April 15, 2024


Talents are certain advantages, mostly passive, that will allow us to improve a wide range of aspects of our Hogwarts Legacy character . From enhancing spells, being able to have several skill slots, enhancing potions, stealth… so that we can specialize our magician a bit towards the side that interests us the most.

However, when we started our game we didn’t have them unlocked and at least it happened to me that I was a bit overwhelmed by the feeling of not knowing how these are supposed to be unlocked, since I accumulated a lot of Talent points and had a way to unlock them.

So I’ve decided to make this post in which I’ll explain in broad strokes how the Talents work in Hogwarts Legacy and of course I’ll also tell you how to unlock them.


We will obtain a talent point when we reach level 5 with our character and from there we will obtain a point at each level. In case you’re wondering, the maximum level that you can reach with your character is level 40, which implies that we will have a maximum of 36 Talent points in total (assuming that you reach the maximum level of course).

We will have 5 different Talent categories with each one this amount of Talents in total:

  • Spells: 10.
  • Dark Arts: 10.
  • Main: 16.
  • Stealth: 4.
  • Room of Requirement: 8.

So in total we have 48 Talents. Each Talent can be unlocked for 1 Talent point, so we will have to do without 12 of them at maximum level. Later I will make a post telling you which are the best Hogwarts Legacy Talents.

In addition, each category of Talents has some sections of Talents that can only be unlocked after reaching a certain level. Luckily, in all categories the sections are the same:

  • Section 1: Level 5.
  • Section 2: Level 16.
  • Section 3: Level 22.

Do not spend all your points at the beginning in the first section, since in the upper sections there are very interesting things and you could be left without some of them for having splurged. You must be very conservative when it comes to managing your Talent points.


To unlock them, it will be enough to advance in the main story, but I will clarify how far you will have to go, as I can tell you that it is not too late (perhaps 4-5 hours of play if you don’t get too involved with other matters).

Our objective will be to unlock the mission ” Jackdaw’s Rest ” since it is at the end of it that we will unlock the Talents. I explain more or less how to get to this mission.

It’s basically just progressing through the main story, which I actually recommend that you focus mainly on that until you’ve unlocked the Talents (actually I recommend that you go a bit further to unlock the Broomstick and Room of Requirement as well ).

The case, when you are in the mission of “The Secrets of the Forbidden Section” you will already be quite close. But the mission that will really take us towards the one of “Jackdaw’s Rest” is the exclusive mission that each house has, which we already discussed in the post about which house to choose . In broad strokes it is that, continue with the main story and the tasks that are being asked of us, but at least that way you will know when you are close to finally obtaining the Talents.


Unfortunately it’s not possible … funny that a magical world where you can literally do anything you want you can’t do this, but that’s the way it is.

Since there is no way to reset them and every Talent point you spend on one of these will be permanent… you will have to manage them very carefully. My recommendation is that you do not spend them like crazy and only buy those that you know will 100% come in handy in most situations.

Don’t force yourself to spend them, it doesn’t matter if you have a few to spend because you’re still not sure where to invest them (for example, you’ll see spell improvements that you don’t have yet because you don’t know if they’re worth it); It’s actually the best you can do.

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