April 16, 2024


With the arrival of the Paldea paradoxes to Competitive Pokémon, many of us thought that its power was going to be decisive and that it was going to polarize the game. The paradoxes of Pokémon like Tyranitar (Ironquills), Salamence ( Brightmoon ) or de Gardevoir ( Ironpaladin ) seemed the most powerful, but a small Santa Claus-inspired Pokémon has broken all the schemes: Ferrosaco (Iron Bundle) .

One of the fastest Pokémon in the game, with very good damage, good moves, and the ability to control the opponent’s Speed. It sounds like he’s talking about Regieleki or some Tailwind Pokemon, but Ferrosaco does this in addition to dealing massive damage.

Do you want to take full advantage of this paradox? Well, let’s see everything you need to know.


    Its stats add up to a total of 570 points , a very good number, but it also has a great cast:

    • Health: 56.
    • Attack: 80.
    • Defense: 114.
    • Special Attack: 124.
    • Special Defense: 60.
    • Speed: 136.

    Defensively we are facing a very fragile Pokémon. With 56 Health it will fall even if it is neutral damage, not even its 114 Defense saves it much and due to the Special Defense part with 60 it limps even more.

    Offensively it’s another story, 124 Special Attack gives it very good damage, which is added to its 136 Speed ​​(which will also be improved with its ability), having one of the fastest Pokémon in the game.


    Ferrosac is an Ice Water Type (just like the forgotten Lapras ), which gives it the following resistances and weaknesses:

    • It is very resistant to Ice.
    • It is resistant to Water.
    • It is weak to Electric, Grass, Fighting and Rock.

    Two resistances are very few on the defensive side, even if one is x4. Ferrosaco is already a statistically weak Pokémon and its type does not help improve its defensive facet. In addition, its weaknesses can be very uncomfortable:

    • Electric : A very uncomfortable weakness, since they are very fast Pokémon and usually special attackers. Watch out for Kilowattrel and Regieleki.
    • Plant : It is an uncomfortable type, although we have our Ice STAB to deal damage to it. But Pokemon like Venusaur in Sol or Rillaboom with its Phytopulse are dangerous.
    • Fighting : Pokemon like Lucario or Annihilape  are dangers to watch out for.
    • Rock : As with Grass, here we have our Water STAB to deal with it. Even so, there are Pokémon like Garganacl or Glimmora that can cause problems.


    Ferrosaco only has one ability, like all the paradoxes of the future:


    If the electric field is there, the Pokémon sees its best stat increased. This ability can also be activated if the Pokémon has the Power Up Energy item equipped (it is consumed upon activation, so if it returns to its ball it will not activate again). If we increase Speed, it will improve by 50%, but if our best stat is another, it will improve by 30%. Thanks to this ability, Ferrosaco will be one of the fastest Pokémon in the game.


    With the perfect IVs, we will prioritize Speed ​​and Special Attack damage:

    • EV’s : 4 Health, 252 Special Attack and 252 Speed.
    • Nature : A Fearful Nature (+Speed, – Attack) is the best option.


    Best items for Ferrosac:

    • Empowering Energy : Upon entering the field, the Pokémon consumes the item to activate its ability (it only works with Paradoxes and its Paleosynthesis and Quark Charge abilities).
    • Vidasfera : Enhances the damage produced by 30% and damages our Pokémon for 10% of its life each time it attacks with an offensive movement. It will give us an increase in damage without losing versatility.
    • Choice Glasses : Increases Special Attack by 50% in exchange for forcing us to only be able to use one move (only for one Special Attack set).
    • Thick Boots : Very useful especially in Singles given our weakness to Rock, especially in a Pokémon that is quite weak defensively like Ferrosac.


    These are the best moves for Ferrosaco:

    • Hydro Pump : STAB Water, Special, 110 power and 80 accuracy. It is very effective damage to Fire, Rock and Ground type Pokémon. Fantastic for Pokémon like Charizard , Tyranitar , or Longfang (but be careful, since it has somewhat low accuracy).
    • Freeze Drying : Ice STAB, Special, 70 Power, 100% Accuracy, and has a 10% chance to Freeze the opponent. In addition, it is very effective against water despite being an Ice type, so it is a great move against Pokémon that do not expect it like Palafin or Gastrodon (it does a x4 to this one that it surely will not expect) and of course it also hits very well. effective on Dragon, Flying, Grass, and Ground-types for Pokemon like  Meowscarade , Salamence , or Hippowdon .
    • Ice Wind : Ice STAB, Special, 55 power and 95 accuracy. Lowers the Speed ​​of opposing Pokémon by one stage, affecting both in Doubles. It is our way of controlling Speed ​​in Doubles.
    • Turn : Water STAB, Physical, 60 power and 100% accuracy. The Pokémon returns to its ball after hitting, which will help us to remove Ferrosaco and hit the opponent.
    • Again : Normal, Condition, 100 accuracy. Forces target Pokémon to replay the last move it used for 3 turns. Great move against walls and boosted Pokemon .
    • Ice Beam : Ice, Special, 90 power and 100% accuracy. Has a 10% chance to Freeze the opponent. It’s the best Ice STAB for pure damage, to wear down Pokemon like Dragapult .
    • Taunt : Dark, Condition, 100% accuracy. Prevents the Pokémon from using Status or Effect moves, forcing it to use attack moves. It’s a great way to prevent them from using Trick Room, Traps or boost .
    • Protection : Normal, Status, and 100% Accuracy (but can fail if used consecutively). Prevents all damage or status moves to the Pokémon using it.


    Ferrosac can be a destroyer in Singles thanks to its high damage and tremendous Speed, while in Doubles it is one of the best Pokémon to threaten Dragons and control Speed. Here we leave you their sets :


    • IVs: Perfect.
    • EVs: 4 Health, 252 Special Attack and 252 Speed.
    • Nature: Fearful.
    • Item: Empowering Energy / Choice Glasses / Life Orb.
    • Ability: Charge Quark.
    • Movements:
      • Ice Ray.
      • lyophilization.
      • Hydropump.
      • Turn / Mock / Again.

    Here we have a typical sweeper set, where we must identify when we can weaken an opponent and protect our Ferrosac when it is not For this we bring Ice Beam, Hydro Pump and Freeze Dry (which we will mainly use for Pokémon weak to Water).

    The choice between Turn, Mofa and Otra Vez is by necessity, although if we wear the Choice Glasses we will always wear Turn. Between Mofa and Otra Vez, if we want to prevent them from setting traps Mofa is great, but Otra Vez can lock up stall Pokémon (extend the game and win by chip damage) and win us games.


    • IVs: Perfect.
    • EVs: 4 Health, 252 Attack and 252 Speed.
    • Nature: Cheerful.
    • Object: Empowering Energy.
    • Ability: Charge Quark.
    • Movements:
      • Wind Ice.
      • Hydropump.
      • Ice Beam / Taunt.
      • Protection / Turn.

    Ferrosaco in Doubles has tremendous value with his best performance; lower the Speed ​​of both opponents before they can move . By activating its Ability, Ferrosaco is one of the fastest Pokémon in the game, so we can use Ice Wind before the opponent can move and attack us before with our Pokémon.

    We’ll run Ice Beam if we want to take down troublesome Dragons like Moonbray or Dragonite , but Taunt helps us avoid getting Trick Roomed and our Speed ​​from being an issue.

    Protection protects us against priority attacks, but if they are not a problem (Indeedee F protects us from it, or if we cover it in another way), Turn will deal damage and we can break the opponent’s Focus Band.


    • Ice Teratype

    The best teratype if you want to focus mainly on offense since the Ice type gives us tremendous coverage (especially having the Freeze Dry movement that also covers us with the Water type), so having a double STAB in this type will allow us to hit very hard. hard on many pokemon.

    • Teratype Water .

    The Water unit type is very strong defensively and will boost our STAB by x2, making even a Turn do massive damage. If we also have Rainy weather it will be a very powerful sweeper .

    • Ghost Teratype .

    The best defensive Teracrystallization for Ferrosac, as it makes us immune to Surprise (allowing us to use Ice Wind to control the opponent’s Speed ​​or hit very hard with another move) and also the Extreme Speed ​​of Pokémon like Dragonite or Arcanine .


    Indeedee Female in Pokemon

    Ferrosaco is one of the fastest Pokémon in the game, so we must exploit other ways to kill it:

    • Rare Space : If we place Rare Space , inverting the order of priorities by speed, Ferrosaco will be one of the last to attack and we can easily finish him off. We recommend Indeedee F or Hatterene for this strategy.
    • Priority Attacks : Ferrosaco has very low Health, so a heavy hit with priority will be able to finish off the iron penguin before it can move. Pawmot with Ultra Punch does tremendous damage to him.
    • Regieleki : Regieleki is one of the few fastest Pokémon, it hits it very effectively and is also a special attacker. It is the perfect counter.

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