April 14, 2024


After choosing our house in Hogwarts Legacy and completing a few missions (which will depend on whether you want to do the secondary missions or not), we will have to visit Hogsmeade, which is the first town we will access in the game and stands out for having multiple shops, houses and so on.

Among the stores that we will visit, one of the most interesting is Ollivanders , which, as you already know, is a family known for being the best wand makers.

There we will have to choose our wand and they will ask us to select various aesthetic aspects and after this we will also have to choose a Core for our wand, which is what seems to be something determining (hint: this is not relevant either).


We can choose between several different shapes and once the shape is selected we can also choose the color that we want to apply to it and even the length of the wand. All this is something merely aesthetic , so you should do it to your liking and choose it based on your aesthetic criteria. Will you be able to create the most beautiful among all the wands?

Keep in mind that later in the game we will also be acquiring “Wand Handles”, which would be like a cover for the part with which we hold the wand, which will add additional “customization”. Oh, and I almost forgot… you will NOT be able to change your wand, so choose wisely; But that said, this doesn’t really have an effect on the game other than cosmetically, so generally speaking, it doesn’t matter.


In the end they will make us decide between different Cores (Core in English), these are the possible choices:

Wand Core at Hogwarts Legacy
  • Dragon Heart Nerves.
  • Unicorn hair.
  • Phoenix feather.

When selecting them we will have a descriptive text a little ” troll ” since it really has no effect on the wand; Ollivander will also tell us a little more about the “differences” between them (which is pure verbiage, but hey, I guess it’s the rumors and others that are supposed to be about them… more Lore than anything else, come on).

They tell us, for example, that “Dragon Heart Nerves” are the most powerful but that they are also the one that can most easily yield to the dark arts (this is the core that I chose).

But what has been said, it’s a shame, but not even this part has an effect for the wand or for the game itself (at least for now, maybe at some point they’ll make more sense of this, it would be pretty cool, really); the only thing is that there will be some dialogues that will change a bit, but nothing beyond that.

For what is good… create the wand to your liking and the Core, then choose the one that most appeals to you because for practical purposes, this decision does not influence anything that has considerable relevance (how easy it would have been for them to change you a bit the statistics… but in the end, that’s the way things are), so don’t worry about it (as it happened to me when I had to choose, thinking that it must be something important and to my surprise it doesn’t influence anything) and choose your roll.

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