April 16, 2024
The Callisto Protocol: Fight - this is how you defeat the mutants

The Callisto Protocol: Fight – this is how you defeat the mutants

In this  The Callisto Protocol combat guide,  you’ll learn:

  • How to survive melee combat in The Callisto Protocol
  • How to properly use firearms
  • What the tentacles mean in the mutants
  • Why you should always kick hard

In order to survive in The Callisto Protocol , you must know how to engage in combat properly . Just banging away is not an option. We’ll show you how to master close combat, use firearms correctly and combine both.

Fight in The Callisto Protocol: Learn to dodge

Especially in the first chapters, firearms and ammunition are few and far between. Often your only way to survive fights in The Callisto Protocol is through melee combat. At the beginning you have a pickaxe available until you get to the much more effective stun gun . In order for you to survive in close combat, you must master dodging.

When Jacob is attacked, move the left joystick left or right and hold it there. If the opponent hits you, Jacob automatically dodges. It is now important to find the right rhythm . The monsters in The Callisto Protocol mostly attack with a left-right punch combination. Dodge the first hit and then immediately move the joystick in the opposite direction.

This is the only way for Jacob to dodge the attack without being hit. If you dodge twice in a row in the same direction, you’ll get one. You should always wait until you have successfully dodged a combination of hits before attempting a counterattack . After that you have a window of time in which you can heat up the monsters properly. If you have severed your opponent’s first arm, you can attack immediately after each blow.

Proper use of firearms

Firearms and ammo are a rarity in The Callisto Protocol, especially early on. Add to that the limited inventory. In our tips guide to The Callisto Protocol you will find tricks on how to save item slots. That’s why it’s always important to use firearms as efficiently as possible and to combine them with melee attacks . Aims for the legs on “normal” mutants. If they crawl towards you, you can easily kill them with the stun gun.

If you have countered a mutant in close combat, a small crosshair appears and you have a short time window for a safe hit with a gun – use this chance. To avoid just hearing a faint click in cases like these, you should always make sure to reload your weapons . Add a few bullets in every quiet moment and after every confrontation.

Be careful: tentacle monsters are coming back

Get used to stepping into the night in the first chapter. Once you’ve killed an opponent, go to the corpse and stomp on it properly. This is the only way to get important drops such as life, ammunition or batteries for the GRP. Later, the stomp becomes even more important, because mutants with exposed tentacles are not dead immediately. If they are on the ground, they continue to mutate and get up again.

If the monsters are lying flat, immediately step on the tentacles to prevent them from coming back. But these opponents are not only a danger lying on the ground. Exposed tentacles are always a sign that the opponent is about to mutate . If you have a gun, aim the tentacles immediately to quickly kill the monster and prevent the mutation.

Enemy Groups in The Callisto Protocol: Watch out for the Acid Spitters

If you face several opponents in The Callisto Protocol, they usually don’t attack you all at once. The only important thing is that you recognize early enough which mutant will attack you first and where the others are positioned. If you have countered an attack, the next one follows immediately, which you have to dodge. So always keep an eye on all opponents.

There’s one particularly annoying enemy type in The Callisto Protocol: the Acid Spitter. This unpleasant fellow often lingers in the background or hides in the fog, hurling chunks of acid at Jacob. You can block them by pulling the left stick backwards, but you still lose a bit of life energy.

Also, an acid hit interrupts Jacob’s actions . Are you trying to heal or reload a gun? Bad luck. The acid spitter won’t let you. This is especially a problem in confrontations with several opponents at the same time. So try to spot the acid spitter immediately and hit him with a few bullets.

This is how you defeat the dangerous robots

Occasionally you will encounter patrolling robotic guards while attempting to escape from the maximum security prison. These AI guards will kill you in one hit . If you’re short on ammo or don’t have a gun at hand, try to sneak past them. However, you will miss out on a valuable drop that you need for weapon upgrades in The Callisto Protocol.

The robots drop a special item that you can sell at the Reforge machine for a high price. If you engage in a fight with a robot, you need a steady hand and a quick trigger finger . Aim at the small red light on her head and fire off several bullets as quickly as possible. If you shoot too slowly or miss, the robot will kill you immediately. Four hits in a row should suffice with the revolver.

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