April 16, 2024


Midnight is the second main boss of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and the truth is that the boss as such is quite simple, what could complicate things are the added enemies that are in the battles that we will have to carry out (which are 3 ); Luckily, we will have the help of a powerful and lazy weapon under our belt.

Yes, I am referring to Rabbid Estela (or Rosalina), a new character that will join our squad precisely in this battle and that we will have to use her in a mandatory way in this one, as happened with Edge when we faced Giant Wildclaw .

The truth is that the character is very good, now I’ll tell you better below.


I recommend you have defeated Giant Goomba before , it is an optional boss but it is worth doing. Looking ahead to Midnight, it is part of the story mode so it will be enough to move forward, but you will find it in the final stretch of the story that takes place in Pristine Peaks, specifically when you agents in the Winter Palace .


This is the equipment and the Sparks that I recommend for this battle. Rabbid Estela will join the battle and will not count towards the maximum number of characters we can carry, so there will be 4 of us on the field:

  • Rabbid Estela : I recommend you unlock several of his skills in the tree before starting the battle, especially to improve his technique, his shots and a little bit of his mobility. Through his technique we can paralyze (they won’t be able to do anything) enemies in the area (a huge area) and his shots are very interesting because they do a lot of damage to a single individual and destroy the walls that are on the way without problems. I didn’t put Sparks on it for this battle because I was too lazy, but you can put as many as you want from the ones you have left over.
  • Luigi : As usual, Luigi does a lot of damage at a distance and his technique is god to go liquidating enemies out of our turn.
    • Denterio : Increases the damage of weapons and when activated we can move enemies away.
    • Reflector : Increases the critical chance and when activated we will reflect part of the damage we receive.
  • Mario : Buildeado above all to movement and jumps, which is how it spreads more.
    • Etherium : Increases the damage of movement skills and allows us to become invisible for a few turns so that they do not attack us.
    • Exoshield : It also increases the damage of abilities and when activating it we will reduce the damage received by allies in the area (the same character counts).
  • Rabbid Mario : I’ve been testing this character more and I’ve been pleasantly surprised, it’s exaggeratedly good; build it to movement and weapon to devastate your enemies. The thing about being able to move after having attacked get him because he is very good.
    • Astrompazo : Reduces the physical damage received (no more) and when activating it we will increase the damage of all allies in the area and of the same character.
    • Seismic : Gives you immunity to the toxic effect and reduces the effectiveness of other ailments you receive by 30%. When activating it we will give 3 hits in the area.

We’re going without Healer (Rabbid Peach) because really the way we’re going to do it we won’t need heals and we want to prioritize damage.


The fight will consist of 3 different fights in which we must defeat Midnight, I am not going to expand on each fight individually because if you use the strategy that I will tell you here, you will easily defeat her in each of the 3 without problems.

The strategy consists of advancing with your characters towards Midnight, the extra enemies don’t matter a bit because you can paralyze them with Rabbid Wake (highly recommended, the ability that makes them paralyzed for 2 turns and not just one) and the idea is that when When you arrive (it shouldn’t take too long) burst him brutally by blowing the damage with Astrompazo and attacking them with all of them. If you do it right you’ll lower all of his life in one turn (remember that with Mario the idea is to jump with a partner to bounce 3 times on an enemy, then you melee, then shoot and then either invisibility rolls or your technique (it’s a brutal combo).

Between advancing towards Midnight you see attacking the non-paralyzed enemies (who then lose their paralysis) that you can and you see activating Luigi’s technique that if you have it well built (with a lot of shooting damage and especially going through walls with his technique and ideally the 2 uses of his technique) you will be passively eliminating non-paralyzed enemies.

With this strategy you will see that the battle is extremely simple.

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