April 21, 2024


This seems to be the premise of Deltarune , the new project in which Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale , is involved .


Susie , one of the main characters in Deltarune , is constantly reminding us of this. And it is that according to this game the whole future is already written, the only thing that changes is not the destination, but the path.

But not everything stays with Susie . Right from the beginning, when the game urges us to create our container, we end up realizing that our choice has been absolutely useless . Incredible the moment in which the game discards our container to tell us that in this world no one can choose.

For me it has been one of the most memorable moments of the demo, how from the beginning, the game has trolled us all. What did you think? What could you choose who you are? Here no one can choose, you get by with what you’ve got.

And that’s not all, the game itself, for the moment, follows this premise to the death. There are no neutral, pacifist , or genocidal routes , despite the fact that we can still kill or save our enemies. You are free to choose the mode you want to play, but in the end, everything will end the same way, something very different from what we saw in Undertale.

If you have already seen the end of the demo you will have already realized this, everything we have done previously has supposedly been useless for absolutely nothing.


No way, I’m convinced that there is a cat locked up here. That’s what Toby wants us to believe , he wants us to think that, and then he surprises us with something like… “oh, you weren’t supposed to change fate, but your determination is so strong that it has.”

That’s Toby’s style, he always has to surprise and create something very original, I don’t think he’s going to make such a linear game. I may be wrong in my hypothesis, but Toby is Toby, and somewhere he will surprise us.

But this thing about… “You can’t decide anything” smells a lot to me, when precisely Toby has become famous for making a game that stood out for the importance of your decisions, in addition to other things like breaking the fourth wall, Sans , Papyrus , actually many more characters, the incredible soundtrack… in short, for everything, Undertale was such a great game, but one of the most important reasons was the fact of being able to choose .

Another thing that makes me suspect is that Undertale has always been a very emotional video game, very much about playing with our feelings, and I would be very surprised if Deltarune doesn’t follow that same roll. That is why I also see that twist of the screw in which our protagonists discover that despite everything in that world seems to indicate the opposite, it is possible, but with a lot of effort, to change the supposed “destiny” already written.


Because frankly, if Deltarune is really going to follow that “you don’t decide anything here” thing… which is basically the typical mechanic that we see in almost all Video Games… (despite the fact that more and more people choose to take into account the decisions ), at least I will be disappointed .

Anyway, coming from Toby, even if this premise is true, I trust that in some way he will create something brutal that will once again make us freak out with the originality that characterizes him. Will Toby be able to live up to the expectations that Undertale has created?


Well, I’ve finished chapter 2 and obviously we have to talk about it because fabric hahaha. The one who has not done the Secret Genocidal Route of Chapter 2 of Deltarune will be better if he does not read this or if he wants to know how to unlock it, go to the link of this paragraph. I have warned, that later it is not said.

The fact is that after chapter 2, when doing the Genocide, it does seem that our decisions do influence something; since without spoiling too much; yes, at least we have changed something in Noelle, we have lit a spark that she had hidden there and come on… it looks like things could get tricky in the future. In fact, I have a post talking about that “dark side” of Noelle that we could see on that route, here it is .

And let’s not talk about what happens to Berdly… which is not clear but it seems that… well, you know; I’m not saying it, that even warning of spoilers always sneaks in some curious hahaha. Everyone do the Genocide for God! It’s brutal!

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