April 14, 2024
Marvel's Midnight Suns: Elemental Staves - All Locations

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Elemental Staves – All Locations

In the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Elemental Wands Guide, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find all elemental staves
  • The order in which you place the sticks

The terrain surrounding the Abbey in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is full of secrets. Many paths remain closed to you for the time being. To open the entrances, you need the Words of Power .

Your old tutor can teach you the words should you pass the exams. In order to learn the second word of power, you must solve the riddle of Agatha’s altar by collecting all the elemental staves and placing them in their rightful place.

How do I start the quest?

After playing the first few hours, Sara will send you to an ancient shrine . Here you meet the spirit of the powerful witch Agatha, who has a lot of information about your origins and your powers ready.

After learning the first word of power , you must go to the library inside the abbey and use the spell to open the door. In the library, you’ll meet Agatha again, who will tell you to follow Wanda’s notes.

What does the quest bring me?

The notes will eventually lead you to the ancient altar where you must place the four elemental wands to obtain the moon sigil. This gives you access to the second word of power and unlocks the “Elemental, my dear Agatha ” trophy.

Area map with locations of the staffs

Where can I find the fire stick?

The fire staff can be found in the abbey chapel . The quickest way to reach the chapel is to follow the long corridor that runs between the heroes’ living quarters. In the chapel is a small shrine on which the fire staff rests.

Where can I find the water staff?

You can find the water staff near the grotto west of the abbey. A bridge runs above the grotto. Search under the bridge to find the water staff.

Where can I find the air staff?

The Air Staff is hidden in the same area as Agatha’s Altar . If you stand in front of the altar, you have to take the right passage, which you have to open beforehand with the first word of power. Follow the path and take the first left to find the Air Staff.

Where can I find the earth stick?

The final elemental staff can be found in Hunter’s Folly , the tomb Hunter awoke from early in the game. Use the first word of power to open the door. The Earth Rod is next to Hunter’s coffin.

The correct order of the sticks

Once you have all the staves, go back to Agatha’s altar. Here you will find four places where you have to place the sticks in the right order. In the graphic below we have drawn the correct order for you .

Left to right:

  • water stick
  • air stick
  • earth stick
  • firestick

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