April 15, 2024


One of the objectives of Stardew Valley is to collect a lot of money, since it is thanks to this that we can build more buildings and buy all kinds of things.

The thing is that taming a good fortune is more complicated than it seems, especially considering that we start from scratch with a very good piece of land but ultimately empty.

It is very common that in the first year you do not generate all the money you would like to generate, but as you unlock certain things, you will see how things will change and you will end up riding the dollar.

This post is going to be a compilation of the best methods to get money that I have discovered today after more than 120 hours invested in Stardew Valley (and surely I will continue to add some more, you often play). And for the record, better… it doesn’t mean easy, most methods won’t be viable until you advance a bit in the game, this game has always rewarded effort, so don’t expect money without giving your farm a hard time.


Wine and Cheese give a lot of money in Stardew Valley , ( agriculture is the basis of the game for a reason) the good thing is that when you improve the house for the third time you will have some barrels in which you can add both cheese and wine and let them rest for a few days to improve their quality until they reach iridium, at which point their price will rise quite a bit.

You can make Wine through the barrel, you just have to add a fruit and wait a few days to get the Wine. Think that by making wine you will multiply the price of the fruit, so the more value that fruit has, the better benefits you will obtain.

The best fruits are undoubtedly these:

  • Cannon.
  • Millennial fruit.
  • Melon: Compared to the previous fruits, the price is very low, but the previous ones are much more complicated to obtain and you may not have them. If you have them, shoot with those.

The process is simple:

  • You grow the fruit in question, remember that in the greenhouse the season does not matter and that you can use the Seeder to obtain Carambola and Millenary Fruit seeds.
  • You harvest it and put it in a barrel to create the wine. With this you will have already increased its price.
  • You put the wine in the house’s barrels to age the wine so that it reaches iridium rarity.
  • To sell and get lots of money!

With cheese the procedure is similar, however you will need to have cows or goats to generate it ( guide to farm animals in Stardew Valley ). My recommendation is that you use goat cheese as it sells better and you will get more profit from aging it.

The process will be as follows:

  • You collect milk from your goats or cows (better goats).
  • You create the cheese using the cheese maker.
  • You add it to the barrel to age the cheese.

It does not reach the level of wine, but it is also much easier to get the cheese, so it ends up spreading the thing a lot.


Pigs are without a doubt the Animal that produces the most profit in Stardew Valley because they will be looking for Truffles on your land. While these are already good value on their own, you can get even more if you create Truffle Oil with the Oil Can.

These will sometimes find more than one truffle a day, so if you gather a few pigs it will be easy to get large amounts of money even daily. The bad thing about these is that they do not produce in winter or on rainy days, since they must leave the stable to find the truffles.

But they still give a lot of money! really! try them and tell me!


The Tampas for Silly Crabs spread a lot, to win large amounts of money you will need many of them, but since building them is very simple… well worth it.

You must create lots of them and place them on the beach , if you have the Fishing upgrades for crab traps, then obviously better. On the beach you will get more money than anywhere else, so keep that in mind. The bad thing is that you will have to go there but anyway, it would be too comfortable if not.

The good thing is at level 10 of Fishing since we will be able to choose an improvement in which we will not even need to bait them to catch mollusks and others, it is a hoot… zero cost and everything we obtain will be pure profits without any investment beyond the own crab trap. Keep in mind that we will get something every day on top!

When you have lots of them you will see how the size of your wallet and pocket will increase considerably, totally recommended and this time we will be able to do this even at a fairly early stage of the game, so now you know.


We will be able to create Cristalarios when we reach mining level 9, we will also acquire one as a reward from the batch of delivering 25,000 money in the civic center safe .

The production cost of this gadget is quite high, but the profitability that you will get from it afterwards is insane.

The thing works like this, you will have to enter a mineral (only once) and from that moment the Cristalario will generate that specific mineral every certain time (depends on the mineral). The key is to put high value minerals, I recommend that you put a diamond to get a lot of money.

You’ll get a diamond every 5 days, but now imagine the amount of money you’ll earn if you create many crystals that generate more and more diamonds… yes, you’ll end up being the envy of the monopoly guy in the face of your great economic empire.

If you haven’t got any diamonds (I’d be surprised if you’ve reached mining level 9), you can use other valuable minerals, but diamond is the key.

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