April 21, 2024


Ritsu Mishuyo is the first boss that we will have to defeat in the first chapter of the story of the swordsman Hikari and the truth is that he is a rather complicated boss in Octopath Traveler 2 , especially considering that we are at the beginning of the game.

He is a quite capable swordsman who knows very well that he is no match for the great Hikari, which is why he is accompanied by 2 more enemies when he decides to betray his friend, since otherwise he knows that he would not have a chance.

It’s complicated by the nose and you don’t expect it in a boss that we have to defeat so soon, but you will see how with this strategy it will fall relatively easily.


Luckily we have a save point just before the battle just above the mountain and next to it we have a vendor who will sell us some things. I already anticipate that it will be important to go with the best team possible , it will be especially important to have a good sword (since both Ritsu and his escorts are weak to these). Spend all your coins (the ones you haven’t spent by bribing half a city) to improve your equipment because you will appreciate it a lot in battle.

In the same way, if you see that the battle is getting very uphill for you, do not hesitate to go back a bit and farm some experience and coins to make it a little easier in future attempts.

By the way, it will be quite vital that you collect everything you find out there, one of the items you can find is a Fire Soul Stone, it will be worth gold in this battle so save it.


Both Ritsu and the two released who accompany him share the following weaknesses, taking advantage of them will be essential. These are its weaknesses:

  • Long Swords : Hikari has very good attacks.
  • Spears – Hikari also has Spear abilities, but I will recommend Swords more for this battle.
  • Fire : So that Fire Soul Stone will be great for us to start the battle.


On the first turn you must use the Fire Soul Stone as it will deal a lot of damage to the 3 enemies and will stun both of Ritsu’s escorts. With this you will have weakened the 2 soldiers a lot and they will not take long to fall, it is a good idea to get rid of them quickly because otherwise they will cause you a lot of damage.

From here the key is to abuse the Aggressive Slash ability . You see accumulating Impulse and when you reach 3 points you make an Aggressive Slash with the impulse to the maximum to give a lot of blows, from here you should have already finished off the soldiers and you will be left alone against Ritsu.

You will see that Ritsu has a little number on the shield of his life bar, they are the necessary blows to stun him, something that will be essential so that he causes us little damage. Aggressive Slash is very key since we will hit him a lot of times (you just attack normally to accumulate momentum and when you have at least 3 impulse always use Aggressive Slash with maximum impulse) and we will stun him practically every time.

When the message appears that Ritsu is surrounded by a murderous aura, it is best to stun him if you have the option of doing so or otherwise defend yourself to reduce the damage you receive. When you have damaged him enough you will activate Hikari’s potential, which when you can use (you keep attacking and that) will allow us to make a very powerful blow. Our recommendation is to use Heavenly Slash.

And that is the key to this battle, if you see that it is going uphill you can go back a bit to farm some experience and coins to boost Hikari, but with this strategy you should get it without major problems.

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