April 15, 2024


Mayonnaise is one of the many artisan products that we can create in Stardew Valley , this is a great product since practically all the villagers of Villa Pelícano like it and it can also be sold for a reasonable amount of money .

It is also one of the easiest artisan products to make and in this post I will explain how to do it and all the types of mayonnaise you can get.


To get a renewable source of Eggs the first thing you will need to have is a Corral on your Farm . The easiest to obtain is the Simple Corral, to get it you will have to talk to Robin and bring him the following materials:

  • 4,000 coins.
  • 300 wood (cutting down trees).
  • 100 stones (chopping stones).

Once you have the corral you just have to buy some chickens, later you can also buy ducks. But let’s start with the basics.

Chickens can be bought at Marnie’s Ranch for 800 coins, although later you can get more chickens through the incubator.

For the Chickens to grow and start producing Eggs you will have to feed them with Hay (you can put it in the pen, there is an area for it) and wait a few days. You can also feed them with the Natural Grass, in fact they prefer it and you can buy it from Pierre to plant it, the only thing is that in winter the Chickens do not leave the Corral.


These are all the animals that lay eggs in Stardew Valley :

  • White Hen : Will lay White Eggs or XXL White Eggs.
  • Brown Hen : Brown Eggs or XXL Brown Eggs.
  • Blue Hen : Does not lay Blue Eggs, it will lay one of the above.
  • Shadow Chicken : Shadow Eggs.
  • Duck : Duck Eggs.
  • Dinosaur (yes, there are dinosaurs in Stardew Valley lol): Dinosaur Eggs.

Once you have one of these animals generating Eggs in your Corral, you only have to get the following object.


To create the Mayonnaise we will need first Eggs and second the Mayonnaise , it seems that in Stardew Valley a complex machine is needed to create Mayonnaise.

To unlock the Mayonnaise you will have to reach level 2 of Agriculture , something very easy to achieve. To make it you need the following materials:

  • 15 wood (cutting down trees).
  • 15 Stones (chopping stones).
  • Earth Crystal (sometimes comes out in mines).
  • Copper Ingot (Mining copper ores from the mines and putting 5 copper ores with coal in the furnace to create the ingot).

When you have the Mayonnaise, it is best to put it inside the corral. From now on you will simply have to collect the Eggs and put them in the Mayonnaise, it will take 3 hours to make the Mayonnaise, for that reason I recommend that you create several Mayonnaise.


The Type of Mayonnaise will depend on the Eggs that we introduce in it. Here is the list with the prices and the Egg required:

  • Mayonnaise : It is obtained with Chicken or Dinosaur eggs. To get the gold quality ones (sells for 285 coins) you will need XXL Eggs (can be obtained more easily with hens that love you) or Dinosaur Eggs, otherwise you will get standard Mayonnaise (190 coins).
  • Duck Mayonnaise : It is obtained through duck eggs and this Mayonnaise will always be of standard quality. However, it still sells for a better price (375 coins).
  • Shadow Mayonnaise : This comes from Shadow Eggs and again they don’t have different quality. It is sold for 275 coins.

Note that the prices will increase by 20% if you took the Rancher profession at Farming level 5 or 40% if you took the Craftsman profession at the maximum level of the skill.

And by the way, as for the Dinosaurs, it is more profitable to sell their Eggs than not to make Mayonnaise.

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