April 21, 2024
The Callisto Protocol: Solve the Mystery of Callipolis

The Callisto Protocol: Solve the Mystery of Callipolis

In this  guide to The Callisto Protocol  you will learn:

  • What is the secret of Kallipolis
  • Where to find the hidden rooms
  • Which items reveal the secret

In The Callisto Protocol , to solve the mystery of Kallipolis, you must find two secret rooms . In this guide, we’ll show you where the entrances are and which items you have to collect to solve the mystery.

What is the secret of Kallipolis in The Callisto Protocol?

The Callisto Protocol gold trophy “The Commonwealth” can only be obtained by solving the Mystery of Kallipolis . To do this, you need to find and listen to two audio logs – the game calls them data or implant bios. But they aren’t just lying around, they’re placed in two secret rooms.

Caution : The Callisto Protocol is a linear action-adventure. If you cross a certain section, you cannot return. As described in our The Callisto Protocol tips guide , you should save manually on a regular basis. There is no chapter selection after the end of the game. You can only collect missed items if you start the game over again.

Mystery of Kallipolis: Find the first data bio

The first find is the Duncan Cole – Secret Room 1 data bio. You can find it in Chapter 3 – Aftermath while searching for the medical area. When you reach the laundry , go through the door on the left and follow the corridor straight ahead until you see a locked door on the right. To open it, remove the switch box cover and cut the power supply with the knife.

On the other side, crawl right through the red-lit shaft. Keep right and you’ll reach a vault covered in bloodstains. Follow the corridor and at the end jump into the hole in the ground. Run to the left and you will reach the secret room. The boardroom is hung with red banners. The data bio is on the glass desk at the end of the hall.

Mystery of Kallipolis: Find Second Data-Bio

For the second data bio “Yannick Sage – Secret Room 2” you have to advance to Chapter 6 – Below. Jacob becomes separated from his entourage and attempts to reach the transportation center . In the depths of the station, you will encounter new zombie-like beings who can neither hear nor see.

Sneak through the corridors until you reach the location of the automatic pistol. We have described the way to you in our weapon guide to The Callisto Protocol . Follow the path until you reach a ladder in front of a large fan. Climb up and you will see a sign on the right that says “Electric Reactor” . Instead of taking the path to the reactor, go left into the gap in the rock face.

The path leads directly to the secret room. On the way you have to eliminate a few zombies. The Data-Bio is back on the table at the end of the room . Listen to the audio track and the Commonality trophy is yours.

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