April 16, 2024


Lordly Kleavor will be the first of the Lordly Pokémon that we will meet in Arceus Legends and it will serve as a tutorial to get an idea of ​​what these types of encounters will be like, which are quite particular.

In this post we will give you an orientation of exactly how these types of encounters work and in turn we will give you several tips so that you can defeat Kleavor Señorial in the best possible way. We warn you that this one in particular will be relatively simple, but little by little things will get more complicated, we will tell you about the next Masterful Pokémon because our idea is to make a guide for each one of them. Hey, let’s go there!


To face Kleavor Señorial we will simply have to complete the missions (the missions of the main line of the game) until we reach the Seventh, called ” The Fury of the Lord of the Forests “.

In this mission we will have to interact with a series of characters (there is no mystery, the game itself guides you where you have to go) until there will come a time when they will send us to battle against him, which will be specifically in « Great Tree Arena» in the Obsidian Meadow (the first map of the game).


In these confrontations we will have to combine the combat with our trainer along with that of the Pokémon of a lifetime to be successful.

The main idea is to dodge the attacks that the Master Pokémon launches at us until it is stunned (something that will happen according to premises that we will clarify in each Master Pokémon guide), at which point we will attack with our Pokémon to weaken it .

This will not “kill the Pokémon”, instead it will leave it totally exposed for a few seconds, for which we will proceed to lynch it with the Calmasferas (which are infinite), what’s more, it is at this moment when they will spread more. The Calmaspheres will reduce the yellow bar of the Master Pokémon in question, when it reaches its end, you will release it from its frenzy and end the encounter. Unfortunately you will not be able to capture this type of Pokémon.

Know that you can defeat them purely with Calmspheres, but it is more optimal to weaken them to leave them completely exposed.


Basically we will have to use the strategy already mentioned previously, between the time you dodge his attacks (which we will tell you now) you also see him throwing Calmspheres to lower the bar a little (you will not lower it much, but it all adds up). Let’s see his attacks in detail:

  • Lordly Charge : He will go into an offensive pose and after a short time he will charge forward. You must make a dash (dodge) at the right time to avoid the blow. The good thing is that if during the charge it collides with a wall, it will be stunned (use the tree in your favor), so you must weaken it with your Pokémon to later hit it quickly with all the Calmspheres you can.
  • Jump Attack : Vertical Jump, when falling to the ground it will cause damage, get away quickly.
  • Area Cut : You will see that an area around it is “colored” (it will come out as wind) and you will have to get out of there because after a while it will make a tremendous area cut. It is not difficult to dodge, just as you see that wind, go out painting because you have time to spare.

Let’s continue now with Pokémon recommendations:


From the outset, clarify that Kleavor is a Bug and Rock Type and therefore has the following weaknesses and resistances:

  • It is weak to Water, Rock and Steel . We will attack you with these guys.
  • It is resistant to Normal and Poison.

Steel Pokémon at this point in the game a priori you will not have, so your thing will be that you take a few Water or Rock Pokémon with you. These would be an option, which are very affordable for the first zone of the game:

  • Oshawott/Dewott : If you have chosen it as a starter then it will be very key of course. If you already have Dewott, then better, obviously; In fact, I would highly recommend it because Kleavor Señorial packs some serious punches.
  • Psyduck/Golduck : It’s water, so it’ll be great for us. In fact, you can capture them near the area where Kleavor appears, they are always attached to the rivers in the Hidden Forest area. Golduck better, but since it evolves at level 33, I don’t think you have it at this point, it doesn’t take that much either.
  • Buizel/Floatzel : Another water Pokémon that will come in handy and I’m sure you already have more than one with you because they’re not particularly difficult to find, but if you don’t have one, there are some in Prado Herradura, next to the river. If you’ve captured the Alpha Floatzel from the Obsisian Prairie , here we go, great.
  • Geodude/Graveler : Very easy to get and they will come in handy with their rock attacks. We also have an Alpha Graveler in the Obsidian Meadow. Graveler you also have it in Alpha version, in the Floatzel link above you will also see where to find it.

Keep in mind that Lordly Kleavor hits very hard, so it will be normal for him to kill one or more of your Pokémon (which will depend on each case, of course, but you understand me).

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