April 16, 2024


If you are playing Hogwarts Legacy , surely you have come across a kind of strange doors with which we can interact and that have a series of numbers, animal symbols and question marks.

It is about some Puzzles in which we will have to search in the surroundings for some plates with the symbol “?” either “??”. Plates with which we can interact to change between several more symbols. The idea is to find the right symbol for each of them.

I spent quite a few hours without paying much attention to them because I did not understand very well how this puzzle worked, but in the end I ended up discovering it (and I have already been able to verify that the method works on 4 doors) and therefore today I am not going to bring you the solutions of each of these Puzzles; What I am going to do is explain the method so that you can solve them all by yourself, and you will see that despite looking like something quite complicated, it is actually quite simple.


Ok, in each door we have 2 puzzles, one above and one below. Each of them has a large central number and 3 numbers or symbols around the central number creating a triangle. Near the door, we will always find the 2 plates with which we must interact by changing the symbol to solve the puzzle. Clarified this, we go with the explanation step by step.

Both the top and bottom puzzles will always have “?” signs. One of them will always have the sign “?” and the other the “??”. This is what determines which board corresponds to which Puzzle. The plate with the symbol “?” It will be the one corresponding to the Puzzle that has the same symbol of ?; the one with the symbol “??” the same.

We must get the sum of the 3 numbers or symbols in a triangle that make up each of the puzzles to add up to the same as the central number . How are you supposed to add symbols? Each symbol (except the symbols ? and ??) has a numerical value (which is always the same in all doors), so once you know it, it’s very easy to solve them all.


Numerical Values ​​of each Symbol of the Door Puzzles.

In the photo you can see each of the values, but you don’t even have to memorize it because if you’ve looked closely at it, you just have to scroll the frame from left to right and add 1 to know the value of each sign. Of course, this made me quite crazy (because when it seemed that I had already deciphered the thing, it did not work), keep in mind that you must start counting from 0 (powa programmers)!

Also, the value has a lot to do with the image of the symbol; see that the spider is 8 (the legs), the squid is 7 (the tentacles), the goat is 2 (the horns), the unicorn is 1 (the horn), the owl is 0 because… …why 0? does it look like an owl eye?

Knowing the value of the symbols, you will only have to balance through the plates with the symbol that makes everything add up to the central number, it does not have more.


Let’s look at a couple of examples to make it clearer:


First example

We have to get the symbols and numbers that make up the triangle in the puzzle above to add up to 21. We have 11 on one side, then the symbol that looks like a goat’s head from the side or something like that (if you don’t see it very well it looks better pictured above) which would have a value of 2, so together they would add up to 13. So we need to add on the plate with the symbol ? the symbol that belongs to the value 8 to add the 21. The Spider let’s go.

With the one below we do the same. The symbol that looks more or less like a “crab” has a value of 5, the one that is many Snakes has a value of 9, so that adds up to 14. To get to 17 we are missing 3, so we add the symbol whose value is 3 , which is the one that looks like a Hydra , on the plate that has the symbol “??”.


Puzzle Door Solving Example 2

Let’s go fast with this one, which is also quite simple.

  • The one above: 1 + Spider (8) + x = 13
    • x = 13 -1 -8
    • x= 13 – 9
    • x = 4 (which is the only symbol I haven’t the foggiest idea what it is)
  • The one below: x = 21 – 13 – 3 (Hydra)
    • x = 5 (The « Crab », which is probably not a crab, but hey, for me it is)

And well, you will see how with this method you will be able to solve all these Puzzles. Ah well, and when you place the symbols of the plates well, then you interact with the door and that’s it.

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