April 16, 2024


Mr. Gabriel Alquitrán (G. Alquitrán) is the director of Industrial Pollution and will be the second Lament to beat in Have a Nice Death , in the event that we have chosen to go to this department instead of the one corresponding to Toxic Food Processing.

It is one of the largest bosses in the game and its body made up of numerous toxic substances allows it to melt down to move around the field at its mercy. Unlike Brad, he is somewhat more responsible and has a very busy schedule focused on increasing the degree of pollution as much as possible in the realm of the living.

His combat is somewhat more complex than Brad’s and he has a much greater attack range than Brad’s, but his attacks are not particularly difficult to dodge, once we’ve seen his sequence of attacks a couple of times and learned to dodge each one, it will be a piece of cake to defeat him.


If after defeating Brad in the Hall of Eternity we choose to go to the Department of Industrial Pollution instead of visiting the Department of Toxic Food Processing, we will meet G. Tar when we reach the last room of the second area of ​​the game.

As in the first area of ​​the game, we can face one of the Thanagers in the area to improve our Grim Reaper before fighting with G. Tar. These are the Thanagers in the area:

  • slyma.
  • X4-H.
  • Ricardo Juan Barron.

Once we have defeated this Lament we can choose one of these two departments to continue our path:

  • Department of Physical Diseases.
  • Department of Addictions.


The good thing about this boss is that he barely moves and the vast majority of his attacks are very predictable. Once we learn his set of attacks well, it will be very easy to defeat.


These are his attacks and how to act in response to them:

  • Reinforcements : The lament will hit his fist against the ground, after this we will notice some exclamations on the battlefield and immediately a hand will appear that will try to make a hook; This attack will be made four times in a row, only instead of a fist appearing, three will appear on the last hit. To dodge it, all you have to do is jump to stay in the air or move to a safe place on the field.
  • Mud Fist : His most common attack if we stay very close to him during combat, we will notice that he is going to execute it when we see that his arm goes back a bit, it will be enough to do a simple jump at this moment to evade this attack.
  • Lanza Mugre : Gabriel will strike a blow against the ground and mud balls will begin to rain on the field, we will simply have to be very aware of their trajectory so that they do not fall on our location.
  • Gastric Residues : This attack is only executed after first doing Mud Punch or Reinforcements; Gabriel will spit out a wave of mud balls, to dodge it we can perform an upper hook with the scythe so that the attack does not reach us or go through it with a dash .
  • Additional Reinforcements : By reducing his life bar to a third, he will begin to perform this attack in its improved version, which is the same but he will always summon 3 fists in each attack and in the last hit he will summon enough fists to cover the entire ground from the battlefield; To avoid it we will have to jump and do a dash in the air, so we will have enough time for this attack to have dissipated when we descend.


Even though G. Tar doesn’t move much on the battlefield, all of his moves cover a good area and almost all of them are from a distance; The good thing is that practically all of them can be dodged with a simple jump, so it will be vital to keep jumping almost continuously to avoid the blows and take advantage of the moments when these attacks end to be able to attack without exposing ourselves too much.

Spells that leave residual damage on the field (since it moves very little) and layers that allow us to attack from afar, such as bows or arashi kunai, will also be very useful.

Another tip is to execute his Mud Fist or Reinforcements attack, go to the opposite end of the field, since G. Tar can perform his Gastric Residue attack on us after executing any of these and it will be easier to avoid these bursts of balls that he will spit at us if we keep some distance with him.

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