April 15, 2024


We had been on tenterhooks for a long time and eager to have some Undertale news from Toby Fox beyond the inclusion of the Game on other platforms…

We were already afraid that it could even be that Undertale will stay what it was and that we would never see anything more official, so we partly assumed that perhaps we should keep what Toby offered us in his day and not expect anything else.

But after so much time, we finally have something new and it certainly looks very good: Deltarune .


Deltarune is Toby Fox’s new project based on the world of Undertale. This has been announced a few days ago and we already have the demo available to test it, below I leave the link:

The demo consists of the first complete chapter of Deltarune and despite what it may seem to be a demo, you still have two or three hours of play that can increase if you try to exploit all the content to the fullest. Therefore, it looks like Toby’s new Video Game is going to be quite long.

As this post intends not to have Spoilers, I prefer to tell you much more about the plot and about the Video Game in general, it will be better for you to try it and draw your own conclusions.


I’ve already passed the entire Demo and mmmm… the truth is that it doesn’t seem like an Undertale 2, as long as we understand Undertale 2 as a direct continuation of Undertale.

Deltarune is set in the Undertale universe and we even meet some of the characters that we have seen so many times in Undertale. In general, everything we find in the game is very Undertale, but then there are too many things that do not fit the plot to be considered an Undertale 2.

At the moment it looks more like it could be a kind of new story related to the world of Undertale that in fact could not even be connected to what was seen in Undertale. As if we were facing a parallel universe where many things are similar but others are very different.

It is difficult to explain this without spoilers, but if you have already completed the demo you will understand, how certain things that certain characters tell us do not add up to what they told us in their day in Undertale, thus creating a situation in which simply Deltarune and Undertale don’t add up.

I’m sure, well, not so sure, that when we get the full game we’ll be able to understand a little better how these two games are connected, if they are at all.

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