April 16, 2024


Castti is a character from Octopath Traveler 2 that I highly recommend (actually they are all worth it, the thing is to know how to make the most of each one’s potential) since he is a Healer with a lot of health who specializes above all in individual healing and in removing altered states (or putting them in), something that is greatly appreciated.

His main competition would be Temenos since he is also a Healer and in my opinion he plays a better role in that role since he has an area heal and revive, something that Castti lacks and that weighs heavily on him, but luckily we can put the Cleric Side Job to make up for this (which makes him not as versatile, but still a brutal Healer).

In any case, what was said, a very good character; but hey, let’s not rush things and see its analysis + build in depth.


Let’s start by looking at the Apothecary’s active Skills, I’ll also tell you which ones you should use more of.

  • Healing Touch : It is a fairly powerful individual healing with which we can also revive the character if he is not alive. It is great in that sense since he is a 2 × 1.
  • Icicle : A Spell with which we will damage an enemy with Ice, without further ado.
  • Rehabilitate : Removes status ailments from a character and also immunizes him from them for 2 turns. Essential for bosses who tend to inflict them as these are very annoying.
  • Ax Hit : Interesting Ax attack since we will hit all enemies simultaneously. Ideal to take advantage of a group of enemies weak to this type of Weapon.
  • Poisoned Blade : Hit an enemy with the Ax and apply poison to it for 2 turns. Since Castti usually doesn’t do a lot of damage (nor should you focus on her), it’s better to apply Poison as you’ll deal more damage in the long run.
  • Intensive Care : Interesting healing ability since we will apply a buff for 3 turns that will heal health each turn when it ends its action. Ideal especially for the tank ( Hikari or Ochette mainly) in the typical bosses in which we want to tank with a character that is very resistant.
  • Toxic Sensitivity : Makes an enemy vulnerable to Poison for 2 turns. The truth is that I never use it.
  • Dohter’s Gift : It is his divine ability, so you can only use it by spending 3 Impulse. For 3 turns the effect of the items you use in battle is applied to the entire party, suffice it to say how brutal this can be.


These are the Support Skills of the Apothecary Job:

  • Victorious Vigor : We will restore 30% of HP and AP when winning a battle. It’s fine especially when farming or when facing common enemies, but for bosses you will always opt for real advantages for the battle.
  • Like a Pear : Increases the character’s HP by 500, so anyone could use it, especially Tanks and Healers . Although it is true that defensively the defenses spread more.
  • Stimulating Break : Restores all the character’s AP when breaking a shield. It’s not bad as such, but the truth is that it’s too specific a condition, so I don’t recommend it. Also, if you use the Agnea cheat I mentioned in La’Mani ‘s post , you’ll never run out of AP.
  • Preventive Treatment : At the start of the battle, it grants a buff to the character that immunizes him from the altered states and debuffs for 3 turns. It’s not bad as such, but that said, it’s better to equip things that are effective during the entire battle or at least a large part of it.


Castti counts on her Remedies to improve her Healer , Support and even DPS kit . These will also be enhanced through their Potential, which we will mention in the section below.

The explanation is very simple, we can use Healing Remedies or Harmful Remedies. The Healing ones will allow us to heal, eliminate altered states or add buffs to our characters while the Harmful ones are the opposite since we will throw them at the enemies.

I personally say that I never use them, but in reality they are quite good.


Castti’s Potential is pretty good, although it’s not one of my favorites. Basically we can use 2 Remedies at the same time , which implies that you could heal and buff at the same time for example. You can also use the same effect 2 times to greatly boost it. There are many interesting combinations.


It is not worth trying to improve his offense because he does not stand out too much in it and in that sense it is more common to throw Remedies or apply status ailments such as Poison. Therefore, my recommendation would be that you improve his defensive side since it is in your best interest to keep him alive since the health of your entire team will depend on it unless you take another Healer, which would not be highly recommended. Improve his Defenses, Evasion and his Health mainly.


Fear us in Octopath Traveler 2

Regarding Side Jobs, these are my recommendations in order from best to worst:

  • Cleric : Some of his Support Skills will come in handy and he will also benefit a lot from his heals and AoE revives. With this Job he is a 100% Healer .
  • Thief : To apply debuffs to the enemies, together with his Ability to poison, we can annoy the enemies a lot and we can support with a cure when necessary. So make sure you have a Cleric like Temenos on your team because she will have AoE heals (this applies to the other recommendations, without the Cleric Side Job she can’t be the Main Healer, just a Support Healer) .
  • Dancer : To be able to buff your companions when a healing is not necessary.
  • Merchant : As always to provide IP to your companions.

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