city limits of Sumeru.

The first part of the puzzle will take you to the town harbor where you will find a small chest in the water.

For the second puzzle, head to the fountain in the Grand Bazaar.

The third riddle will ask you to go to the library (Daena’s Hearth). The chest to recover is located under the only bridge inside.

Teleport to the highest teleport point in town, then dive below. You will find a pool.

 Finally, go to the door of the Archon’s house, you will find Drusus there at 12 noon to complete the achievement!

A meeting that never ends

Go to the place indicated by a circle on the map below. You will then have to escort the beast by protecting it from the attack of monsters to the place indicated by the arrow. On site, Eremite enemies await you. Once beaten, you will get a chest and the achievement.

You must not be too close (so as not to anger it when you kill the monsters on the road) nor too far from the beast (so that it does not go back in the opposite direction) during the escort.

Han shoots first…

Attack an Eremite swordsman when he provokes you. Take an archer for simplicity and wait for this move from him.

We advise you to get rid of the other Eremites if there are any since the swordsman may take some time before making this small movement with his sword.

The final word !

That’s all for today ! A next part will be released very soon, stay tuned!

Good luck in your hunt for achievements.

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