April 16, 2024


The Troll  (in the game they have named it Troll, but I prefer to call it Troll) is one of the first “big enemies” that we will find in Hogwarts Legacy and the truth is that despite its intimidating appearance, in the end they are not that bad anymore that although they hit some terrible blows and have a great reach since they usually carry a huge club, they are also quite clumsy.

In any case, you will have to be very careful with them (in all of their type or species, there are several, although they are more or less the same, it does not change things much) and it is true that knowing how to deal with them, well, things are easier quite. So nothing, in this guide I will explain how you can find them, the best way to defeat them all and also what we can get from them (which is something pretty disgusting, all told).


    Trolls Lair at Hogwarts Legacy

    To find a Troll it is a very good idea to go to the Forbidden Forest since it is relatively easy to find one there. Anyway, the easiest way is to look for a « Trolls Lair » on the map (it is marked on the map with the icon that you will see in the photo above) in order to have a place where we can go continuously ( It takes a while for the Trolls to reappear when you defeat them) to face them in case we need it.


    These are the different types of Troll that are in the game. There is not a very noticeable difference between them, it is mainly a change in appearance.

    • Troll with Armor.
    • Forest Troll.
    • Mountain Trolls.
    • River trolls.


    The Trolls stand out for having a large amount of health, for having a great range with their melee attacks, for having ranged attacks and for delivering a few blows that cause a lot of damage (a good assortment, but what has been said, they are somewhat clumsy). However, it is quite easy to defeat them if you know their patterns and weaknesses well.


    These are his attacks:

    • Garrote Blow : A simple blow with the Garrote that we must dodge since it cannot be blocked with Protego, the typical red mark will appear on our head indicating that we must dodge.
    • Throw Rock : The Troll will grab a rock, piece of land, whatever… and throw it at our faces. We must use Protego to block it and keep it pressed to make a Desmaius (the parry of the game). By doing so we will leave him stunned for a while and we will be able to hit him at will. It can also be dodged; It’s not optimal, but it’s better than eating a boulder.
    • Cudgel Combo : A combo of a few club blows that we must dodge (the red symbol will appear). The finishing blow you will see will have a yellow symbol, so it is a good idea to use Desmaius. The best thing to do here though is to dodge the last hit of the combo and then Flipendo as this will cause the Troll to take a hit from his own club for quite a bit of damage.

    Having the “Fast” talent will come in handy to get away from him a bit if necessary, something especially relevant when he does his “Garrote Combo”.


    These are the spells that I recommend for battle:

    • Flipendo : As I mentioned above, we must use it right after he finishes his club hit combo to deal great damage and stun him for a while. Use it only at that time.
    • Confringo : One of the best offensive spells for its good damage and range.
    • Diffindo : Another highly recommended offensive spell.
    • Momentum Arrest : By doing it we will stop time for the enemy. I like to use it when I need a breather, which are sometimes a bit intense.

    For spells that don’t equip:

    • Protego + Desmaius : When the rock throws us.
    • Ancient Magic : As always, it is very effective. In addition to having very high damage, we will also stop the Troll’s actions and leave him stunned for a while. Do it whenever you have it available.

    And of course… Avada Kedavra , we will literally kill him in one hit, but you won’t have this spell until very late in the game.


    These are the potions that I recommend:

    • Herbovitalizing Potion : To heal you, I like to always have at least 10 on me.
    • Maximum Potion : To increase the damage of your spells.
    • Concentration Potion : To reduce the recharge time of spells.
    • Edurus Potion : To reduce the damage we receive in case we take a good blow.

    Other than the Herbal Vitalizing Potion, it’s generally not worth spending because it’s not a very difficult type of enemy.


    When you defeat him, he will usually drop a Troll Snot, the disgusting substance that I mentioned at the beginning of the post. These snot are used to create the Invisibility Potion , a potion that I don’t usually use too much, but the truth is that it is quite useful to get out of a good trouble.

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