April 16, 2024


After completing the Tutorial mission with Professor Fig in Hogwarts Legacy , we will finally arrive at Hogwarts and one of the first decisions we will have to make is to choose the house we want to belong to . You know: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

I already anticipate that it is not really an important decision since it will practically not have an impact on the story, mechanics and others (there is a detail that yes, I will comment on it in this post). The changes will be above all at an aesthetic level since you will wear the colors of your house (although later as you will equip yourself and you can also more or less customize the appearance of your team, it is not relevant either) and of course you will have access to the common area of the house you choose and you will also be able to get to know the members of said house better.

In my case I chose Ravenclaw because when doing the Sorting Hat test , it is the house that touched me and I accepted it without further ado. If you really don’t care a bit about this, it’s what I recommend you do, because in the end, as I’ve already told you, the changes aren’t too relevant.


    The only really relevant difference between one house and another in Hogwarts Legacy is that there will come a time when you will be given a single different mission depending on the house you have chosen:

    • Gryffindor : Mission “The Hunt for the Lost Pages”, will take us to the secret entrance that allows us to access the Hogwarts kitchens.
    • Slytherin : Mission “Scrope’s Last Hope”, in which we will have to help the director’s House Elf, we will end up going to the Forbidden Forest.
    • Ravenclaw : Mission “Ollivander’s Legacy” that will allow us to see the Owlery.
    • Hufflepuff : Mission “Prisoner of Love”, in which we can visit Azkaban.

    If “aesthetic” things do not matter to you, it would be best to base your choice according to which area you are most excited to visit.


    As I have already mentioned, when choosing the house you will wear (you will change it) an outfit showing the colors of your house:

    • Gryffindor : Red.
    • Slytherin : Green.
    • Ravenclaw : Blue.
    • Hufflepuff : Yellow/Gold.

    It’s pretty irrelevant. What is more relevant is that you will have exclusive access to the Common Room of your house and since you will frequent that area a lot, you could base your choice on the type of decoration that each house has; they are quite different.

    I will show you a photo of the type of decoration of each house to give you an idea.


    Gryffindor at Hogwarts Legacy

    Gryffindor stands out above all for the warmth that it gives off with that red color that is always so present, it is the house that feels more familiar and welcoming to put it in some way. Most of the furniture is made of wood, which adds more to that cozy and warm feeling; next to stone walls and floors (with red carpets and decorations), to also give it a rustic touch.


    Slytherin at Hogwarts Legacy

    Slytherin is the house that feels the coldest and gloomiest since, after all, you know, it is the house of a bit of “baddies”. If you like this kind of gloomier environment, it is without a doubt the best choice of all. It’s the one I wanted to pick because I’m pretty into that gloomier vibe, but ultimately left it up to the Sorting Hat.


    Ravenclaw at Hogwarts Legacy

    Ravenclaw is the house that has a more luxurious touch as it combines white, gold and blue tones. In addition, it is the house that feels more “cultural” since it is common to find statues and books everywhere, something that of course is very consistent with the interests of said house.


    Hufflepuff at Hogwarts Legacy

    Hufflepuff is undoubtedly an option that you should consider since in terms of decoration it is in my opinion the one that stands out the most from the others since it is the one that feels most natural and botanical . Wood everywhere, and most importantly greenery everywhere.


    During the inauguration ceremony we will live the typical scene in which they put the Sorting Hat on our heads and it, based on a questionnaire, will decide (which you can later change anyway) the most suitable house for us .

    In the first question, he will ask us what we most want to do from the start and it will not really influence the house that he assigns us.

    The second is the important one, we will have to choose a trait that identifies us better with respect to the others:

    1. Dauntless : He will assign us to Gryffindor.
    2. Curiosity : He will assign us to Ravenclaw.
    3. Loyalty : He will assign us to Hufflepuff.
    4. Ambition : He will assign us to Slytherin.

    In any case, what our favorite hat chooses is irrelevant since after its choice they will allow us to choose by hand the house that we want. It will be up to you if you follow the advice of the wise Sorting Hat or if you want to join the one you want.

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