April 21, 2024


As a child I played the 2 GBA Advance Wars a lot, so I am quite excited that they have finally released (after so much delay) the Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp, I assure you that they are tremendous games if you tactical strategy games are cool.

And as you already know, I like to make guides for the things I play, so today I bring you the guide to get the S score for the first mission: Operation with Tanks . Since it’s the first one, it’s obviously quite simple, but if you don’t master the game enough, it can be a bit of an uphill battle to get the S. In my case, I did it the first time, but I imagine that in part it’s because I’m Tanned by the tremendous vices that I stuck to these games when I was little.

The case, we will divide the battle into 3 phases, let’s go there!


The Best Start of Mission 1

This would be the best possible start to try to take control of the area we started in. The key is to make a stopper with our Tank, blocking the entrance to the bridge (leaving it in the city that we have captured so that it heals 2 VP each turn) while we support it a little with the Mechanized (the unit that we have at its side , you can attack from the river whoever stands on the bridge to try to pass).

It is very key to place the Artillery in that hole in the river, since we will have a very well controlled part of the central zone and the bridge itself. Don’t worry about it being attacked by your rival’s infantry (Olaf) because the truth is that they are quite a few packages and will focus more on capturing the cities in the area. As soon as the enemy moves his Artillery and you have it within range, he shoots with your Artillery (that will be the priority), otherwise he shoots another unit, with greater relevance of course to Tanks and Mechanized.

On the other hand, lead a couple of infantry units to capture the buildings below. It won’t give you anything in this mission, but I think you get points for it. The other units that are advancing towards the bridge area, I also recommend that you put a Mechanized in the TOA (the unit that allows you to transport infantry units).

Stay there until you have practically defeated all the units in the central area, which will be easy, especially considering that we will have to use Nell’s Power and the truth is that it is quite broken, take advantage of it for a rather hardcore offensive at the same time . central zone when you activate it.


Securing the Center in Mission 1

After this we will establish ourselves in the central area to finish off all its units except the Medium Tank (for this we prepare very well because it is quite powerful). You see finishing with their units taking advantage of the terrain while with the Infantry you are capturing some building since you will need to heal some of your units before going for the Medium Tank. You see advancing your Artillery but always careful not to expose it to an enemy attack.

It is important that you keep the Tank and Artillery safe (and some Mechanized would be their thing) as they will play a crucial role in defeating the Medium Tank.


Go for the Medium Tank!

The idea is that you get this formation or something similar, make sure to capture the bridge buildings and heal your units if necessary. The key is to put your Tank in the captured building to the right of the bridge to create a block (you can put some Mechanized nearby too for support), have the healing provided by the city and have the Artillery behind it that will be the one that really does a lot of damage to the Medium Tank.

See that poor Infantry unit on the far right? They are the bait (poor things), you put it there (if you have an Infantry unit that is very affected, better) to attract the Medium Tank (which otherwise does not move) and as soon as it approaches you begin to attack it with your Artillery (if you do not arrive, you will not don’t worry, delay your bait if it’s still alive so that in the next turn it will get within range).

It is very important that the first blow is always that of the Artillery to weaken him a lot since otherwise you will receive more damage than him. Once the Artillery does its job, you can try to hit it with your Tank or the Mechanized (the Tank is better left standing in the city). You can also pass the turn as you just need to do some blocking and hit him with Artillery to finish him off, but keep in mind that in order to get S rank it’s important to finish fast so finish him off with your Mechanized and your Tank.

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