April 21, 2024


In Arceus Pokémon Legends , the area called Ladera Corona is one of the most emblematic because the most important events of the game take place here; just like in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Glistening Pearl (although in these titles it is called Crown Mountain instead of Crown Hill).

The Alpha Pokémon in the Crown Slope are therefore quite thick and we find some very good ones such as Gabite Alpha or Gligar Alpha and some that are very ugly such as Probopass Alpha or Bronzong Alpha.

Being the penultimate zone of the game we find a level in the Alpha Pokémon that ranges between 55 and 70 in some of the most powerful; Well, let’s see what we can find in these areas.

Alpha Pokemon from other zones :

  • Obsidian Meadow .
  • Crimson Pantanal .
  • Cobalt Coast .
  • Alba Tundra .


  • Location: Lonely Spring .
  • Level: 55.
  • Type: Steel and Psychic.
  • Weaknesses: Ghost, Dark, Fire and Earth.

It is located just above Lonely Spring and below Riscoso Crag. You’ll find him surrounded by many of his own kind, so it’s a good place to do a few of your Pokédex tasks.

Despite having a relatively high level, he can be defeated very easily, since he is in his first form without evolving and has weaknesses everywhere. As for its location, we will find it crossing the river in Fuente de las Hadas.


  • Location: Lonely Spring .
  • Level: 57.
  • Type: Plant.
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Fire, Ice, Poison and Flying.

Well, we already had this Alpha available in the Crimson Pantanal; if you didn’t catch it there then you have another chance to get one more leveled up.


  • Location: Fountain of the Fairies .
  • Level: 62.
  • Type: Fairy.
  • Weaknesses: Poison and Steel.
  • Immunity: Dragon.
  • Appearance Conditions: Night.

It is found at the Fairy Fountain just before crossing the river; There are plenty of Clefairy and Roselia here that will come in handy for completing Pokédex tasks.

As for Clefable, you must have a relatively high level because it has a lot of defense and it will be difficult to knock it down (besides, as soon as the fight starts, it will use Peace of Mind), plus it can easily knock down Pokémon with a single hit.


  • Location: Extravío Cave .
  • Level: 60.
  • Type: Poison and Flying.
  • Weaknesses: Electric, Ice, Psychic and Rock.

This Pokémon doesn’t have any losses, in fact we will see it compulsorily while we do the part of the story that takes place in the Lost Cave.


  • Location: Pileus Pass .
  • Level: 69.
  • Type: Electric.
  • Weaknesses: Earth.

It is very easy to locate, we can find it just before reaching the cave called Umbral Pétreo. All we have to do is get to the Moon Arena and follow the path up; yes, take a Pokémon that knows a movement like Tierra Viva because it is hard to crack.


  • Location: Riscoso Risco .
  • Level: 56.
  • Type: Dragon and Earth.
  • Weaknesses: Dragon and Fairy.
  • Immunity: Electric

It is found just before reaching the Celestial Ruins and I recommend that you catch it, since this area is full of Electric-Type Pokémon and it is immune to these types of attacks.

In addition, it has enough level to evolve directly to Garchomp when you catch it, so you know, go for it!


  • Location: Immemorial Cavern .
  • Level: 77.
  • Type: Flying and Ground.
  • Weaknesses: Water and especially Ice.
  • Immunity: Electric and Earth.

It is the Alpha Pokémon with the highest level in the entire area and we have to be very careful because it bursts; He’s accompanied by a couple of Gligar that I recommend you defeat or capture before going after him, because they’ll really get in the way if they get into combat alongside Gliscor Alpha.


  • Location: Landslide Mountain Range .
  • Level: 60.
  • Type: Earth and Rock.
  • Weaknesses: Steel, Ice, Fighting, Earth and especially Water.

We will find it right on the flat part between the mountainous areas of the Cordillera Derrumbe; This poor creature doesn’t have any more weaknesses, but it’s best to take advantage of the fact that the Water-Type is especially good against it.


  • Location: Ancient Quarry .
  • Level: 70.
  • Type: Steel and Dragon.
  • Weaknesses: Fighting and Ground.
  • Immunity: Poison.

It’s a pretty bad encounter because he has a set of movements with which he covers himself very well against his enemies and also hits very hard; I recommend using the Mud Bomb move against Goodra (Gliscor, for example, knows that move), because many of his moves will fail and we won’t lower his life so much to catch him easily.

We will find it on top of the Ancient Quarry along with its pre-evolution and a bunch of Toxicroaks.


  • Location: Agora of Prayer .
  • Level: 55.
  • Type: Electric.
  • Weaknesses: Earth.

When we go for the first time to appease Electrode Señorial we will find him on the way; I recommend capturing it because it seems to me to be one of the most emblematic Electric Pokémon in this game and in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Gleaming Pearl (in fact, I’ve had it on my team in both games).


  • Location: Lithic Canyon .
  • Level: 61.
  • Type: Ghost.
  • Weaknesses: Ghost and Dark.
  • Immunity: Normal and Fight.
  • Appearance Conditions: Night.

We will meet Mismagius Alpha on an esplanade between two mountains in the Lithic canyon; This area is very interesting because there are several Misdreavus and we can even find a Rotom.


  • Location: Lost Forest .
  • Level: 55.
  • Type: Bug and Flying.
  • Weaknesses: Flying, Fire, Ice and Electric

It is found just before reaching the Ancient Quarry; Mothim Alpha is not particularly resistant but it is very fast, be careful that no other Mothim sneaks into the fight.

As you know Ghost is weak to its own typing, so it’s best to run a Togepi/Togekiss with Shadow Ball or a Luxray with Shred.


  • Location: Immemorial Cavern .
  • Level: 73.
  • Type: Rock and Steel.
  • Weaknesses: Water and especially Ground and Fighting.

This one has no loss, it is right next to the entrance to the Immemorial Cavern and it has many Nosepasses around it and we will also find some Bronzor and Bronzong.


  • Location: Lost Forest .
  • Level: 74.
  • Type: Earth and Rock.
  • Weaknesses: Steel, Ice, Fighting, Earth and especially Water.

We will find it a little above the source of the river that flows into Fuente de las Hadas, the area is easily recognizable because it is very flat but has many mini-elevations in the form of mountains.

Curiously, it shares the type with another Alpha in the area, which would be Golem, and although Rhyperior is of a very high level, we can easily dominate it with Water-Type movements (but not before destroying some other Pokémon).


  • Location: Pilgrim’s Path .
  • Level: 60.
  • Type: Steel and Earth.
  • Weaknesses: Water, Fire, Fighting and Earth.
  • Immunity: Electric and Poison.

He has around him a potpourri of Pokémon like Onix, Chimecho, Rhyhorn, and Rhydon. It’s tough, but there are a lot of worse alphas in this area, and luckily it’s vulnerable to a lot of different types of Pokémon.

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