April 21, 2024


At last we come to the fourth confrontation with Stately Pokémon in our Arceus Pokémon Legends game , this time we will face Stately Electrode who will give us more than one headache with his set of attacks.

In this post we will see where and how to defeat Lordly Electrode, which is a fairly complicated boss and the difference in difficulty is very noticeable compared to the previous Lordly Pokémon already defeated, but this is already the penultimate to defeat in the game.


At this point in the game you will have quite assimilated the function of the Calmspheres and a good notion about fighting against Lords so we are going to skip that part.

Generally when performing important parts in practically any title of the Pokémon saga. We have to follow a linear order when doing things. So first we must have defeated Kleavor , Lilligant and Arcanine Lordships and have obtained the favor of Sneasler to be able to reach the area where Electrode Lordship is located.

The area in which it is found is the Arena de la Luna that belongs to the Ladera Corona , we will have to get to it by going through a cave and climbing mountains with the help of Sneasler. And well, all we have to do is continue and complete mission number eleven to be able to defeat this Lord.


In this Stately Pokémon, the increase in difficulty is very noticeable because it does not let you live for a moment, the best thing you can do is play it safe and wait for it to get tired to attack it with everything.

  • Lurking Glare : You’re going to get sick of this attack because it does it all the time and it’s very annoying; summons an electric ball (if there are not two) that chases us around the field for half life and you can’t do anything but roll and run (which will make you unable to throw many Calmaspheres).
  • Photovoltaic Rain : When Electrode begins to shake his body, several Voltorbs will begin to fall that will hit the ground; The good thing is that before falling we will notice some circles on the ground and all we have to do is get away from them.
  • Nuclear Fusion : Electrode charges his body and begins to levitate creating an electric field around him and eventually explodes. When you see him do this you must run for your life and when he hits take out a Pokémon as fast as you can.

As soon as it reaches half life it will become even faster and instead of having two balls chasing us, we will have three (the truth is that I have really disgusted this billiard ball).


Since Hisui is based on a time much older than Sinnoh from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Glistening Pearl , the Poké Balls are made from Bonguris and look like carved wood, thus Electrode has become not only Electric-Type but also Electric-Type. also Plant-Type in his Hisui form .

  • It is weak to Bug, Fire, Ice and Poison .
  • It is resistant to Steel, Water and Grass.
  • It has a very high resistance to Electric.

At this point in the story we have access to practically all the Pokémon Types to which it is vulnerable (except Ice, which is in the next area but does not rent us as much as others), therefore we will not have much problem with it. combat itself.

  • Drapion : It is a very good option because it is resistant to both Electric-Type and Grass-Type and we also cover the weaknesses to Poison and Lordly Electrode Bug; we can find an Alpha Drapion in the Cobalt Coast or look for a Scorupi there and evolve it on our own.
  • Gabite/Garchomp : Just before arriving at Electrode Señorial we will find an Alpha Gabite that holds up very well against this Señorial; since it already has a high level, we can evolve it to Garchomp directly.
  • Ponyta/Rapidash : We have this available from the beginning of the game so there is no problem (and also if you have made the request number 19 you will have the Ponyta Shiny ) and it helps us to cover its weakness to the Fire Type. Also, we have a Rapidash Alpha in Obsidian Meadow .
  • Typhlosion : If your initial was Cyndaquil, then it is another good asset that we can use to cover the Fire Type.
  • Parasect : We can find it in the Obsidian Prairie and also in its Alpha form (if you can’t with it, then you can always catch a Paras and evolve it). With this Pokémon we will cover the weakness to Bug-Type and at the same time we have resistance to Electric-Type and a very high resistance to Grass-Type.

Lordly Electrode hits a lot but it is not a hard opponent to knock down, the biggest problem it gives us is when it comes to dodging it and how long it takes to become vulnerable.

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