April 21, 2024


We continue with what is probably the longest chapter 2 of all Octopath Traveler 2 , yes, we are talking about chapter 2 of Ochette in which this time we will have to face the powerful Glacis . This time it will be the last thing we do in that chapter, thank goodness.

Glacis is one of those huge beasts that we have to convince to help us with the Scarlet Moon (or something like that it was) and as it happened with Terra , it will not accept at first, so we will have to give it a good beating and capture it to join our cause.

The boss, the truth is, is quite powerful, but it shows that we are already close to the final stretch and that we have our characters already sucked. Anyway, as each game and each player is a world, I will tell you how you can easily defeat this powerful boss.


The level requirement for this quest will be 37 , although chances are you already have several characters above that level by now, which will be great. In my case I took Ochette to 32 or 33 and I was able to do it anyway, but this is of course due to the fact that since the other characters were at a higher level, they balanced the balance.

I don’t know what the status of your game will be, but if you notice that the boss seems very uphill, take a good walk with your characters (surely you have unexplored areas, I took the ship several times) to increase their level and improve their equipment.


Luckily it doesn’t have any weird weakness swapping mechanics, but it will summon helpers later in the battle. The weaknesses of Glacis as such are these:

  • Dagger
  • Lance
  • Bow
  • Fire

Those of the 2 blue elementals that he will summon are quite similar:

  • Sword
  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Fire

Quite viable weaknesses, in that sense it will not give us many problems. Anyway, be careful because when he summons the elementals he will block their weaknesses until you defeat them both.


Ochette in Octopath Traveler 2

These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : Highly recommended as always, we will make the most of his use of the Spear and his great offensive power. If you want a very good Spear for him, take a walk with the boat and look for a kind of ship abandoned by the sea since there is a very powerful Spear there.
  • Osvald : His Fire spells will be devastating against Glacis and his Elementals.
  • Ochette : Every time I like this character more. This time we will put his Ax and Bow to good use and of course the invocation of Terra.
  • Temenos : In his usual role of healing the team and giving support when he is free.


From the beginning we will follow the usual strategy of stunning him while we accumulate momentum to hit him with everything when we stun him. His thing would be to apply all the buffs you can while also stunning him.

It is important that you cast «Alephan’s Lore» or at least «Advanced Magic» on Osvald to land some terrible blows (it is better for Temenos to do it with Scholar Side Job). You should also try to improve Hikari’s Physical Attack and an “Aim” from Ochette will also go a long way.

A Fire spell from Osvald with the buffs , Alephan’s Knowledge, 3 Impulse and the active Potential when stunned… you can imagine, in my case he ate almost 30K with a single hit . Hikari should roll «Celestial Slice» if possible (or badly a «Sword of Brand») and Ochette from the invocation of Terra (which since it does Fire damage, it spreads a lot).

By doing this you will have practically defeated him. In my case he had a bit of life left and summoned the elementals (mainly because I made a mistake with Hikari), but Osvald with the support of the others eats them up quickly. When Ochette says that you should capture him and so on, it means that you already have a 100% chance of capturing him, so you know, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

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