April 16, 2024


Anyone who has tried to get a Shiny Pokémon in any of the editions of the game knows the great time it takes and the huge filly it takes to get one; but in Arceus Pokémon Legends we can get a Shiny Ponyta with just three or four hours of play (without doing tricks or tricks).

In order to qualify for it, we will first need to meet a couple of requirements and then make one of the requests that the game includes. It really isn’t very complicated, so let’s go there with the requirements.


In order to obtain the request we need, we must first have sighted and captured at least one Ponyta and you know, advance a little with the Progress Level in its section of the Pokédex.

The good thing is that Ponyta appears in the first area that we have unlocked in the game, which is the Obsidian Prairie , here is some information about him to facilitate the task:

Ponyta Shiny Facts in Pokémon Legends Arceus
  • Location : In the Herradura Meadow of the Obsidian Meadow.
  • Time : All.
  • Weather : Appears when the weather is sunny, clear, or partly cloudy.
  • Favorite Foods : Vivacious Spike, Succulent Bean and Fluffy Mushroom.
  • Items Carried: Safre Berry, Bonguri Pocho.

All you have to do is make sure the weather is right and when it comes to capturing it you have several options: engage in a fight with it, hide in the tall grass and throw a Poké Ball from there or distract it with some of its food favorites to capture it more easily.


Unlike encomiendas, petitions are optional favors that will be asked of us; We can get them by talking to some NPCs in the game or inside the Team Galaxy Headquarters by looking at the blackboard next to Professor Lavender (this last case is where we will have to look to find the request).

Nº19: « The strange Ponyta »

  • Commissioned by : Yota
  • Reward : Razz Berry x 5

Once the mission is obtained, we only have to select it and they will guide us towards an NPC called Yota ; he will tell us that he has spotted an unusual Ponyta in the Herradura Meadow and asks us to capture it.

Then we will have to go to the Herradura Meadow and don’t worry that the Pokémon is not lost, since when we approach it an animation will pop up. And well you know, same procedure as before to capture it. I don’t know for sure if this order can fail if you scare it away, so I would recommend that you save the game for what may happen (although I already tell you that catching it is a waste).

Once we have our Ponyta Shiny, the only thing left to do is return to the village to show it to Yota. You can rest assured that it is not like other requests and it will not keep the Pokémon, it will also give us a small reward (which is a reward birria, but less than a stone).

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