April 21, 2024


Fishing is one of the skills that we can improve in Stardew Valley . This allows us to catch fish using a fishing rod and create crab traps.

It’s one of the most entertaining skills, well, this depends on taste… but the truth is that I’ve always loved games that include fishing mini-games, somehow I’m very addicted to this kind of thing.

By the way, the River Farm is the most suitable to focus on this skill.


The first thing you will need to fish is a rod. In the beginning of the game, Willy will give you his old cane in the mission that asks you to go to the beach.

Now all you have to do is find a water area (be it a river, the sea or a lake or puddle) and with the rod selected press the action button, the longer you hold it down the farther you can cast the hook . Note that this consumes quite a bit of power.

When the hook is in the water, you will have to be patient until an exclamation appears on your character (a kind of tu-tu will also be heard). At that moment press the action button and the fishing mini-game will start.

You’ll see a large vertical bar, a fish, and a smaller green bar appear. Your objective is to keep the fish inside the green bar, to do this you will have to press more or less the action button to make the bar go up or down. This tends to go down and you will have to add force to it upwards.

If you manage to keep the fish inside the green bar long enough, you will catch it. If on the contrary, you don’t get it, you will lose it. At first it’s a little hard to get the hang of it, but you’ll see how with a little practice, you’ll soon master it.


There are tons of Fish in Stardew Valley and they have different ways of being found:

  • Fish that only appear in rivers, sea or lake.
  • Fish that only appear if it’s raining or if it’s sunny, for the weather we go.
  • Fish that only appear in “x” season, or in several of them, or in all of them.
  • Fish that only appear in specific areas, such as mines.
  • Legendary fish.

And obviously these variables can be mixed, so it could be that there is a Fish that only appears, for example, in spring while it rains and during the day.

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Later I will create a guide on fishing lots. (#All)


Certain things that can be good for you to know about Fishing:

  • The best fish usually come out in deep water areas (navy blue), which is why the reach of the rod is so important.
  • When it rains it is ideal to go fishing. Good fish usually come out, and you’ll have more time and energy because you won’t have to water your crops.
  • Try to keep at least one fish of each type in a chest as a reserve, you never know if you will need it for a Fishing Lot or for some mission.
  • Look at what fish you need for the batches to complete them, you will get good rewards.
  • You should improve your relationship with Linus and with Willy, they will give you things that can come in handy.


There are a total of three Fishing Rods in Stardew Valley:

  • Bamboo Cane: The one that Willy gives you at the beginning. A basic rod.
  • Fiberglass Rod: We will unlock it when we reach fishing level 2 and it allows us to use bait. It can be bought at the Fishing shop (Willy’s) for 1800.
  • Iridium Rod: It is unlocked at fishing level 6 and in addition to baits, it also allows us to use tackle. Again, purchased from the Fishing shop, but this time for 7,500.

The Bait will make the fish bite faster and we will find less garbage. The gear will give us certain advantages when fishing, there are several.


These are some of the most recommended areas for fishing :

  • On the big rock in the sea near the pier.
  • At the mountain lake, near the big sunken log.
  • In the Publo Pelicano river in the south-west area, where there is deep water.


This is what we will get when leveling up in Fishing . To go up you have to fish or put crab traps.

  • Level 1 : Increases the range of the rod.
  • Level 2 : We unlock the “fiberglass rod” and the “bait”.
  • Level 3 : Unlocked the “crab traps” and the “deep sea dish” recipe.
  • Level 4 : We unlock the “recycling machine” and the range of the cane increases.
  • Level 5 : We must choose a profession:
    • Fisherman: You will earn 25% with the fish.
    • Trapper: It will be easier to create the crab traps.
  • Level 6 : We unlock the “Iridium rod” and we can buy the “spinner”, “trap cork” and “lead cork” tackle in the Fishing shop.
  • Level 7 : The “light cork” and “treasure hunter” rigs are unlocked.
  • Level 8 : Increases the range of the rod, unlocks the bait pond and the “barbed hook” and “disguised spinner” rigs.
  • Level 9 : The “magnet” rig is unlocked.
  • Level 10 : It depends on our profession you must choose:
    • Fisherman: Fish sell for 50% more or there is twice the chance of finding treasure.
    • Trapper: Traps will never have trash or bait is not needed for them.


These are all the achievements related to fishing:

  • Fisherman: Catch 10 different fish.
  • Sea Wolf: Catch 24 different fish.
  • Expert Angler: Catch all the fish.
  • The Mother of Catches: Catch 100 fish, even if they are repeated.


Crab Traps are unlocked at Fishing level 3 and with them we can catch crabs, shrimp, molluscs, garbage…

They can either be bought from Willy for 1,500 coins or crafted from materials (much cheaper). Once you have one, you just have to leave it in some area of ​​water just as you would leave any object and add bait to it every day; Depending on whether you leave it in an area of ​​fresh or salt water, you will be able to obtain some objects or others.

If you have added bait to it, the next day you will see that the trap has caught something, pick it up and add another bait to pick something up the next day and so on…

Later I will do a more in-depth guide to Crab Traps. (#All)


While fishing, you will occasionally see a Treasure Chest spawn during the fishing mini-game. You must try to catch the treasure without letting the fish you have escape by pulling the hook at that moment.

If you succeed you will get the chest in addition to the fish. A multitude of objects can appear inside and quite commonly baits will appear, so you can use them for your Crab Traps.

More strangely, other less common objects may appear, some of them very rare and valuable, such as a Diamond and even Weapons among many other objects. (#All).

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