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Alchemy is one of the Hogwarts Legacy professions and it is very useful since it will allow us to create powerful Potions that can make our wizard’s life much easier .

In the game we already have a mission in which we will attend the Potions Classroom, but obviously there they only explain the most essential, so in this post I will explain absolutely everything you need to know in order to make Potions.

Keep in mind that to develop them well, the ideal is to have the Room of Requirement (in the link I explain how to unlock it and what we can do in it). And another thing, for many of them you will need Plants (I leave you the link to the guide for all of them as well).


J. Pippin Potions at Hogwarts Legacy

We can get all the Potions Recipes in the store « J. Pippin Potions «, you can find it of course in Hogsmeade. It has no loss, it is located in the area on the left and is marked on the map with the icon of a potion. Right above the West Hogsmeade Floo Flame.

The price of each of the recipes is as follows:

  • Herbovitalizing Potion : 100.
  • Edurus Potion : 300.
  • Maximum Potion : 300.
  • Invisibility Potion : 500.
  • Concentration Potion : 500.
  • Thunderbrew : 1000.


Below I show you a detailed list with all the Hogwarts Legacy Potions in which I will tell you what their effects are, their manufacturing materials , how long they take to make and also what Talents can improve their effects.

You will also see a section called “Yield”, 1 Yield (normal) means that you will get 1 Potion in each crafting.


  • Necessary materials:
    • Horklump Juice x1.
    • Dictam Sheets x1.
  • Preparation time: 15 s.
  • Yield: 1 Bottle.

The Herbovitalizing Potion is basically the typical healing cure and therefore it is the most important of all of them to be able to keep our health high. My recommendation is that you always have at least 10 on top of what could happen.

We have 2 Talents to improve its effectiveness in the “main” branch (they will increase the healing it does):

  • Herbovitalizing Potency 1: In the level 5 tier.
  • Herbovitalizing Potency 2: In the level 16 tier.


  • Necessary materials:
    • Ashwinder Eggs x1.
    • Mongrel Fur x1.
  • Preparation time: 30 s.
  • Yield: 1 Bottle.

The Edurus Potion adds a kind of protective layer to our magician that will increase his defense, so basically it will reduce the damage we receive. It is especially useful against enemies that hit very hard, such as Trolls or typical bosses; also of course for encounters against too many enemies that prevent us from dodging and blocking with Protego fluently.

Through the Talents it improves a lot since if we acquire the improvement “Edurus Potion Power” in the branch of “Room of Requirement” it will also make us invulnerable to projectiles (this includes minor Spells) and we will even automatically return them towards the enemy.


  • Necessary materials:
    • Leech Juice x1.
    • Spider Fang x1.
  • Preparation time: 30 s.
  • Yield: 1 Bottle.

The Maximum Potion is undoubtedly one of the most useful since by using it we will increase the damage we cause with our Spells , which is why it is especially recommended again against powerful enemies or difficult encounters in general.

This can also be improved through the Talents in the “Room of Requirement” branch and the truth is that this improvement is very useful since on the one hand we will cause even more damage and on the other because we will be able to break the shields of the enemies even with basic attacks. The upgrade in question is called “Maximum Potion Potency.”


  • Necessary materials:
    • Jumping Mushroom Hats x1.
    • Centinodia branch x1.
    • Troll slime x1.
  • Preparation time: 1 min.
  • Yield: 1 Bottle.

The Invisibility Potion is one of my least favorite, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s quite useful, especially for those mages who like to focus a lot on stealth mechanics and so on. This will make us invisible for a short period of time, so the enemies will lose sight of us. It’s useful defensively as it can help us out of trouble and also offensively to try to do some Petrificus Totalus (which is an instakill to most enemies since we’ll petrify them forever).

With the Talents we have the “Invisibility Potion Potency” upgrade in the “Room of Requirement” Branch which will make the invisibility effect last longer. Remember that you also have several improvements in order to go unnoticed in the “Stealth” branch.


  • Necessary materials:
    • Lacewings x1.
    • Stem of Descurainia Sophia x1.
    • Dugbog’s Tongue x1.
  • Preparation time: 1 min.
  • Yield: 1 Bottle.

The Concentration Potion is surely the best offensive potion since it reduces the recharge time of our Spells, so we can do less basics and focus more on the truly powerful Spells.

Her Talent buff (everyone has one, in this case it’s called “Concentration Potion Potency” in the “Room of Requirement” branch) will further reduce the cooldown of Spells, but only those from the set of spells that we have active at the time of taking it. In any case, you will see that with this improvement they recharge very quickly, so if you combine them you can spam them continuously and forget about basic attacks.


  • Necessary materials:
    • Leech Juice x1.
    • Dried Fig Fruit x1.
    • Stench of the Dead x1.
  • Preparation time: 1 min 30s.
  • Yield: 1 Bottle.

Thunderbrew is an especially useful potion when facing multiple enemies, especially if they are generally weak; a good example would be Spiders. When using it, lightning will begin to fall around us from time to time, so I comment that it is very useful against many enemies.

Upgrading “Thunder Brew Power” in the “Room of Requirement” branch will greatly increase the range and damage of lightning bolts.


Tomes and Scrolls at Hogwarts Legacy

The Potions Stations are the “tables” where we can perform Alchemy in order to make our Potions. If you want to see all the available options you will have to go to ” Tomes and Scrolls “, a store that you will find in “Hogsmeade” in the southern area; it has a scroll icon.

My recommendation is that you purchase any of the T-shaped Potions Stations since these allow us to create 3 Potions simultaneously (if you need more then add the table several times).

T Shaped Potions Stand


To finish we will talk about the Jumping Pots since these are very useful for Alchemy. We can also unlock them in “Tomes and Scrolls” and we can have a maximum of three of them in our Room of Requirement.

These will provide us with a Random Potion periodically without having to use any type of material beyond, of course, the Opal necessary to be able to invoke it, as is the case with all the objects that we can summon.

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