April 21, 2024
The Callisto Protocol: Horror Game Tips & Tricks

The Callisto Protocol: Horror Game Tips & Tricks

In this  tips guide to The Callisto Protocol you will learn:

  • Why manual quicksaves are so important
  • When to choose the highest level of difficulty
  • How to get the tight inventory under control

The Callisto Protocol gets down to business. The survival horror adventure sends you to a maximum security prison on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. So that you can survive the fight against the mutated inmates, we give you important tips in this guide .

    Most important tip: save, save, save

    Frequent manual saving is mandatory in The Callisto Protocol. The horror shocker is particularly challenging on the higher levels of difficulty . Not only your stomach will be put to the test in the violent death scenes, but also your fighting skills. In the crisp fights, you will sometimes lose out.

    However, the checkpoints at which Jacob is resurrected are not always set optimally. In addition, the transitions between the cordoned off areas are sometimes difficult to see , and it is often not possible to return to past areas. Another reason for frequent saves is that there is no chapter selection even after the playthrough.

    Collecting missed collectibles and weapons afterwards is therefore not possible. So that you don’t have to repeat the whole game to collect all the trophies in The Callisto Protocol , save from time to time to be on the safe side.

    How to get the platinum trophy in The Callisto Protocol?

    Do you really want to experience everything in one game and can’t sleep without a completely ticked off achievement list? Then you’re in for a tough few hours in The Callisto Protocol. The trophy “The protocol strives for life” is only available if you play through the game on the highest level of difficulty . But don’t worry, although opponents can withstand more and you take significantly more damage when hit, this is not a suicide mission.

    Jacob is endowed with infinite lives during “Maximum Security Ward Mode” and there are significantly more save points for his return. So if you’re experienced in action-packed survival horror games like Dead Space , go for the hardest difficulty . You can read everything else about the trophies in The Callisto Protocol in the linked article.

    Tricks to find important items

    There are only a handful of important items in The Callisto Protocol, but finding them isn’t always easy. In addition to enemy drops, which you uncover with a targeted stomp on the corpses , there are also items hidden in the area. Watch out for showcases in the quiet passages. The inconspicuous cabinets are often found in dark offices or laboratories. Most useful items are also hidden in lockers.

    The fully packed resource chests can only be found off the main path. Always keep an eye out for hidden corners in the corridors and halls. A good clue to secret items, weapons, or collectibles is locked doors with a switch box . Open it with the knife and cut the power supply to unlock the door. Behind it you often reach secret paths that are worthwhile.

    Striking grilles on air shafts are also a good sign. Once you’ve found the Gravity Restraint Projector (GRP glove), you can use a kind of telekinesis to throw objects and enemies through the air. The grilles mentioned are also quickly torn out.

    This is how inventory management succeeds in The Callisto Protocol

    Resident Evil veterans know this all too well: inventory management. Jacob has limited pocket space in The Callisto Protocol. At the beginning there are only six slots , weapons excluded. Jacob can pick them up without it getting tight. So that you don’t unnecessarily block the few inventory spaces, here are a few tips:

    • Always sell energy converters and excess items directly to a reform machine and don’t carry them around for long.
    • Always reload your firearms immediately. Ammunition belongs in the gun, not in the backpack.
    • If you don’t have room for an additional health injector , put down another item first. Now you can pick up and use the injector and then pack the discarded item back up.
    • Invest Callisto Credits at the Reforge for upgrades that increase your clip sizes. This allows you to load more ammo into the weapons and frees up space in the inventory.

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