April 21, 2024


Lancer is one of the new protagonists of Deltarune and will be one of our companions during the adventure through the Dark World.

And what is undoubtedly one of the things that most attracts the attention of this character is his great resemblance to Sans from Undertale . And not only because of his appearance, which already reminds us in part of him, but also because of his humorous attitude.

But before we get to that topic, let’s talk a bit more about Lancer:


Lancer is the son of one of the 4 Kings of the Dark World and as such is a young man who has a fairly comfortable life.

He has a rather “rebellious” attitude and is a very humorous character who loves to play pranks, he is the spitting image of a child who is a bit of a prank. But despite this, it is obvious that Lancer is a good person.

His father is a true tyrant and you can sense the kind of education that he has given his son, but the fact is that his father entrusted him with the task of ending the “Beings of Light” and it is for that reason that at the beginning of the first chapter of Deltarune he tries to “finish us” even though he is really more “playing with us” than anything else.

However, Lancer will establish a great friendship with Susie , with which little by little he will make him realize that those from the world of Light are not so cruel, that in fact they are quite nice, to the point of becoming very close friends with Ralsei as well. and from Kris .

The problem is that Lancer knows that his father is not going to change his mind, but after many events, his Father ends up being overthrown and Lancer assumes command of the kingdom with a new rule: Now jail is only for “dads”.


It is not like this? Certainly Lancer is a character that is very reminiscent of Sans , who in turn also appears in Deltarune in the world of Light. In fact I would say that even Toby already put it on purpose at that moment that we see him for the first time as “a shadow that attacks us” knowing that we were going to think for a little moment “Is that Sans?”.

Unfortunately it was not, but there is no doubt that both are very similar physically :

  • They are both “chubby”.
  • They use the same colors (white, blue and black).
  • The face is quite similar especially due to the smile.

And not only that, there are also certain similarities in personality :

  • Lancer has that humor reminiscent of Sans, only this one has a slightly less mature attitude than Sans, one could almost say that he is a younger Sans, or perhaps a Sans with a touch of Papyrus.
  • Lancer has displayed certain supernatural powers, not to the level of Sans , but we’ve seen little of him yet anyway. What is clear is that Lancer in defensive terms is far superior to Sans, since he has withstood a few attacks from Susie while Sans would have died at the first hit, if Susie managed to hit him, that’s another story .

This gives rise to many theories, but it is something that I will surely deal with in my blog dedicated entirely to theories (teoriasvideojuegos.es). But to give an advance, it could be that both have some kind of connection, Lancer could be the “Dark” version of Sans, or maybe a relative, or who knows… Does Sans have a double life in Deltarune?

But let’s put that aside for now and move on, leaving all kinds of theories aside, what does seem quite clear is that Toby has created Lancer with the intention of him being the “Sans” of the dark world, whether or not he has some kind of sans. connecting with Sans .

Sans is a character that I love and anyone who has read posts in the Undertale section of this blog knows that. And… the truth is that Lancer is a character that I have also loved and that I can’t help but feel that feeling of… “he’s a Sans”, I don’t know if it will only happen to me, does it happen to you too?

At the moment we will have to wait until Deltarune is finished to continue discovering much more about it since at the moment we have very little information about Lancer and of course we cannot know if there is any connection or not between the two characters. It would be great if it did, but it probably won’t.

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