April 15, 2024


Kris is the protagonist of Deltarune and the character we handle during the first chapter of Toby Fox’s new project.

Certainly he is a character that reminds us so much of Frisk in some aspects and Chara in others. But… What if Kris was a kind of personification of both characters at the same time? Well, everything indicates that she is like that, and then I will explain it to you better.

But first of all, out of habit, I’m going to consider Kris as a boy despite the fact that she really has no gender as it already happened in Undertale with Frisk and Chara.


There is a lot of evidence that Kris is Frisk . From the outset we have that «Kris» is almost almost an anagram of Frisk but without the «F», thus remaining as Risk, which literally translates as «Risk».

This in itself is already something very revealing considering the tragic end of the first chapter of Deltarune where we see that it is clearly so, Kris hides a great danger and poses a great risk to his own. At the moment we know little, but it looks like “Kris” is going to mess it up a lot in the next chapters of the game.

But aside from this, Kris shows the exact same attitude that Frisk shows. That enormous “passivity”, that face of permanent glanders, the fact of not opening his mouth and the ability to “act”, something that for the moment he only acquires in the Dark World.

That is also something very curious, and that is when Kris enters the Dark World is when she becomes more “Frisk” than ever and not only because of what I have already mentioned about her ability to “Act” to avoid having to fight enemies , the thing goes further, since even his new outfit uses the colors of Frisk.


Chara Undertale

But while it is true that Kris shows many traits of Frisk especially when he is in the Dark World, when he is in the Light World things change, and he shows traits of Chara .

In the Light World, for starters, we have a Kris who clearly dresses as Chara and also shows certain Chara traits (I’ll consider Chara a girl).

  • Kris dresses exactly like Chara, she almost looks like a grown up Chara.
  • This seems to be quite a lonely character, in fact it seems that he doesn’t really have any friends and we can tell by Toriel ‘s reaction  (who is separated from Asgore again ) when she discovers that we have made a new friend ( Susie ). Something that is far from Frisk, that if he stands out in something it is for becoming friends with everyone (speaking of the pacifist Frisk of course).
  • In addition, it seems that Kris is quite a troublesome student and to be, in a way, the black sheep of the family, since we clearly see that it is Asriel who takes all the honors in his family. We can already get an idea of ​​this just starting the game if we compare both parts of the room, one is completely empty, and the other is full of trophies.
  • That puddle we see right next to our bed is quite suspicious. It could be Ketchup, a resource already used on Sans … but considering what happens at the end, it looks like real blood.

So far, it’s not like we have enormous evidence, but just when we finish the first chapter, when we go to bed… that’s when there’s no doubt, Chara is there.

Although well, now that I’ve passed chapter 2 as well… watch out for what happens in the Secret Genocidal Route of Chapter 2 .


Chara possesses Kris in Deltarune

An ending that surprised us all and that has left us with an incredible desire to continue playing, hopefully soon.

Kris begins to wobble on the bed and suddenly falls to the floor, at which point we see how he walks as if he were a zombie, slowly moving towards the center of the room. And then… she rips out her heart and locks it in the cage!

And what does this mean? It means that Chara has taken control of our character, since it is precisely the heart, which represents the soul of Kris and what we handle ourselves. In fact, if you look closely, you can move the heart inside the cage, but what you can’t keep doing is control Kris.

Because you no longer have control , forget it, you are his soul locked in a cage, now Chara has control and she obviously does not have good intentions. You will have already seen that diabolical look showing us her knife, but after all, she is Chara, we all know her and she is the purest personification of evil.

What happens after this… we can’t know, but there is no doubt that if no one stops Chara, she can wreak havoc and let’s remember that she is in the same house as Toriel, who is surely sleeping peacefully without having any idea of ​​the monster what you have at home.


Kris appears to be a container controlled by us, the players. But, surely due to the enormous potential that it has and its unique ability to act and “reunify the Worlds”, it is under the crosshairs of Chara, who has obviously always sought chaos and destruction.

It seems that Chara doesn’t want us to control Kris and has quite different plans than we do. In fact, Deltarune could be a duel between us and Chara for control of Kris, something that would be very interesting and that at the moment has all the earmarks of being that way.

That Chara… always causing problems, the truth is that I wanted to see her again and I like that in Deltarune this one seems to have a role closer to us, since in Undertale although she was a very important part of it, only we ran into her directly at the end of the Genocide Route .

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