April 21, 2024


Throughout our journey through Death Incorporated we will find endless objects in Have a Nice Death that will help our Grim Reaper on his journey through the company and at the beginning of the game it can be a bit disconcerting, which is why we will explain it to you in this post. the usefulness of each and how to get them.

There are many types of objects, some of them are currency to get improvements for our Grim Reaper’s weapons, to be able to buy healing objects, weapons or curses; others are instant objects whose effects dissipate in a short time and are more of a temporary help, but we also have permanent objects that will increase our mana and life bars.

We will find some of these randomly when defeating any enemy, but there are others that are specific rewards for some plants, others are fixed rewards when defeating the Lamentations and that is how the dynamics go a bit; Next we will see each object that is in the game and its usefulness.


The Almeuros are the main currency of the game that we will use to acquire objects in Marco’s Shop and improvements or transformations of weapons in the Control Room.

We can get Almeuros in many ways: by defeating any enemy randomly, by overcoming a confrontation and breaking the vessel, on the floors called “Deposit of Almeuros” and we will even find several scattered throughout the various rooms (in the form of a ball with papers floating around you).


The Animas are explosions of life essence that are used to heal wounds and restore lost health points, there are two types of Animas:

  • Blue Souls : They are those that only heal part of the wounds that we have (those that appear in gray on the life bar).
  • Golden Souls : In addition to healing part of the wounds, it restores part of the lost health points (the pieces of the life bar that have remained black when receiving damage).

We can obtain Souls in the “Deposit of Privileged Souls” (gold) and “Deposit of Souls” (blue) floors, by defeating any enemy in the game or by breaking the vase by successfully overcoming a confrontation.

In the Rest Room that we can access after defeating the Lament of each department, we can access the Source of Anima and buy a Blue Anima in exchange for 15 Almeuros; but be careful, the next one you buy will cost 40 Almeuros, the next one 65 and so on…


Sometimes, when choosing curses we will see a warning that will indicate that the chosen curse has a penalty that will make our journey through the company a little difficult, since the purpose of this object is to cancel said penalty and be able to obtain the curse in a normal way without suffering no consequence.

We can get Anti-Penalties on the “Relaunch-Curse Department” floor or as a random reward by breaking the vase after successfully overcoming a confrontation.


A capsule-shaped drug that will exchange part of the health points lost for wounds that can be healed with a Blue Anima or with a Kafé.

It can appear randomly when you kill any normal enemy in the game (excluding Thanagers and Laments).


It is a round pill with the logo of the grim reaper printed inside a triangle, this medicine increases the life of death by 35 points, but with each second that passes we will lose one of these ps (its effects last around thirty seconds).

As with the previous object, we can get this medicine randomly by defeating enemies throughout our journey through the departments.


The favorite drink of Death Incorporated employees, there are different types:

  • Short Kafé : +10 total healing.
  • Kafé : +15 total healing.
  • Express Coffee : +25 total healing.
  • Long Kafé : +40 total healing.

These will be dropped randomly by enemies as loot upon defeating them, except for the Long Kafé which can be one of the options to buy in the store for 35 Almeuros and also the Kafé for 20 Almeuros.


Ingots are the only currency in the game that is used outside of the combat zone ( in the base , come on), we will use them in José’s Shop to be able to unlock new content in the game: more aspects for the scythe, new spells for Pitbook, a wider variety of weapons for the cape and food dishes.

We will be able to get 50 Ingots in the plants called “Vault Room”; We will also obtain a few by defeating small enemies but somewhat stronger than the rest, such as the Ghost, Petrol, Veterans or the Oven.

At the end of each run, they will give us Ingots based on what we have achieved throughout the run: number of enemies defeated, amount of Almeuros and Prismium that we have collected, Thanagers and Lamentos that we have defeated… etc.


The Changing Curses allows us to change the option we want between the curses that Mr. Spitting offers us, this change is random.

We can get Changing Curses on the “Relaunch-Curse Department” floor or as a random reward by breaking the vase after successfully overcoming a confrontation.

There is also a version of this item called Shifting Curses M2 that grants us two charges of this effect.


Finding this green capsule will permanently increase (during the current run ) the Reaper’s mana bar by +10 points.

We can find this object on the “Mana Department” and “Vitam-Mana Department” floors (unless you get a Vitam Plus in this reward) or as a random reward for breaking the vase after overcoming a confrontation in a plant.


It is a green capsule that increases our maximum amount of mana by 100 points temporarily for one minute, when the effect bar runs out we will lose this increase.

We can get this object randomly by defeating enemies throughout our journey through the departments.


The Prismium is one of the most sought-after items in Have a Nice Death ; Within the lore they are vacation bonuses for company employees, but these will serve our Grim Reaper as a bargaining chip.

We can acquire this valuable object safely in the plants called “Prismium Deposit”, randomly in “Almeuros-Prismium Department” or we can be lucky and make it one of the options available to buy in the store.

One of its uses will be to improve the store, by doing this instead of having three items available to buy, we will have four and the items will be of higher quality.

It will also be useful in the control room, since we will need the Prismium if we want to make transformations to our arsenal of weapons; Prismium can also be spent instead of Almeuros to upgrade our weapons in the control room.


A shield-shaped object wrapped in a shadow that will reduce part of the damage we receive when hit by an enemy; The effects of this item last for around a minute.

As with many of the items on this list, it can be dropped by an enemy randomly when executed.


It is a purple card that when consumed helps us fill the frenzy meter, these cards will give us an amount corresponding to half of said meter.

As with many of the items on this list, it can be dropped by an enemy randomly when executed.


It is a vial of blood that will allow us to absorb part of the life of the enemies we defeat, the effects of this object last around 15 seconds; Any enemy can drop this item as loot upon defeat.


Shaped like a container and has a cyan color with a fluorescent hue, this vial will increase the Reaper’s maximum life bar by +10 points during the current run .

We can find this object in the “Vitam Department” and “Vitam-Mana Department” plants (unless you get an Eternal Mana Plus in this one) or as a random reward for breaking the vase after overcoming a confrontation in a plant .


Like the previous object, this permanently increases our life during the current run , only this one is much larger and will increase our maximum life bar by +20 points.

This type of reward can only be obtained by defeating Lamentos like Brad or G. Tar.

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