April 15, 2024


One of the first decisions we have to make in Stardew Valley is what Farm Type we want in our game, and it’s certainly too important a decision to make lightly.

Each Type of Farm is specialized in focusing on a specific skill, so depending on which one you like the most or the one you want to specialize in above all the others, you will have to choose one or the other.

These are all the Stardew Valley Farm Types and their quirks:


The Standard Farm is the Basic Farm and the one you should choose in your first game in most cases.

This one is mainly oriented towards the Farming skill , which is ultimately the part that has been worked on the most in Stardew Valley, which is why it is always a good option.

Farming consists of harvesting crops and by choosing this Type of Farm we will obtain a very good piece of land full of land where we can create our crops and we will also have a lot of space to create our animal farms .

In addition to that, it has abundant trees. You’re going to need them to get wood, so that’s a hoot. And to finish, you also have a couple of puddles:

  • A small one near your house very suitable to fill the shower.
  • A bigger one with a deep area to fish, since in the dark areas of the water better fish come out.

When in doubt, choose this farm. But if for some reason, you prefer to focus more on other skills, because they call for you more, you can choose one of the following.


The River Farm has water everywhere in which we can catch fish , this Farm is aimed at enhancing the Fishing skill , but this has both pros and cons:

  • We will be able to fish on the same farm without the need to travel to rivers or the sea. Here we will find the same fish that we can find in Pelican City.
  • Filling the watering can will obviously be very simple.
  • Being all full of water, we will lose a lot of land in which we could create crops. This does not mean that you will not have space to grow, but it does mean that you will have much less.
  • We will also have quite a shortage of trees so you will most likely have to leave the Farm very often to find wood.

If you love Fishing, this is definitely the Farm you need, but keep in mind what I have already said about the least amount of land.

Of course, the only real ease is being able to catch what you would catch in Pelican City, only around the corner… Pelican City is literally next to your Farm, so it doesn’t spread that much either. But what has been said, it is ideal if you want to focus on Fishing… and it is certainly very beautiful with so much water everywhere.


The Forest Farm is full of trees and geared towards the Gathering skill , which I actually consider to be one of the most important skills in Stardew Valley.

Obtaining wood will be extremely easy in this type of Farm, so it is also a very good option since it is a valuable resource. It is true that you find trees everywhere, but if you have them nearby, even better, right?

In addition, we can acquire other resources of the Forest in this Farm if we go to the West:

  • Seasonal Wild Resources (which comes in handy too).
  • Weeds that will give us Varied Seeds (thus also facilitating the harvest).
  • Large Stumps that regenerate, thus being able to acquire Noble Wood.

It also has three small pools and even one with deep water for fishing.

It is certainly a very good Farm Type to consider. A safe bet since it brings us lots of benefits. But, like the River Farm, we will have less land for crops compared to the Basic Farm, only in this case it is less exaggerated.


The Mining Farm will allow us to carry out Mining activities in our own Farm, the good thing is that we can do it from the beginning of the game.

Its greatest peculiarity is that we will have a mining area to the south-west of the Farm where we can acquire the typical resources of Mining. Such as Stones, Ores and Geodes (That’s where the name Geodude comes from right? I just thought about it).

What’s your con? Surely you already imagine it: Lack of Land. Between the mining area, the river (which does not have deep water and therefore is not worth fishing…) and the large number of cliffs; We will lose a lot of space. It also has few trees compared to other farms.

However, it still seems like a very good option. The mining area is a hoot and is the best option, of course, if you want to dedicate yourself above all to mining.


The Wild Farm is without a doubt the best Farm for adventurers, not for nothing is it focused on the Combat skill . It seems to me the best option, at least in terms of entertainment… in terms of how practical it is… it’s not even the best.

It has the peculiarity that monsters will appear at night, these will improve as our character progresses in the Combat skill.

Let’s see its pros and cons:

  • It will be easier to improve Combat due to nearby enemies.
  • The Farm won’t be safe overnight.
  • It has a large pool with a deep area and a kind of lake also with deep waters.
  • There are quite a few trees.
  • It has little space for crops.

I started my game with the Basic Farm, but I ended up regretting it and decided to start over with this Farm Type and the truth is that I don’t regret it. I think it is the funniest Farm of all, something that you have to take into account and in part it is the one that makes your life a little more complicated and that is also good in a certain way.

In addition, only in this Farm Type can we find “The Wild Golem”, a type of enemy.


Do you still have doubts? In that case, let’s summarize:

  • The Basic Farm is the best option for Farming and in general the most suitable option, especially for those who are just starting out.
  • The River Farm is for those who love fishing, but frankly it is one of the worst options. I know it doesn’t add much… but it’s the prettiest of all.
  • The Forest Farm is undoubtedly one of the best options in terms of usability and is suitable for those who focus on harvesting.
  • The Mining Farm is another very good option, especially for those who want to focus on Mining, being able to mine from the beginning and having a mining area so close is an incredible advantage.
  • The Wild Farm is for those who want to feel the adrenaline and focus on Combat or for those who want added difficulty. The farm for the brave and without a doubt the most fun!

I hope that with these tips you can decide which is your Farm!

Hello! I’m Silver from the future, after having tried the Wild Farm I think it was a mistake even though it does add some extra emotion to the game. Anyway, now with more experience in the game, I recommend the Mining Farm.

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