April 21, 2024


Throné  is a character from Octopath Traveler 2  that I love and that I highly recommend (actually I recommend all the characters, really) since he is quite versatile, but what he stands out for is applying debuffs to  enemies to reduce their capabilities, something that is very common in bosses.

It can perform the role of Tank (a tank that is more evasive than resistant) since on top of that it has an ability with which it can damage and heal at the same time, obviously that of debuffer (its specialization) and it can even be a Physical DPS , although in In that sense, more characters like Hikari or Ochette would stand out. He also possesses Darkness magic, a fairly rare item among Jobs in the game.

The truth is that Hikari is a tremendous character, but I think I would have liked more to choose Throné as the main character because I really like Thief-style characters in games (in the first one I chose Therion ) . Anyway, in this post I will show you all his kit and the best build of this character, here we go!


Let’s start by looking at the Thief’s active Skills, I’ll also tell you which ones you should use the most.

  • Steal : You will steal an item from an enemy. The truth is that I never use it.
  • Gloomy Night : An individual damage Darkness Spell, interesting for enemies weak to this element, but it is not a character that stands out too much for its elemental abilities.
  • PV thief : Incredible Ability with which we will give 2 Dagger hits to an enemy and with which we will heal 50% of the damage we do. Very key to cause damage and heal ourselves, if we pull PI we can do a lot of damage and also heal a lot.
  • Sneak Attack : A sword strike to a single enemy that will cause more damage the earlier you act in the round, so Speed ​​will spread (the Thief is great for this stat).
  • Swiftness : A buff that increases Speed ​​for 3 turns. It’s okay, but it seems to me that he loses a turn, it’s better to improve his Speed ​​through equipment and so on. It will be very fast without the need for the buff, but it’s not a bad idea to cast it at key moments, like right before using his Divine Ability, which we’ll cover below.
  • Owl Acid : A debuff that will reduce the enemy’s Physical Defense for 2 turns, ideal to be able to cause greater damage of this type.
  • Vampire Bridles : In my opinion it is his best Skill, it is a debuff that reduces the enemy’s Physical Attack for 2 turns. Since it is the most common type of damage, it is great, especially against big bosses.
  • Aeber Adjustment : It is his divine ability, so you can only use it by spending 3 Impulse. It is an area hit with the Dagger that will cause more damage the faster the character is, so another reason to increase this stat.


These are the Support Skills of the Thief Job (the truth is that they are very good):

  • Additional Attack : We will have a 50% chance to perform an additional attack when using a Skill that does not deal damage. It is ideal for Support characters such as Agnea or Partitio and of course for Throné to have the possibility of attacking when applying buffs or debuffs . A must have .
  • Light Feet : Increases the character’s Speed ​​by 50, so it will come in handy again for Supports and of course for Thieves as they also benefit offensively from this stat.
  • Trap : Very interesting for this Job since when we receive physical damage, we will have a 50% chance of applying negative states to the character that has hit us.
  • Life in the Dark : You will receive more EXP and PT by completing battles. Cool for farming, but pretty meh for battles.


Throné’s talent is undoubtedly one of my favorites, although it has the downside that it will only work at night, so keep that in mind when choosing the departure time when making your expeditions.

The thing is, what it does is that at the start of the fight (if it’s at night) it will apply several buffs to all your characters , which is great to start the battle off on the right foot. Then you apply your debuffs and you will have all the advantage on your side.


Throné’s Potential is quite good since it will allow us to use 2 actions in the same turn , which will allow us to apply 2 debuffs or well, the combinations are endless, but having 2 actions is really cool. The only downside is that we won’t get extra IP for it since it’s considered the same round, a shame in that sense.


As you have already seen, Speed ​​will spread a lot . The statistics that increase its physical damage are also quite good, but it will depend a lot on the use you want to give it, since if you are going to use it more as a debuffer than anything else, it will not work (Speed ​​will, because in the end you want to apply your debuffs as fast as you can).

Regarding defensive attributes, I recommend above all that you focus on Evasion since it already has quite a few points of this statistic as standard and if we increase it more, they will practically never hit us.


Agnea in Octopath Traveler 2

Regarding Side Jobs, these are my recommendations in order from best to worst:

  • Dancer : To be able to buff your teammates and be the ultimate Support. You will support your group and annoy the enemies, the perfect plan.
  • Weapons Master / Warrior : Especially if you want it to be more DPS (you will have to debuff less or have a partner with a Thief Side Job). Weapons Master would be the best option since we will have all the types of weapons in the game, but you will get it near the end of the game, so in the meantime Warrior is a great option.
  • Apothecary : It seems to me a very good option, especially for the fact of being able to apply Poison to enemies, it is the best combination if you want to be 100% debuffer . We will also be able to heal a bit in an emergency.
  • Merchant : As usual, to provide IP to your companions and give additional support.

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