April 15, 2024
Fortnite: Enter the Chrome Vortex - Here's how

Fortnite: Enter the Chrome Vortex – Here’s how

In our guide to the Chrome Vortex in Fortnite you will learn:

  • What a chrome vortex is
  • Where on the map you can find a chrome vortex

What is a chrome vortex?

You’ve probably seen a Chrome Vortex if you’ve played Fortnite this season. On the map you can currently find huge tornadoes made of chrome. Such a tornado is officially known as a chrome vortex.

Where to find a chrome vortex in Fortnite?

Once a Fortnite match has started, two tornadoes will appear on the map. If you don’t see a chrome vortex directly from the bus, open the map and highlight a tornado icon . This icon shows you the location of a Chrome Vortex.

It is best to jump off near a chrome vortex and fly straight into it. Just touching the edge of a tornado is enough to complete the quest.

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