April 21, 2024


Honey is one of the Crafting items associated with the Stardew Valley Farming skill . And it is that in this game you can do practically anything, so of course you could not miss a product as popular in our world as sweet honey.

But… What do we need to create Honey? How can we get the most out of our beekeeping activity? Well, you will discover this and much more below, so keep reading.


In order to make our own honey, we will have to use The Beehive , which is one of the gadgets that we unlock by leveling up the Farming skill in Stardew Valley.

We can create it specifically at level 3, so it will not take us too long to create it, as long as you dedicate yourself to agriculture, of course.

Once we have it unlocked we will need the following objects to be able to create it:

  • 40 Wood : Easily obtainable by cutting down trees.
  • 8 Coal : Which can also be easily obtained in the Mines.
  • 1 Iron Ingot : It is also found mainly in the Mine, starting at depth 40. It can also be obtained by transmuting Copper (if you have the appropriate level in Mining) and in various places such as Clint’s Smithy.
  • Maple Syrup : Since this is more far-fetched I’ll explain it in more detail below.


To get the Maple Syrup you will basically need two things:

  • A Maple : Obvious. Below I leave you a photo so you know exactly what tree it is.
  • A Resinera : That we will place in the Maple to be able to collect the Maple Syrup.
Stardew Valley Maple

It has to be from Maple, the one from the other trees is not worth it, so be careful.

To create the Resinera , the first thing you need is to be at least level three of the gathering skill, in this way you will unlock the manufacturing recipe. This is what you will need to create it:

  • 40 Wood .
  • 2 Copper Ingots : The Mine is full of copper in the first levels.

Once you have the Resinera, you just have to put it in a Maple and wait 7 days to collect the Syrup. There are quite a few days, so you will surely want to make more than one Resinera to be able to quickly create several Hives, which is your thing.


Now that you have the Hive, you can start creating Honey . Simply place the Beehive somewhere on your Farm and wait 4 days for the Bees to do their job, after waiting you will be able to collect the Wild Honey.

Wild Honey is the most basic and the one with the lowest value in Stardew Valley, but there is a way to get better quality honey that basically consists of having certain flowers near the Hive so that the Honey acquires the flavor of these and increases its worth.


You have to place flowers close (at most within a radius of 4 vertically and 5 horizontally) of the Hive so that the Honey increases its value , this does not apply to all flowers, only to some in particular that I am going to detail next.

By the way, the flavor that the Honey acquires will be that of the closest flower to the Hive that you have, so be careful. I like to have my hives well surrounded by flowers because it looks prettier that way, it is not mandatory that it be like that, but hey, everyone… Anyway, let’s go with the flowers:

  • Without any of these flowers : 16o coins for each pot of Honey.
  • Tulip : A spring flower, 160 coins, but at least benefits from the level 10 Farming “Craftsman” upgrade, just like the ones below.
  • Blue Allium : Spring Flower, 200 coins.
  • Summer Sequin : Summer Flower, 280 coins.
  • Poppy : Summer Flower, 380 coins.
  • Fairy Rose : Autumn Flower and the one that produces the best Honey in the game by far, 680 coins.

Therefore, you can see that Summer and Autumn are the best seasons to earn money with Honey, with Autumn being the clear winner and, by far, an ideal time for Beekeeping.

In winter you will have to settle for common honey, since there are practically no flowers in winter and even fewer that are good for honey.

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