April 15, 2024


The Medulla of the Sea Serpent is one of the weapons that we have available through the PB of Genshin Impact with the drawback that we can only get it if we take the paid PB (the cheapest one works), we reach level 30 of it and we choose it among all available in the list.

I’ll tell you in advance that this Claymore is a 4-star gem that is so good (in R5 it’s crazy) that it even outperforms many 5-star Claymores, which is soon to be said. In fact, in our Tier List of the best Genshin Madobles we have placed it in Tier S (the highest tier). Without a doubt one of the best choices we can make in the face of Battle Pass weapons.

But hey, now we explain why it is so good and what character you can put it on.


These are the stats of the Sea Serpent Marrow:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 42
  • Base Attack Level 90: 510

The Base Attack of this Greatsword is a bit average compared to other 4-star weapons, neither too high nor too low… it would be at the level of other Claymores such as the White Shadow or the Great Blade of the Dark Crag. But as you know, that translates into a higher stat and being what it is, it’s worth it to us.

  • Critical Chance Level 1: 6%
  • Level 90 Critical Chance: 27.6%

Critical Chance is about the best a com stat weapon can have to help us have a better critical balance and +27.6% isn’t bad at all. Also, it’s very rare for a 4-star weapon to have a crit stat and that makes this Claymore very valuable. But don’t think that this is all, that now comes the icing on the cake with the passive.

  • While on the battlefield, the character gains a charge every 4 seconds that will increase his damage by 6% and also the damage he takes by 3%. Can be stacked up to 5 times. At R5 it will be a 10% increased damage per charge and a 2% increased damage taken.

Although it has its bad part, this is brutal for several reasons:

  • Accumulating charges is as simple as having your character on the battlefield and when you have them charged they will always remain active until you die or I guess when you use a teleport. In fact, in the abyss, the key is to take out the character that carries this Claymore first to load the loads and as soon as you have all 5, start.
  • Once charged, the damage boost remains even if your character is no longer on the field, so characters that enter, drop their stuff (like Beidou), and exit will still benefit from the damage bonus.
  • With 5 charges on R1 it’s +30% damage and on R5 it’s +50% damage, it’s bullshit.

The bad part is that we will receive more damage from enemies (which is also reduced with refinement), but come on, that’s what shields ( Zhongli , Thoma …) and Healers ( Kokomi , Qiqi …) are for and compared to the virtues that it gives us, well, it kind of doesn’t matter to us.

And on top of that it also gives us Critical Chance… I’m sorry, but this Claymore is too much to be a 4 star.


The question in this case should be the following… Who do I not put it on? It’s so good that you can practically put it on any Claymore character and they will take advantage of it with exceptions like Sayu , who is a Healer and goes to Elemental Mastery  or Attack, it’s another roll come on. In any case, we are going to tell you which ones we consider make the best use of it.

Noelle in Genshin Impact

Noelle is in my opinion the one who takes advantage of it the most, I’ll explain. She obviously will give him a lot of damage, that the one that Noelle has in C6 well built is not exactly little and since she goes to Defense she will not practically notice that the Base Attack of this Claymore is not high.

But the best thing is that since she applies a shield and heals herself, the issue of receiving more damage will be exactly the same. That’s why we believe that there is no better user for this Claymore than Noelle. Redhorn Greatsword is obviously better for her, but that Claymore is so rotten for characters that go to Defense.

Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact

Itto is another fantastic user for this Claymore and is one of the best we can equip him with. Exactly the same thing happens to him as to Noelle, I mean that since this Claymore increases the damage and not the Attack, because it gets a lot of use out of it since increasing the Attack in this type of characters is not so relevant because they get more attack based on Defense and damage increase is damage increase after all.

Beidou in Genshin Impact

Beidou is one of the characters with an Ulti that stays passively hitting the field that is more powerful and that damage bonus and Critical Chance is going to come in handy. As above, the idea is to be out of the field, simply throw abilities and out, since the matter of the damage received will not matter a bit (we can eat some hits the same, but you understand me). In addition there is the already mentioned issue that the bonus continues to work even when you are out of the field, what you earn in the field is the increase in charges and once charged you have them forever.

Other characters:

  • Eula : She also takes advantage of it a lot, she should be on the podium with the other 3, but they don’t fit any more, forgive me Eula, you know that deep down I love you.
  • Diluc : He will also take advantage of it very well, he should also be on the podium, but it is true that Diluc is losing a lot of strength over time. A shame because I really like the character, but anyway, life.
  • Xinyan : It will also come in handy, although since it does less damage than the characters already mentioned, it won’t spread as much either. Also, nobody uses this character, but well… it’s still an option and here we don’t disgust anyone (or at least we don’t usually).
  • Razor : You are missing the point of making these recommendations.

In short, put it on whoever you want, it is perfect for everyone. Well, everyone except Sayu , don’t equip it to her.

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