April 16, 2024


Lordly Arcanine will be the third Lordly Pokémon in Arceus Legends , and for the time being we stick with the rule that Lordly bosses are always Hisui-form Pokémon .

It must be said from the outset that this one is a bit more complicated than the previous ones ( Kleavor and Lilligant ), but for now things are still quite simple. Anyway, be careful because this one could kill you if you get lost, especially with a certain attack that I will mention below in the attack guide and others as always.

Very handsome Arcanine from Hisui I have to say, I don’t know what others will think, but I love this Pokémon. And nothing, let’s go with the guide!


If we want to face Arcanine Señorial we will have to go to the third zone of the game: Cobalt Coast . It is the same as always, we will have to follow the main questline of the game until we unlock the battle, we unlock it in Mission 10 (An island without a lord).

The combat will be in the volcano of the area, through the previous Encomiendas we will unlock the Basculegion mount, which is the one that will allow us to access said area since we can finally swim with it. The area in question is called “Isla Escupefuego”, specifically in “Arena del Magama”; but what has been said, the Encomienda itself takes us there as always.


As usual, we are throwing Calmasferas between us dodging his attacks to lower the yellow bar. There will come a time when 5 fireballs will appear on his head, for each Calmasphere that we throw at him when this happens, one of them will disappear, when eliminating all of them he will be stunned and you will have to take out your Pokémon to fight.

These are his attacks:

  • Stately Charge : Typical lifelong charge that we will have to dodge with a dash. The only drawback is that the combat area is a bit bare, but don’t worry about the lava because it can’t hurt you, there is an invisible wall that prevents you from falling into it; Knowing this helped me a lot.
  • Jump Attack : The attack that can ruin the game will do so more or less when it is at 50% of the yellow bar. It will make a jump in the area you are in and leave a fairly large burned area around it that you should avoid at all costs. This fire will stay on the field permanently. The key is to put ourselves on one of the sides of the screen because as the fire puts us in the entire center it will make things quite difficult for us since we will be locked up in the area we are in and dodging the charges will cost more. If he leaves you the area in the center you can continue to dodge him, but it costs more; forget, you stand on one side, let him leave it there so it doesn’t bother him too much and that’s it.

Let’s continue now with Pokémon recommendations:


From the outset, clarify that Hisui’s Arcanine is a Fire and Rock Type  and therefore has the following weaknesses and resistances:

  • It is very weak to Earth and Water .
  • It is weak to Fight and Rock.
  • It is resistant to Fairy, Flying, Ice, Poison, Bug and Normal.
  • It is very resistant to fire.

As you can see, what will interest us most will be the Ground or Water Pokémon to hit it hard, if you hit it with these elements and a Pokémon of that type you will almost guarantee a 1HKO. These are some recommendations, I always recommend that you go with Pokémon Alpha, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott : If you chose it as a starter it will be great here.
  • Gyarados : You have one in alpha version in Obsidian Meadow with which you will destroy Arcanine.
  • Hippowdon : The Crimson Pantanal Alpha Hippowdon will also come in handy with his powerful Earth attacks.
  • Rhyhorn/Rhydon : There is also an Alpha Rhyhorn in Crimson Pantanal, you also have it at the Hippowdon link, they are all in the area in fact.

You will see how with some of these Pokémon it takes you a breath, direct combat with Pokémon is undoubtedly the easiest part of the challenge; You’ll see how it only takes one hit if you attack with these Pokémon and with Water- or Ground-type moves.

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