April 21, 2024


The  Crab Trap  is an object in Stardew Valley related to the Fishing profession that in general terms I highly recommend since it will allow us to obtain benefits in a fairly or totally passive way, especially if we have the relevant Fishing professions that we will mention below. in this post.

One of the problems that Fishing has is that this profession, despite generating quite good benefits (especially at the beginning of our game), requires an active investment of time since we have to go fishing constantly (at least until you have your Pond creating Spares and so on). This is something that changes in Crab Traps since it will be enough to leave them in the sea, river, lake… and let them catch marine creatures (the only requirement is to put a Bait unit in our trap every day since this is what which allows you to catch the creatures, but this will change with the appropriate Fishing specialization).

Anyway, now I will tell you in detail how they work, what we can get from them and of course the way to make the most of their performance; they have a lot of potential.


We can unlock Crab Traps at Fishing level 3 , so it won’t take too long to get them as long as you go fishing with your character. These are the materials that the standard recipe will ask us for (below you will see that they may be less with a Fishing specialty):

  • 40x Wood.
  • 3x Iron Ingot. In exchange there are 15 Iron Ore.

They are not too many materials, but it is true that when we start it can be difficult to get Iron; but when you advance a little, it will no longer be a major problem to achieve it.

Once the recipe is unlocked, we can also buy it at Willy’s Fishing Shop (on the beach) for 1500 coins, but I would recommend making it yourself. Anyway, this amount of materials will be reduced quite a bit with one of the perks of the Fishing specialties, let’s go with that.


We have several specialties in the Fishing Profession that will greatly increase the profitability of Crab Traps , in fact they are the ones that I recommend you choose.

  • Trapper (level 5): Will reduce the amount of materials needed to craft Crab Traps to just Wood x25 and Copper Ingot x2. Copper is the easiest ore to get, so it’s a pretty substantial upgrade and this will allow you to easily craft them even when you start your farm. It is true that the improvement is not worth it because when we advance a little, the materials that the standard recipe asks for will not be a big problem either. But… we want to acquire this improvement yes or yes to be able to unlock the next one that I will tell you about at level 10.
  • Ace of the Lure (level 10): We will not need Bait to catch creatures with our Crab Traps, so they will be extremely profitable since once set, all we will have to do is collect their loot every day and that’s it… easy, fast profits and passives (this is starting to sound like a smoke-seller post). If you have many, you already imagine.


The first thing is to clarify that apart from the objects that I will mention below, we will also obtain Fishing experience in the process. In fact, it is a fairly simple way to generate experience in a more or less passive way (it will depend on the fishing specialization you have chosen, Ace del Suñuelo is the key) without the need to use the Fishing Rod .

Depending on what type of water we leave the Crab Trap in, we can get different things. We will get a maximum of one thing per day as long as you have added a Lure or without doing anything in case you have chosen “Ace of Lure”. The rewards can be collected the next day, it is not at the moment, but since you can add the Bait the same day you collect it, you can get a daily reward.


Unfortunately, on some occasions we will collect garbage, this is the garbage that can appear in the Crab Traps:

  • Trash.
  • Broken CD.
  • Broken glasses.
  • Driftwood.
  • Soggy Newspaper.

It is not worth selling these objects because we will get a pittance, but remember that they can be recycled to get more useful objects.

Also mention that one of the level 10 Fishing specializations is one called “Seafaring” which will prevent our Crab Traps from picking up trash. I know it sounds tempting, but forget it, the fact of not needing Bait to use them in each collection is much more profitable and makes life much easier for us.


Basically on the beach. Here’s what we can get in Saltwater in order from worst to best by asking price:

  • Mussel : 30.
  • Oyster : 40.
  • Clam : 50.
  • Cockle : 50.
  • Prawn : 60.
  • Crab : 100.
  • Lobster : 120.


In fresh water (river, lake, on the farm itself…) this can appear, we will add their price in coins again and we will order them from worst to best:

  • Periwinkle : 20.
  • Snail : 65.
  • River Crab : 75.

As you can see, in Agua Salada we have some objects that sell better, although the list is also larger, because in the end the thing is not so unbalanced (I want to say that there are only 3 things, but 2 of them are quite good, so which compensates).

Anyway, I recommend the Fresh Water even though it is a little less profitable in terms of profits because having our Crab Traps in the puddle of our farm will save us a lot of time. And if on top of that we have “Ace of the Dream” so as not to have to use the Bait, it will be enough to go to your farm puddle every morning, collect your loot and that’s it, in a moment.

The moment you have a few Crab Traps on your farm (the limit is up to you, on top of that with «Trapper» you can make them with very few materials and very easy to collect) next to your house and get «Ace of the Lure» In order not to have to require the Baits, you will see how you will acquire a few (or many, it all depends on how many Crab Traps you put) coins each day passively (and without doing anything, simply collecting the loot each day) and in a moment . It spreads a lot.

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