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Spiders are a very annoying type of enemy in Hogwarts Legacy because in addition to being quite disgusting (I don’t like spiders, okay?), they usually attack in groups of many Spiders and although each one individually is not the greatest thing, in a group if they are a great danger and if you get confused… they annihilate you.

I already anticipate that having fire spells is going to be very important and if you have them improved through Talent Improvements, then even better. Especially when you face the worst of all Spiders, “the Fugitive”, which we will also see in this guide, that the truth is that she is a boss who has a lot of fabric.


Spiders' Lair at Hogwarts Legacy

Finding Spiders couldn’t be easier. Just venture into the Forbidden Forest and you’ll find their lairs literally everywhere. From the map you can easily locate them since they have an icon like a spider web; remember that from your broom you can use Rebelio to show all the points of interest in the area you are in to locate them easily.


These are the different types of Spider that are in the game, we will see them to follow the tradition, but this is not really relevant… theirs is knowing how to deal with them in a group.

  • Poisonous Slipper : Yellow in color. They like to dig, at which point it is very useful to throw a Flipendo at them; anyway i will recommend you other spells.
  • Spiny-backed Elusive : Same behavior as the previous one but with spikes in its design.
  • Venomous Hatchling : The hatchlings… are very annoying. They die from a touch and even from a block with Protego, but you probably won’t even see them and they will stun you with their attacks, they are very annoying.
  • Spinyback hatchling : Same behavior as above.
  • Poisonous Shooter : Green in color. They will spit poison at us from a distance.
  • Thorny Back Shooter : Same behavior as the previous one.
  • Venomous Matriarch : Red in color. This one has red attacks, so we will have to dodge them.
  • Thornyback Matriarch : Same behavior as above.
  • Spiny-backed Stalker : White in color. They will be throwing cobwebs to incapacitate us.

Be careful because they all have poisonous attacks, so it will never hurt to have a few Herbovitalizing Potions.

Also keep in mind that they will usually be in areas where there are spider nests, removing nests with fire spells should be your priority if you don’t want more annoying spiders to join the battle.

We will also face a piece of Spider called “The Fugitive” in the mission “Encounter with the Fugitive”, we will see this at the end.


The key is knowing how to control them in a group and for this it will be essential to have good fire spells. Fire is their biggest weakness as they will burn and run around like crazy (and while they do this they won’t attack you, they are disabled for a while).


These are the spells that I recommend for battle, what I would call the Anti-Spider Kit.

  • Confringo : Ranged fire spell that does good damage and has a very good range. If you have his Talent upgrade, better since hitting an enemy with the Spell will cause sparks of fire to fly towards other enemies (so you burn several spiders with a single blow and from a safe distance).
  • Incendio : Very powerful fire spell but with little range. Use it only if you have his Talent Enhancement as it will cause us to launch an area of ​​fire around us when used. It will be ideal when we have spiders nearby to cause them a lot of damage and burn them.
  • Diffindo : A spell that I always recommend for its good damage and range, it is not fire, but it will help us to eliminate spiders. Its Talent Improvement is also highly recommended so that we can hit more than one enemy when launching it.
  • Glacius : We will freeze the enemy and do more damage when we hit him while frozen. Very key again if you have the Talent Enhancement since when you hit a frozen enemy it will create an explosion that will hit an area, ideal for group situations such as spiders. Glacius + Fire if you have spiders nearby is a brutal combo.

For spells that don’t equip:

  • Protego + Desmaius : Whenever we can.
  • Ancient Magic : Whenever you have it available to reduce the number of spiders quickly.

Avada Kedavra isn’t particularly relevant as each spider individually is pretty weak, it’s better to have spells that deal damage to multiple targets.

  • Spell List


These are the potions that I recommend:

  • Herbovitalizing Potion : To heal yourself, always have at least 10 on you.
  • Concentration Potion : To reduce the recharge time of spells, especially relevant for fire ones in this case.
  • Thunderbrew : Taking it will start to fall harmful lightning around us, so it will be great to deal with spiders.

There are few situations where you’re going to get more of a Thunderbrew Potion.


The Runaway at Hogwarts Legacy

The Fugitive, the worst of all Spiders.

The Fugitive is a piece of spider that we will have to defeat in the mission “Encounter with the Fugitive”, a secondary mission from Aranshire.

The boss is quite complicated, I recommend that you don’t go until you have a suitable level (I was a few levels below and it was quite chaotic). It will chase us to attack us, it has a dangerous attack in which it will try to bite us three times in a row (you will have to dodge all 3 times, you dodge all the time and that’s it) and when we lower a certain amount of life it will always summon several spider friends.

The strategy to defeat him is the following:

  • Stay away from her all the time because she is very dangerous up close between the times you are shooting at her with Confringo and Diffindo. Fire only if she gets too close, but it’s best to save it for when I summon her friends.
  • When you see that she is going to summon her friends, you approach her (she will summon them to her side) and roll Glacius and Fire; With this you will have practically gotten rid of them. If you have any left, finish it off as you can. Thunderbrew can be of great help as well.
  • Do not stop moving and rolling, it is very useful to use the rock in the center as a pivot so that La Prófuga stays behind, causing little trouble, especially when you are eliminating the summons.
  • I recommend that you use a Maximum Potion to increase the damage of your spells, «The Fugitive» has a lot of health.

With this strategy, a few Herbal Vitalizing Potions and a bit of patience… he’ll go down.


When defeating Spiders, they will very often drop Spider Fang, an item that will be easy to accumulate in large quantities because it will be normal for you to kill many spiders during your adventure through Hogwarts Legacy. This material is necessary to create the Maximum Potion , a very interesting potion since it increases the damage we cause with spells.

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