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The Alpha Pokémon of Arceus Pokémon Legends are more powerful than the standard forms because they are usually at fairly high levels and have better stats than their non-alpha partners. This is because they tend to have the IVs/EVs (which I’m not sure what they’ll be called now, they’ve done it as a fusion) very powerful and on top of that when you fight with them they are even more cheated than when you have them.

The difference is very noticeable especially in the first area of ​​the game: Obsidian Meadow; more than anything because we started there and these Pokémon usually have levels that are somewhat out of our reach (although by stealth you can capture them just the same if you’re lucky, only you won’t be able to use them until you have a certain range precisely because of their high level, life).

The case, that today I bring you the Alpha Pokémon of the Obsidian Prairie . Clarify that they are the ones that are “fixed”, the ones you will always find. I say this because any Pokémon on the map can come out in its Alpha version if you are very lucky; however, those on the list will always be there (except for weather conditions that we will clarify in the post). Hey, to the mess.

Obsidian Meadow Alpha Pokemon Location

Alpha Pokemon from other regions :

  • Crimson Pantanal .
  • Cobalt Coast .
  • Crown Hillside .
  • Alba Tundra .


  • Location: Sand Plain .
  • Level: 60.
  • Type: Psychic.
  • Weaknesses: Ghost, Dark and Psychic.

Alakazam is undoubtedly one of the heavyweights among the Alpha Pokémon in the Obsidian Meadow region, and not only because of its level, but also because it hits so hard. Forget about it and go when you are at high rank levels or you will waste a huge amount of time and resources. Of course, if you get it, olé, because it is a beast.

It is located in Plain Sand, the area located furthest southeast of the entire map, specifically a little south of the name of the area on the map itself.


  • Location: Estuary Dam .
  • Level: 16.
  • Type: Normal and Water.
  • Weaknesses: Grass, Electric and Fighting.

Bibarel will surely be one of the Alpha Pokémon that you find in the first place because it is not hidden and in fact you will find it yes or yes while doing the main missions unless you do not look where you are going, that everything is possible. That said, in Presa del Estuario, when you cross the path of the dam you will find it yes or yes.


  • Location: Pyrite Grotto .
  • Level: 62.
  • Type: Regular.
  • Weaknesses: Fighting.

Blissey Alpha is the most hidden Pokémon of all. It’s in Pirita Grotto, but not inside or outside the cave… it’s on top of it, on the mountain. You will have to climb the wall by the entrance area (where the Alpha Golbat that only appears at night) with your Wyrdeer to get there. You get this mount in Obsidian Meadow, so it won’t be a problem, if you don’t have it, continue with the main quest line.

If you engage in battle, hit him with Fighting Type and with physical attacks, otherwise he resists a lot.


  • Location: Eroded Bridge .
  • Level: 31.
  • Type: Water.
  • Weaknesses: Plant and Electrical.

Floatzel is another of the Alpha Pokémon accessible quite early in the adventure due to its level, which is not as high as that of other of its zone partners. It’s a fairly easy alpha to capture and you can find it in Bridge Eroded right at the P of the word “Bridge Eroded” on the map.


  • Location: Pyrite Grotto .
  • Level: 35.
  • Type: Flying and Poison.
  • Weaknesses: Ice, Psychic, Rock and Electric.
  • Appearance conditions: Night.

Golbat Alpha is right in front of the entrance (the southernmost one) of the Pyrite Grotto, the only thing is that it only appears at night, so keep that in mind.


  • Location: Pyrite Grotto .
  • Level: 30.
  • Type: Rock and Earth.
  • Weaknesses: Water x2, Grass x2, Fighting, Ice, Steel and Earth.

Graveler is one of the affordable ones in the Early Game and it won’t hurt to have a Rock and Ground Type on our team; we will find better Pokémon later, obviously, but not bad.

An easy way to tell you where it is is by telling you that it is near the exit of the Pirita Grotto (a little further north), from where that rock is that covers one of the entrances (the one that I consider its exit, although it is relative, of course ) that we can destroy by launching a Pokémon against it. Of course, if you engage in combat against him, do not attack him with Water or Plant because you annihilate him.


  • Location: Veraz Lake .
  • Level: 60.
  • Type: Water and Flying.
  • Weaknesses: Electric x2, Rock.

We will find Gyarados in the water of Lake Veraz, he appeared to me in the northeast area, but I suppose that he will move around the circle that makes up said lake. You can only get it if you already have Basculegion as a mount.


  • Location: Foresta Baleful .
  • Level: 45.
  • Type: Bug and Fight.
  • Weaknesses: Flying x2, Fire, Fairy and Psychic.

Heracross is one of the most intimidating bug Pokémon and we can find it in the most northeastern part of the map, specifically in Foresta Funesta (which is the name of a Cuphead level, as a curious and irrelevant fact, but cool at the same time, I guess ).

Volador will come in handy to lower his life, but be careful not to annihilate him, in the end it is a x4 damage and as long as you give him a good beating you will ventilate him.


  • Location: Hansa Island .
  • Level: 65.
  • Type: Fire and Fight.
  • Weaknesses: Flying x2, Fire, Fairy and Psychic.

Infernape Alpha is located on the island that we have to the Southwest of the Obsidian Meadow (the big island), in the central area, although it won’t cost you much to find it because anyway… it’s an island and it’s not huge. Go to high rank levels because otherwise it will grind you to a pulp.


  • Location: Forest Cupboard .
  • Level: 12 (first time) – 30.
  • Type: Bug.
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Rock and Flying.

Kricketune is the easiest of all because it’s actually part of the main questline (commissions), so the quest itself will take you to it. Anyway, just so you know, it’s in the Forest Cupboard, near Bibarel Alpha’s location.


  • Location: Great Tree Arena .
  • Level: 40.
  • Type: Regular.
  • Weaknesses: Fighting.

Lopunny is quite hidden and easy to miss. From Sand of the Great Tree you must go west, as far west as you can, until the river will no longer let you go in that direction; there is.


  • Location: Field Aromaflor .
  • Level: 40.
  • Type: Electric.
  • Weaknesses: Earth.

Luxio Alpha is located a little south of where the name “Flower Scent” appears on the Obsidian Meadow map. If you decide to capture him by engaging him in combat, be careful because he tends to use an attack that takes his life away and it is easy for him to die without realizing it; it would be a good idea to put him to sleep with Hypnosis or something similar.


  • Location: Forest Cupboard .
  • Level: 30.
  • Type: Bug and Plant.
  • Weaknesses: Fire x2, Flying x2, Ice, Poison, Rock, and Bug.

Parasect Alpha is one of the affordable Pokémon for when we are starting your adventure because it is not at a very high level and it is not as powerful compared to others, so you know. Of course, be careful with its poisonous and sleeping attacks; he’s still an Alpha and you know they have fabric; On top of that, it is easy for some Paras to join us in battle, so clean the area a bit beforehand.

You will find it in the Forest Cupboard on the north side in a kind of “large indentation in the ground”.


  • Location: Prado Herradura .
  • Level: 40.
  • Type: Fire.
  • Weaknesses: Water, Earth and Rock.

We will find Rapidash Alpha in Prado Herradura in the Northeast area. Easy to find because it draws a bit of attention, it’s huge and it’s on fire.


  • Location: Great Tree Arena .
  • Level: 42.
  • Type: Bug and Flying.

We will find Scyther Alpha south of the Great Tree Arena (the area where we face Lord Kleavor ), near a river in an area where there are more Scythers around as usual. It doesn’t have much mystery, it’s easy to find.


  • Location: Path of the Wind .
  • Level: 45.
  • Type: Regular.
  • Weaknesses: Fighting.

Snorlax Alpha is my favorite Alpha Pokémon from the Obsidian Prairie because I think it’s a tremendous Pokémon both in performance (defensively and offensively it’s amazing) and in design. It must be said in advance that he does some terrible beatings, so be very careful and see with an adequate level (or capture him by stealth, but it costs cloth without weakening him).

It is a bit hidden, but it is right where the map marks (in Vereda del Viento, near a river, in a corner) that you have at the top of the post and it is there always ready to give you a good “hug”. A nice trick is that if you get in the low water area, he won’t be able to hit you there.


  • Location: Loma del Venado .
  • Level: 42.
  • Type: Regular.
  • Weaknesses: Fighting.

Alpha Stantler will be at the top of Loma del Venado, so it’s not much of a mystery to find him, but you already know that you have the map above with everyone’s locations. It’s there alone at the top, very easy, and it’s not very high level either.


  • Location: Path of the Wind .
  • Level: 32.
  • Type: Normal and Flying.
  • Weaknesses: Rock, Electric and Ice.

Stratavia, the last of the Alpha Pokémon that is quite affordable for trainers who are just starting out because, as you have already seen, it is not as high level as many others. We find this one a little north (by the river area, right side of it) from the area where we find Kriketune Alpha, very easy to find.

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