April 16, 2024


The Bait is a tool that we can add to our Stardew Valley Fishing Rods  to roughly obtain some buff that will help us in fishing; say that there are some very interesting ones.

Keep in mind anyway that you will not be able to use it on all Fishing Rods , in fact you will only be able to use it on the Fiberglass Rod and the Iridium Rod (the latter is the best in the game), so you must have at least level 2 Fishing to use them.

Adding it to the rod is as easy as selecting it in your inventory and placing it on the rod in question, it doesn’t have much else. In fact, you will see that you can add more than one bait unit to the rod; Come on, the Bait equipped on a rod can be accumulated. This is because each Lure (whatever the type, we will see below) has only one use and it would be quite cumbersome to have to replace it each time on your rod.

The truth is that if you are a person who is focusing a lot on Fishing (something that I highly recommend, especially when you are starting your game), I highly recommend that you use them since they help a lot. But… in any case, comment that it is not something that is strictly necessary.

There are many types with different effects . In this post I will list each of them and I will explain in detail their use and of course how you can make or get them (because some can also be bought).


  • How to Get the Recipe : We will get the recipe at Fishing level 2.
  • Crafting Materials : Insect Meat x1. You can get a lot of it in the Mine by killing the bugs.
  • How to Buy : At Willy’s Fishing Shop for 5 coins each.
  • Other ways to obtain it : They will give us 30 when completing the River Fish Bundle.

It is the most basic Bait of all, the easiest to get and also in my opinion one of the best since despite having better Baits below, it is also true that they cost more materials and for how little it costs us to make this one… well it is very useful.

Its effect is to reduce by 50% the time in which the next fish that bites will bite the bait, something that is phenomenal because sometimes the fish can take a long time to bite and time in Stardew Valley is precious. In addition to this, it also reduces the probability of getting junk.

This is also used in Crab Traps to passively fish for sea creatures. As long as you haven’t purchased the level 10 Fishing upgrade called “Ace of Lure”, as it will make it so that we don’t need Bait to activate the Traps.


  • How to Get the Recipe : We will get the recipe at Fishing level 9.
  • Crafting Materials : Iron Ingot x1. So we will have to melt 5 Iron Ore in the Furnace.
  • How to Buy : In Willy’s Fishing Shop for 1000 coins each (it’s not worth buying, it’s very expensive).
  • Other ways to obtain it : They give it to us by winning the fishing contest of the “Ice Festival” event.

The Magnet is your Bait if you’re looking to fish to get a bunch of those chests that pop up every once in a while. This is because we will basically double the probability that these chests will appear as long as we have equipped this Lure to our rod. The probability would be 30%, which is not bad compared to the 15% that is the base probability.


  • How to Get the Recipe : In Linus’s 4 hearts of friendship event.
  • Crafting Materials : Slime x5, Insect Meat x5 and Plant Fiber x10.
  • Cannot Buy .

Very good Bait as such, the bad thing is of course that it asks us for a lot of materials for what it is. Its effect is similar to that of the Basic Lure, only that it will reduce the time between being bitten by 62.5% instead of 50% and we will also have a small chance of catching 2 fish simultaneously , which is what really It makes you stand out from your opponent.

The downside is what has already been commented, this one asks us for many more materials, so in my opinion it is not worth it. Just talking about the Insect Meat, we can obtain 5 common Baits with the materials of only 1 Wild Bait… but it also asks us for other materials. The decision is in your hands, I consider that it is not worth it and it is better to directly throw the common Bait.

Oh, in case you were wondering if you could catch 2 Legendary Fish… unfortunately you can’t. Nor will we get the Fishing experience equivalent to the two fish caught, only one fish will be taken into account for the experience.


  • How to Get the Recipe : In Lord Qi’s Nut Room (this is pretty high-end) in exchange for 20 Qi Gems.
  • Crafting Materials : Radioactive Ore x1 and Insect Meat x3. We will get 5 Magic Baits.
  • How to Buy it : In the same area where you get the recipe, but for 5 Qi Gems (better to get the recipe directly). When buying it we will obtain 20 units, not like in the previous ones that only gave us 1.

This Bait is very interesting since it will allow us to capture fish without taking into account the season or the time of day , that is, if you want to get a specific fish, you simply have to go to the area where it appears (river, lake, sea …) and the rest will not matter… you will no longer have to wait for the relevant season, wait for it to rain, or keep an eye on the time!

A very interesting fact about this type of Bait is that we can even catch the Fish that only appear in the “Night Market” Event even without being in the Event. We will have to go to the pier of the Beach (where Willy’s Fishing Shop is) and fish (with the Magic Bait equipped) in the area of ​​the pier that is more to the Southwest (and you must cast the hook to the left).

Oh, and I almost forgot, it will also reduce the time it takes for fish to bite by 50% just like the Common Lure.

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