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The Inferi (which in the singular are called Inferius) are one of the most common enemies of Hogwarts Legacy and although they do not stand out for being too tough, it is true that they have their trick and if we do not know it it will be quite difficult to defeat them.

These are practically immune to all types of damage, in order to damage them first we will have to burn them with a spell (below I will tell you all the options you have and more tips to eliminate them easily).

Except for that, the truth is that it is a type of enemy that should not give you too many problems, although it is true that in general we will have to face several at the same time and that can complicate things a bit if we are not careful.


Inferi's Lair at Hogwarts Legacy

We will find the Inferi literally everywhere, the strange thing will be not finding them. Anyway, if you want to farm them you just have to look on the map for an « Inferi Lair ». In the photo above you have an example that is quite easy to locate since it is located a little to the East of Keenbridge… but that said, even without looking for them, a few will surely appear while you are doing your things.


On this occasion there are not many species, really. The only variant is the ” Corpse of Bardolph Beaumont “, an Inferius that we will have to defeat in the mission “The Brother’s Keeper”, a secondary mission that you will find in Hogsfield Alto.


The Inferi stand out for being resistant to practically all magic, the trick to defeat them is to use magic that allows us to burn them since when they are burned is when we can damage them with the other Spells. As long as you don’t burn them, it’s like they’ll be immune to practically everything (except the spells you burn them with, of course).


They do not have very relevant attacks, they are quite weak enemies except for the fact that you will have to burn them if you want to defeat them. The idea is that you get away from them while you try to burn them and defeat them.


These are the spells that I recommend for battle:

  • Confringo : Spell that has good damage and range with which we will also burn enemies. It is very key to have his Talent improvement “Domain of Confringo” since this will make it so that when hitting an enemy, we will also hit the other enemies with a smaller fire projectile. Come on, we can burn a few Inferi in one hit.
  • Fire : Spell that also burns, although it has so little range that it is not as effective. In any case, if you have the “Fire Domain” Talent upgrade it becomes incredible since when using it we will make an area around us on fire, so we will be able to burn all the Inferi that are near us at once and we will also make them good damage.

Regarding the other Spells, use the ones you prefer as long as you have already burned the Inferius (you will see that it acquires a more reddish tone)… Diffindo or Bombarda are great, for example, once they are burned.

For spells that don’t equip:

  • Protego + Desmaius : Whenever we get the yellow symbol to stun them for a while.
  • Ancient Magic : Use it whenever you have it to reduce the number of Inferi, which is normal for you to face several at the same time.

As for  Avada Kedavra … well, I have to check if it affects them when they’re not burned.

  • Spell List


It’s not an enemy that seems too worthy to be spending Potions on it, really, but I’ll leave you with some recommendations anyway.

  • Herbovitalizing Potion : To heal yourself and others, I always recommend having at least 10 on top of what can happen..
  • Concentration Potion : To reduce the recharge time of spells, especially relevant for those that allow us to burn them.
  • Edurus Potion : To reduce the damage we receive since if several of us are caught they can leave us fine.


Upon defeating them, they usually drop the item “Stink of the Dead”, an item used in the manufacture of the ” Thunderbrew ” Potion, a highly recommended one in situations where you face many enemies that tend to get close as it happens with Spiders or the Followers of Ranrok.

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