April 21, 2024


In each season of Stardew Valley there will be 2 big events or festivals that always fall on a certain day (like in real life, like Christmas, Halloween… that kind of thing) of the season in which we can get out of our routine a bit. farm to carry out different activities, will change according to the festival in question.

The first of them that we can attend is the Egg Festival , a festival that commemorates Easter that takes place on the 13th of Spring (remember that in Stardew Valley each season lasts 28 days, as if each season had a single month come on) .

Egg Festival email with the time and date of the event

An email will arrive in our mailbox the day before to notify us of this, but keep in mind that to participate in the event you will have to go to Pueblo Pelicano at 9:00 , so between that time you should take the opportunity to water your crops, replant them, clean up your plot a bit, fish… in short, whatever you want. Keep in mind that this day you will not be able to access the Pelican Town in the usual way since entering the event will activate it, so if you need to do something in the town, it would be best to do it on the 12th (1 day before the Festival from the egg).

Below I detail everything you can do in this event. In addition to what I will tell you, I recommend that you take the opportunity to talk to all the neighbors since you will have them all very close together and by talking to them you will gain a little friendship. Be careful when talking to Lewis since when doing so he will ask us if we are ready to start “The Egg Hunt”, tell him no and do not accept until you have talked to the neighbors and especially until you have bought what you need in the festival store , that now we are going to it.


Egg Festival Store in Stardew Valley

One of the most important things of the Egg Festival is the store (the merchant will be Pierre), keep in mind that the items in this store are exclusive and you can only buy them during this festival. These are the items you can buy:

  • Pastel Color Flag : 1000 Coins. It is a decorative element that we can add inside our house. It is a flag with pastel colors (purple, red, orange and yellow), I don’t really like it too much, but I like colors.
  • Plush Rabbit : 2000 Coins. Another decorative element is a rather large pink rabbit stuffed animal. It could look pretty good in your children’s room (in the game, obviously) if you have them.
  • Garden Flamingo : 400 Coins. A kind of color flamingo statue, very cool.
  • Decorative Hairpin : 10000 Coins. It is a fork (the kind of “tridents” used on the farm, the typical ones), the truth is that it is quite a pretty decoration.
  • Colorful Paintings : 500 Coins. Another decoration for inside the house, are a couple of paintings placed diagonally that the truth is that they look quite good.
  • Season Plant : 350 Coins. It is a very interesting decorative plant as its appearance will change each season to adapt. In this Festival we have 2 different models, but there are others that can be obtained with other methods. I really like them because of the fact that they change according to the season.
  • Strawberry Seeds : 100 Coins. For growing Strawberries, the best Spring Crop in Stardew Valley.

Regarding decorative elements, that is up to taste, buy what you want, but… what we are really interested in here are Strawberries since it is a VERY profitable crop and you can only get them at this festival. My recommendation is that you buy about 20 (there are no infinite Strawberry Seeds) or at least 10 (although that will obviously depend on your economy) and plant them the following year.

I know what I’m telling you sounds a bit strange, but I already talked about it in the post on Profitability of Strawberries , so I recommend that you take a look at it, it is very well explained there.


By talking to Pierre and accepting what he tells us, we will start the “Egg Hunt”. Our objective will be to collect all the eggs that will be hidden in the town in 51 seconds. To win you have to collect at least 9 eggs , otherwise Abigail will win.

If you want to know the optimal route to achieve it, I recommend that you watch this video and follow the exact same path (I have done it and I got it without problems). In addition to this, I highly recommend that you activate the option to run automatically that you have in the game options (and if you didn’t already have it activated, better, because this is something that you should always have active).

Another recommendation is that you study the route that appears in the video well to try not to make mistakes, since if we deviate too much we will not win the challenge. Take a good look at the route of the 11 eggs that will appear in the video because even if you only need 9 to win, it is advisable to know the location of the following eggs in case you miss one along the way, which is easy to happen by mistake. If you miss one, don’t go back or you’ll lose too much time (unless you realize it very quickly), keep going, there are many more eggs everywhere.

If for whatever reason you fail and want to overcome this challenge yes or yes (now I’ll tell you what they give you, it’s not too relevant either), you can always resort to closing your game and reloading it since the game only saves the data at get into bed to end the day. It is not a practice that I like to do or recommend, but anyway, it is an option that you have.

In any case, what has been said, when overcoming this challenge, they will give us a ” Straw Hat “. You can put it on your head to have a much more farmer touch or more Monkey D. Luffy, but this is something purely aesthetic, it does not provide us with statistics or anything similar… it only increases our level of “coolness”.

The Straw Hat can only be obtained once, so if you have already achieved it and in another year you win the “Egg Hunt” again, what you will get will be 1000 Coins, not too bad.

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