April 16, 2024


The Parsnip is a Stardew Valley Spring Crop that in terms of profitability, actually falls well short of most other seasonal crops.

In any case, and after carrying out an exhaustive profitability analysis and clarifying that it is not worth it, we must give it a point on something, and that is that since the cost of its seeds is very low, it can be of great help when we have few coins. This is something that is of great value, especially when we start our game.

A good recommendation would be to start your game by planting Parsnips and as soon as you harvest them, start planting Potatoes (a much more recommended Crop in terms of profitability, but more costly) with the benefit you have obtained from them (or Strawberries , but these have their thing).


As usual, we can buy Parsnips at Pierre’s, specifically Parsnip Seeds , which is what we will have to plant so that we end up obtaining the Parsnip. The seeds of this vegetable stand out for having a very low cost (only 20 Coins), but in the same way we will also later obtain a lower benefit compared to other crops of the season, which we will now see in our profitability analysis.


Let’s start by looking at your data:

  • Parsnip Seeds Cost: 20.
  • Growth Time: 4 days.
  • Production: 1 Parsnip/4 days.
  • Sale of Raw Parsnip:
    • Normal: 35 (38 with Labrador).
    • Silver: 43 (47 with Labrador).
    • Gold: 52 (57 with Labrador).
    • Iridium: 70 (77 with Labrador).
  • Sale of Pickled Parsnip:
    • 120 (168 with Artisan).
  • Sale of Parsnip Juice:
    • 78 (109 with Artisan).


Let’s start by analyzing the profit that we will obtain for each Parsnip harvest, which will be quite easy for this vegetable because it has the simplest possible behavior. Basically we will subtract the cost of the seeds from the benefit obtained for each product derived from the Parsnip.

First the Raw Parsnip:

  • No Labrador:
    • Normal: 15 Coins x harvest.
    • Silver: 23.
    • Gold: 32.
    • Iridium: 50 Coins x harvest .
  • With Labrador:
    • Normal: 18 Coins x harvest.
    • Silver: 27.
    • Gold: 37.
    • Iridium: 57 Coins x harvest .

After this, let’s see the real benefit that we will obtain from its artisan products, which would be the Parsnip Juice and Pickle:

  • Without Craftsman:
    • Parsnip Pickle: 100 Coins x harvest .
    • Parsnip Juice: 58 Coins x harvest .
  • With Craftsman:
    • Parsnip Pickle: 148 Coins x harvest .
    • Parsnip Juice: 89 Coins x harvest .

As you can see, this is another case of a crop in which it is much more worth throwing away Pickle than Juice (as we saw for mentioning an example also in Green Beans ), this is something that usually happens in those who have a low sales value; in this case the difference is quite noticeable.


Now we will see the profitability that we can obtain from the Parsnip assuming that every time we harvest the crop, we replant it again; like this throughout the spring. The calculations will be taking into account a single Parsnip that is renewed each time it is harvested, if you want to plant more simultaneously you will only have to multiply the values ​​below.

If we renew the Parsnip every time we harvest it and without failing any day (actually you have 2 days of margin in total) we will be able to harvest it a total of 6 times . This is without taking Acceleration Fertilizers into account, at best you will be able to harvest it 13 times (1 Parsnip every 2 days). The calculations, as always, will be done without taking Fertilizers into account (which I wouldn’t recommend doing anyway, especially with this vegetable):

  • No Labrador:
    • Normal: 90 Coins.
    • Silver: 138.
    • Gold: 192.
    • Iridium: 300.
    • Medium: 180 Coins .
  • With Labrador:
    • Normal: 108 Coins.
    • Silver: 162.
    • Gold: 222.
    • Iridium: 342.
    • Medium: 208.5 Coins .

Parsnip juice (we will see this one first because it is less profitable than the following one):

  • No Craftsman: 348 Coins .
  • With Artisan: 534 Coins .

Parsnip Pickle:

  • No Craftsman: 600 Coins .
  • With Artisan: 888 Coins .

You see that as expected, we will not get much benefit from the Parsnip. In any case, it must be given that given the low cost of its seed, it is an ideal Crop when we have very few Coins to help us get out of that situation a bit.


The parsnip can also be used for the following:

  • Pam loves it.
  • It is a product of the Spring Crops Bundle (save one of normal quality) and also for the Quality Crops Bundle (save 5 Gold quality).
  • It is an ingredient in the following recipes:
    • Farmer’s Lunch : The recipe uses 1 Parsnip and 1 Tortilla. It provides us with 200 Energy and 90 Health. It can be sold for 150 Coins, it doesn’t pay off given the materials they ask for.
    • Parsnip Soup : The recipe uses 1 Parsnip, 1 unit of Milk and 1 unit of Vinegar. It provides us with 85 Energy and 38 Health. It can be sold for 120 Coins, again, its sale does not cost.
  • Harvesting your first Parsnip will skip the How To Start quest.
  • You can ask for it on the notice board in Spring, the reward will be 105 Coins and 150 friendship points from the person who requested it.

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